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  1. Looks like some neat ideas for whats coming! Obviously nothing is certain but it never hurts to share ideas and let the thought train run for a while am I right? I certainly like the idea of Woodie being a more earth based character and I wonder what exactly Klei has in mind going with this. Is it going to have some kind of elemental theme or is it going to be more simplistic and to the point? I can't tell but that's the beauty of speculation isn't it?
  2. I would love some battle-axe skin (for the axe obviously) to come in the game as it would fit the event theme and be pretty cool. I know it's a stretch and would make character exclusive skins more abundant to specific characters but skins for things like Wigfrid's spears and helmets or maybe even Lucy would be pretty neat! Who knows maybe even some Lucy battle-axe skin? Maybe she is transformed into Woodie's weapon of choice in The Forge event? The speculation room is too vast and expansive for the possibilities to end!
  3. No doubt the devs will be implementing the puzzle exclusive skins and whatnot sooner or later. Klei has a lot on their plate but I have no doubt this is something they're potentially working on as we speak!
  4. Poll: Does anyone play Winona?

    This exactly! Her Quick-Craft/Quick-Build mechanic is useful in every area of the game whether that be to quickly set up the essentials of your base, or set up some massive 2 screen wide wall of drying racks. The free Charlie hit isn't much but it's handy for getting a couple extra seconds of travel without wasting durability on a light source. (or to intentionally lose sanity by standing in darkness faster from having to flick on a light less often if you're in to that) She may not be the massively game changing character people wanted but that doesn't mean she should be overlooked or considered as not worth playing because I really enjoyed her, and I'm so dedicated to Woodie that I thought he would be the only character I would be truly fond of so she came as a pleasant surprise to me. (maybe it's how her halved crafting time craft feels similar to Woodie's half chopping time or something)
  5. Welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy your time here! ...yes this has been discussed more times than I can count, and I haven't even been round these parts all that long... Honestly every balance discussion or which character of these 2 is better threads it's been discussed into oblivion for the first half a page and then turns into a flame war until the thread moves off the first page of the forums. On the more serious note while I prefer Wigfrid for the utility of her helmets and to a lesser extent her spears. (I generally love utility based characters in games) I haven't played each character much (I don't think I've even tried Wolfgang because I play Woodie too much for my own good) But it really comes down to opinion and preferences. Wolfgang is a considerable advantage if you talk stats but by that point you could say WX is better than both. However that's only if you upgrade him a ton. Which just shows that situation means everything in these discussions so there isn't really a true answer to these questions. That's my take anyway.
  6. Cool Stuff! I may not be the most artistic of a person or have much time to tune in but I'll see if I can make it that's for sure!
  7. This seems like a great idea considering we now have the roster size to fit it. (unless were doing a spotlight on Mr. Rando Pick in which case we need to argue to the world and demand they add an extra month to the calendar to fit our needs!) It gets the gears turning on how we would like to see special things added and backstories on each of our favorite characters! I fully support this idea 100%! My friend you are truly glorious when it comes to neat ideas! Some characters could definitely be shown some love with balance changes here. (and I'm too lazy to edit or make a new comment to quote someone that said Woodie needs changes to tell them Woodie is surprisingly balanced and it's just Maxwell stealing his thunder by chopping trees slightly faster) I feel Klei would have a golden opportunity to change some characters for the better. I mean rollback exists to deny greifers now so I see no reason why Willow's fire immunity shouldn't be 100% again cause it was removed to avoid greifing abuse right? Please tell me I didn't get that wrong.
  8. Pugs hate

    I personally find pubs fine. It's just most can be a bit overly modded. (I'm also fine with mods but there comes a point where it gets too much for me) I tend to play with my friends more nowadays of course, but before I met them I played on pubs all the time. (in fact 99% of the friends I met and play DST with were from playing those public servers believe it or not) I personally don't think there is as much hate for pubs around here as many think there is. Now on the real topic as far as pugs go I think they're just adorable. I would probably never own one personally cause they can be tough to manage due to being prone to temperature and breathing problems. But none the less they are a great dog!
  9. Puzzle status?

    Sometimes the puzzle updates in very subtle manners and it can have awkward step changes. Some steps took me a few tries even looking at the guide. Though the puzzle hasn't been closed as far as news goes if that's any help! (if you're looking at a guide while doing the puzzle and are just wondering why it isn't working despite doing everything in the guide I don't know what to tell you. Sorry :/ )
  10. Beefalo Damage Equality

    Seems like a solid idea! I can't think of any major immediate flaws (Though there might be some issues with the other beefalo tendencies needing to fall in line as to not make them too weak in comparison)
  11. This made me chuckle! On the serious side the two headed one while a good concept seems a bit out of place even for don't starve. Not to mention you would have to do an entire inventory design shift (for a second head slot, which slot would be targeted for head items first, and a coding in a character having two sanity bars along with all the complex stuff of how sanity restoration/loss effects each one) The night vision one also seems interesting however being scared of the dark is something that Klei seems to want to keep in this game (yes Winona is a thing but she only takes one hit which is what 3 extra seconds on average?) While I see how it would make you feel more afraid of daylight and it would probably be fun it just seems awkward if you ask me. Moleman is your best idea if you ask me. A character that can make rocks more renewable and specializes in mining is a great idea (not to mention some hilarious relations and dialogue with Woodie would make my day!) While I'm sure it would need work if you ask me it's the best concept you have and looks to me like the most fun! To sum it up the concepts are great but need expanding on and maybe even making them a bit less complex would help. I think some of these just don't fit the game as good as others but all in all they're some great ideas and Moleman is something I wouldn't complain about seeing in this game (a clever W name would seal the deal for me )
  12. Seems like a nice change and I would love it. Though admittedly just like you said dialogue would be an issue that needs fixing. But hey if Klei has the spare time to make it happen I'm all for it!
  13. Afraid that not only is there no word on this, but it would also be a hard job in terms of balancing, running servers, and a ton of other stuff. I doubt SW will ever come to DST which isn't exactly a bad thing since it keeps diversity between Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together. Each having it's own content to make neither a direct upgrade from the other and additionally keeping lore consistent. put simply: No word on it and I doubt it will ever happen anyways.
  14. Looking at the special "traits" that were shown in the gif with Wig and Wolf. I wondered, considering those abilities would look odd with other weapons being wielded, and this place probably has some collection of weapons. Are those actually character traits or just abilities linked to the weapons. Or is it that each character can only use one weapon type. Like Wolfgang can only use hammer weapons, Wig can only use sword/spear weapons etc. Woodie: I would love to see Woodie using Lucy as a sort of magic throwing axe in a way similar to a boomerang but way cooler. In all honesty that would be all I need to see to cause myself to explode in hype over this event. Willow: I would love to see Willow using some sort of flame thrower based weapon. In fact imagine her using some sort of flaming Gauntlet that allows her to shoot fireballs. I would love to see that (Klei might as well go crazy with her since I know I'm not the only one that wants to see Willow become a valuable asset in at least some area of the game!) Wes: This is more of a question about what would go on with Wes but will he have various negative effects to make him a challenge character in this mode as well? Or will he have his own abilities to contribute with. As far as ideas go I'm imagining Wes riding a majestic balloon stallion into battle. That on its own would just make my day. (If I come up with more ideas for other characters I'll probably edit this to add em in)
  15. That was an entirely different thing that I also addressed in the same post where I said exactly: Mini signs and beefalo aren't included in the "to keep lore consistent" category that ALMOST everything in else in ANR falls under.