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  1. I couldn't agree more to pretty much everything here. You mentioned Woodie being outmatched by pigmen in the late game. Obviously bearger does an even better job but that only comes around once an in-game year. So on the topic of pigmen Woodie would have an advantage due to bonus follower time but that dosen't make Woodie any better because A: unless the entire place is well lit the pigs will panic and not do their jobs for the extra time you have since it will most likely be night/dusk at some point and B: If you go beaver mode on all the trees the pigs stop what their doing and just stare at you. If the pigs would actually do their job while you're going beaver and not require constant light to do their jobs at least during dusk then the bonus time perk might actually be useful for something and noteworthy in some way. It's a change that would probably make Woodie at least a little more worthwhile and on top of that I could maybe use it more than twice in nearly 500 hours playing Woodie.
  2. You have some fair points here and I see the reasoning makes plenty of sense but there are a few issues I don't think I'm entirely willing to get over. 1. While I'm all for buffing the beaver form's chopping capability to make Woodie better at doing his obvious intended job I am NOT in favor of buffing him in most other ways. For those of you who want single-player combat beaver boss back I personally say it makes no sense. Last I checked if you walk up to a beaver in the wild it doesn't run around trying to kill everything. Now given we're talking a WERE-beaver which you could argue justifies it. However last I checked the game requires you to eat wood, chop trees, and gives no benefit to drawing blood in the form. If you plan on having Woodie take a hit in hunger/health/sanity post-leaving the form it wouldn't be any less broken due to how any player that knows their salt has enough food to get over it, and anyone who doesn't will die so quick they'll never touch Woodie again. 2. While I get it being all poetic and such to use this thing to your advantage. Don't Starve was never known for poetic character development over the course of the game. Last I checked it plays on the fact that we got a rag-tag band of mis-fits who have some superb powers (the capability to chop trees inhumanly fast) and some secrets they may not always be willing to share. (turning into a giant scary-ish beaver) Woodie possesses many examines pointing out how much he hates the form and you can look to wicker's examine of a player in werebeaver form to see that he actively tries to hide it and avoids telling anyone that he has it. So in reality Woodie's character is built around hiding his beaver form and NOT mastering it by using it to his advantage. Put in a slightly less confusing paragraph that isn't like my usual illegible walls of text: Make beaver a fast chopper to help Woodie as a character be better, but don't turn the beaver into an overpowered beast that takes away from the fact that we're not talking about a beaver we're talking about a Canadian guy with a talking axe who is honestly a pretty neat guy. (AKA don't optimize the beaver for combat) That's really all I wanted to say here.
  3. I feel my soul being partially shattered by this statement. In the whole wood gathering and full scheme of it Woodie is less time efficient which considering Maxwell's capabilities isn't surprising. So I would appreciate for Woodie to get improvements but seeing that Klei seems to have no intentions of making this game's supposed lumberjack become the best lumberjack. I guess I will have to rebel against the people telling me to not use Woodie while simultaneously remaining disappointed that he's a couple changes off of being the great Canadian lumberjack he was destined to be. In the light that we DO get balance changes (which is a 0.00001% chance but still) I would personally focus buffs to Woodie's human form to put emphasis on the fact that the werebeaver form in itself is a curse and is something he wants to avoid as he states in many of his examines. Considering tree chopping is where his strength is supposed to be however and in the light of how he is "expending sanity for using special magic-y powers" then yes it justifies the werebeaver form falling in line of being compared with other character abilities. So I would consider buffing Woodie's capability of chopping trees both as a human and as a beaver to ensure his role of best lumberjack is proven.
  4. Means longest Klei Official server I believe.
  5. Odd how you made the poll state words in a way that makes you feel guilty about choosing any answer that isn't yes. I mean I would probably answer yes to most of these questions anyway but uhh kinda weird way to make a poll if you ask me no offense.
  6. I just want to see 2 things, 2 things and I can die happily. 1. Wickerbottom needs a sanity number > or equal to the amount of sanity a book costs to use in order to use it. I mean cmon we all know wicker needs a nerf but half of us would rather keep her OP. If she's gonna read into oblivion I think she's gonna get a headache that she should be relieving via cooked cactus or cooked greencaps before she faints out of exhaustion and migraines. 2. (be prepared to look at the following and scoff but please hear me out here as someone who has spent hours upon hours playing this character I think my opinion is worth at least a tiny bit here) Woodie's werebeaver form doesn't need a buff. There I said it. I think it could use some coloring editing and sound editing in terms of insanity filters (tho after 400+ hours you get used to it surprisingly). Klei calls Woodie's werebeaver form a curse and a terrible secret. If Woodie is to be buffed center it around his human form rather than his beaver form. His character as a whole should be valued and centered around who he is as a person. I mean Wolfgang is a strongman. So his abilities should be centered around his strength. If Woodie is a lumberjack center it around his chopping skills and not the curse that he intends to hide and leaves him vulnerable. If you want to make Woodie a good character try buffing him in the places that make him have a character to begin with.
