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  1. Bundling Wrap

    For me, I get 160 lightbulbs in wrap them together so I don't have to make trips every single week.
  2. It's possible these characters have been cursed before entering the ds world. For example, in Webber's quote when examining a Maxwell statue in Don't Starve. He says "That jerk tricked us" This could mean Maxwell tricked Webber and the spider into thinking they'll get separated but instead trapping them into the ds world. As for Wigfrid, maybe she wanted to be a better actor but got tricked into the Wigfrid we know. That or she's really committed idk
  3. Don't Starve Shower Thoughts

    I mean you don't really need sleeves. The jacket is just there to keep your organs warm.
  4. Don't Starve Shower Thoughts

    Would make sense since... he got eaten... by a big spider...
  5. Don't Starve Shower Thoughts

    Why dose Wigfrid get a damage boost if she's acting a role? Why doesn't woodie's beard grow out like Wilson Why doesn't Wes write on signs to communicate
  6. Wow, you must really hate meatballs. I've never seen someone go this far for just one item.
  7. Jokes on you, people eat fried spiders. Therefore monster meat is good. Just the thought of eating fried spider gives me chills...
  8. I usually just spam my Mouse 1 to cancel the chop animation and start a new one. If you press it fast enough, you'll chop as fast as woodie. You can do this to rocks and stuff too.
  9. Honestly, I don't care if they ever release rose skins. However, I do want them to realease new skins. I don't even care if they release re color versions of skirts, shirts etc. I just want to wear new combinations
  10. Stopping Tree Regrowth?

    They should make a world gen option to turn off regrowth, or at least tone it down
  11. 1 huge cave/ruins server now. There's only 2 servers, forest and caves
  12. June 30th Hype!?!?

    June 30 is the day Skin drops reset. Why are we hyping for every thursday? It's just skirts.
  13. Hounds In Summer

    Start making a tooth trap field They're really useful in later days when going against hounds. Also since you're in summer, beware fire hounds as once they die they set fire to anything near them. Make your tooth trap field close but not too close to your base.
  14. Normal or not?

    Yeah, it's normal. They don't want to put any limited edition proof of purchase skins.
  15. Probably because the pig warrior cry is bugged in the base game too