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  1. Looking at the special "traits" that were shown in the gif with Wig and Wolf. I wondered, considering those abilities would look odd with other weapons being wielded, and this place probably has some collection of weapons. Are those actually character traits or just abilities linked to the weapons. Or is it that each character can only use one weapon type. Like Wolfgang can only use hammer weapons, Wig can only use sword/spear weapons etc. Woodie: I would love to see Woodie using Lucy as a sort of magic throwing axe in a way similar to a boomerang but way cooler. In all honesty that would be all I need to see to cause myself to explode in hype over this event. Willow: I would love to see Willow using some sort of flame thrower based weapon. In fact imagine her using some sort of flaming Gauntlet that allows her to shoot fireballs. I would love to see that (Klei might as well go crazy with her since I know I'm not the only one that wants to see Willow become a valuable asset in at least some area of the game!) Wes: This is more of a question about what would go on with Wes but will he have various negative effects to make him a challenge character in this mode as well? Or will he have his own abilities to contribute with. As far as ideas go I'm imagining Wes riding a majestic balloon stallion into battle. That on its own would just make my day. (If I come up with more ideas for other characters I'll probably edit this to add em in)
  2. That was an entirely different thing that I also addressed in the same post where I said exactly: Mini signs and beefalo aren't included in the "to keep lore consistent" category that ALMOST everything in else in ANR falls under.
  3. Lore is a thing and since ANR content was added AFTER Charlie took the throne then it would make no sense for the content to exist in a game that happened BEFORE Charlie took the throne. A good portion of what I love about this game is its both really cool and not self contradicting lore and I doubt I'm the only one who feels that way. Yes there are changes that need happening to DS like mini signs and beefalo riding. However just cause they haven't added those doesn't mean they won't
  4. The Forge. Q&A

    As far as my thoughts go there are plenty of things to be asked! 1. Are the "abilities" that we saw in the gif Klei showed us on the announcement post the character's traits or are they limited to the weapons and character traits are completely different? 2. Do the characters each wield specific weapon varieties? Or can any one character use any one weapon if there are even more than 1 weapon for each character obtainable? 3. In The Forge will Wes remain a challenge character and have weaknesses rather than helpful traits or will he have his own benefits? 4. Similar to the Wes question will this be a mode in DST where willow becomes decently viable? 5. Klei said they were using these events as experiments. Does this mean that these temporary events could inspire content for future update waves like ANR? Or does this mean ANR style content additions are over? 6. What are Woodie's traits gonna be? (If you know anything about me you know why I'm asking this)
  5. WHOAH HOHOHOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KLEI YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!! I mean really do I need to say anything more than that? My brain is too shocked for this!!
  6. Quiet yet exciting HYPE!!!! Way to go Klei you've made my day again!
  7. beager carpet

    YES gimme my fluffy rug! I may not be able to hang no-eyed-deer antlers anywhere but at least I can have a log cabin in the woods feel carpet! Also that fur really stacks up so yea I would love it to be a thing!
  8. *sniffles* It's beautiful... Need I say more?
  9. Winona's Mending Tape

    I think that it will be used to repair armor/weapons however will probably be balanced to not be able to fix ancient items and boss loot. After all I don't think a magic crown that changes your perspective on the world could contain such an ability for a longer duration purely by sticking a bit of tape on it. Same goes for a staff that could summon stars, a club that summons shadow tentacles, and a crown that projects a magic light-up barrier around you.
  10. Indeed there are my friend! Quite an interesting story I might say. I personally don't do much public play and stick with a couple friends of mine I met when I started playing the game however I have started doing them more often now for the sake of the interesting experiences you find like this one here. Something tells me that world will have no shortage of hound teeth, blue gems, tusks, tams, or meat any time soon!
  11. This one speaks the truth! I am a Woodie main and anyone that has seen at least 1 edgy rick video can tell he would probably hate me for that. (Fun edgy rick fact, he calls farms a stupid waste of time yet also in a separate video says winter gear is a waste aside from fashion melons which REQUIRE farms to make, and make you wet which makes you colder along with a bunch of other stuff so kinda counter productive.) Though edgy rick rants aside as far as tips, crock pots are great, and even watching more experienced player's first episodes of a stream series or something also helps as you can just see what they do and infer from it. A lot of people only cover like 3 biomes of the map in the early game before basing. In truth you want to explore ASAP so you can find the best spot to base outside of just the immediate area (you don't have to but I find locating some things that are guaranteed in worldgen as well as specific biomes comes in handy.) If winter is your struggle (which it sounds like it is) make sure to mine lots of ice as filler for crock pots (1 monster meat + 3 ice = meatballs and those give you almost an in-game day worth of hunger points) and make sure to have winter gear if you want to do much moving around during the season. If deerclops is your struggle... then the best thing to do is to just lure him into a treegaurd or other strong thing that isn't beefalo. Even firing up a new world and spawning in some equipment and deerclops with the console to practice kiting him (the semi-difficult art of moving away from an enemy as they attempt to attack you dodging the hit using various rhythms for different enemies to match their attack frequency.) Now biggest recommendation is to play with other people... especially ones that know a good deal of what to do and are patient to help. (trust me I have things I need to learn still and my friends have filled me in plenty) Now of course you may not know people that play the game but you can always hop around on pubs and Klei officials to find people that are willing to help you out! It's how I found most of my friends and managed a pretty long term world together with em! Of course if your friends have poor internet/ping or vice versa I can't really help there but trust me friends make this game go from a blast to an all out party!
  12. A good theory, nicely organized, and well thought out! I like it! Personally though I just justified this by the excuse of "time works differently here" therefore any time spent in the DS/DST universe could be a completely different amount of time in the real one. This of course justifies that anyone from any time period after the 1920's could be present in the game. Then of course that statement is so broad you could potentially throw in the capability of sending people from previous eras there too.
  13. Meet Winona!

    HAHA It may be 22 hours after this was posted but it was before the 24 mark! Therefore I am not late and in fact relevant. I'M SO HYPED RN. Though admittedly I doubt I'm actually going to get the guts to play her instead of Woodie (cause you know I'm too lazy to craft an axe) but I'm really happy to see her and am wondering how she's going to impact the game and the way people play it! Did I mention lore was a thing that I'm also happy about?! GOSH THERE IS TOO MUCH EXCITEMENT FROM THIS ONE TWEET BUT... Actually nvm we are justified to be excited for this so let the hype continue!!!
  14. Reoccurring Events

    If you have events set to default they will run whenever the appropriate season AKA once hallowed nights rolls around yes it will occur on all worlds with events set to "default". If you have events set to any one particular event the server will always run that event and no others even if it is the season for a different one. For example if a world is set with "winter's feast" and year of the gobbler rolls around on the calendar than your world will still play winters feast and year of the gobbler will be disabled. In short you can't run more than 1 event at a time and they will enable/disable according to the calendar date IRL if set to "default". Hope that clarifies.
  15. Reoccurring Events

    I actually wasn't around for any of the holiday events the previous year which makes me even more hyped for the coming months as a result. On the hand of legitimate content I have no clue. However considering year of the dog next year if I'm not mistaken I would love to see a new Vargling skin for the event!