  7. Your Best Team!

    Beaten Boarrior twice now one of which (my very first victory in fact!) was a gold speedrun, and it has been a ton of fun! Gold Speedrun comp: 1. Wolfgang Primary Tank 2. Woodie Runner/Secondary Tank 3. Wicker Healer/Tome Juggler 4. Maxwell Mage 5. Wigfrid Dart DPS (and to force spiral spear drop cuz that thing is awesome) 6. Wilson DPS/For the two cases in which people died... both of which were Woodie... and I was Woodie... My bad for not making my first Forge win a perfect win. Basic Victory comp: Repeat #1-3 4. Willow Mage 5. Wigfrid 3rd Tank 6. Wilson Dart DPS/Revives which were needed a lot more often
  8. Welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy your time here! ...yes this has been discussed more times than I can count, and I haven't even been round these parts all that long... Honestly every balance discussion or which character of these 2 is better threads it's been discussed into oblivion for the first half a page and then turns into a flame war until the thread moves off the first page of the forums. On the more serious note while I prefer Wigfrid for the utility of her helmets and to a lesser extent her spears. (I generally love utility based characters in games) I haven't played each character much (I don't think I've even tried Wolfgang because I play Woodie too much for my own good) But it really comes down to opinion and preferences. Wolfgang is a considerable advantage if you talk stats but by that point you could say WX is better than both. However that's only if you upgrade him a ton. Which just shows that situation means everything in these discussions so there isn't really a true answer to these questions. That's my take anyway.
  9. This made me chuckle! On the serious side the two headed one while a good concept seems a bit out of place even for don't starve. Not to mention you would have to do an entire inventory design shift (for a second head slot, which slot would be targeted for head items first, and a coding in a character having two sanity bars along with all the complex stuff of how sanity restoration/loss effects each one) The night vision one also seems interesting however being scared of the dark is something that Klei seems to want to keep in this game (yes Winona is a thing but she only takes one hit which is what 3 extra seconds on average?) While I see how it would make you feel more afraid of daylight and it would probably be fun it just seems awkward if you ask me. Moleman is your best idea if you ask me. A character that can make rocks more renewable and specializes in mining is a great idea (not to mention some hilarious relations and dialogue with Woodie would make my day!) While I'm sure it would need work if you ask me it's the best concept you have and looks to me like the most fun! To sum it up the concepts are great but need expanding on and maybe even making them a bit less complex would help. I think some of these just don't fit the game as good as others but all in all they're some great ideas and Moleman is something I wouldn't complain about seeing in this game (a clever W name would seal the deal for me )
  10. That was an entirely different thing that I also addressed in the same post where I said exactly: Mini signs and beefalo aren't included in the "to keep lore consistent" category that ALMOST everything in else in ANR falls under.
  11. Lore is a thing and since ANR content was added AFTER Charlie took the throne then it would make no sense for the content to exist in a game that happened BEFORE Charlie took the throne. A good portion of what I love about this game is its both really cool and not self contradicting lore and I doubt I'm the only one who feels that way. Yes there are changes that need happening to DS like mini signs and beefalo riding. However just cause they haven't added those doesn't mean they won't
  12. The Forge. Q&A

    As far as my thoughts go there are plenty of things to be asked! 1. Are the "abilities" that we saw in the gif Klei showed us on the announcement post the character's traits or are they limited to the weapons and character traits are completely different? 2. Do the characters each wield specific weapon varieties? Or can any one character use any one weapon if there are even more than 1 weapon for each character obtainable? 3. In The Forge will Wes remain a challenge character and have weaknesses rather than helpful traits or will he have his own benefits? 4. Similar to the Wes question will this be a mode in DST where willow becomes decently viable? 5. Klei said they were using these events as experiments. Does this mean that these temporary events could inspire content for future update waves like ANR? Or does this mean ANR style content additions are over? 6. What are Woodie's traits gonna be? (If you know anything about me you know why I'm asking this)
  13. WHOAH HOHOHOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KLEI YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!! I mean really do I need to say anything more than that? My brain is too shocked for this!!
  14. Quiet yet exciting HYPE!!!! Way to go Klei you've made my day again!