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  1. Tis indeed the season. Thanks once again Klei for yet another fantastic year!
  2. YES my dream has come true! they finally fixed the bee box collection UI bug! I can finally die happy watching the honey enter my inventory rather than suddenly warp into it!
  3. You're more than right it was my fault. Just felt like being salty and showcasing my disappointment in my capability to obtain all the accomplishments because I was bored and because someone might find it funny to laugh at my misfortune... plz don't hurt me
  4. Ah so that's why I got kicked out of my game to get never satisfied halfway through. Therefore preventing me from getting every achievement in the game and coming so gosh darn close... I'm saltier than a salt rack rn... why Klei why must you torture me like this...
  5. Played 4 or so games after the update and got disconnected in all of them. I assume this is an issue? (It's probably just me but my entire group in every game was disconnected so Im a bit worried)
  6. WHOAH HOHOHOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KLEI YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!! I mean really do I need to say anything more than that? My brain is too shocked for this!!
  7. Quiet yet exciting HYPE!!!! Way to go Klei you've made my day again!