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  1. Geni's Random Art thread

    I love the bookmarks! Keep up the good work!
  2. StarTheFox's Furred Art

    Hello! Welcome to my main art topic! I do furries here mostly, but I am practicing more human-like characters. Want my Don't Starve art thread? You can take a look here. Be prepared for lots of art. Some may be gory, so they will be put last with a warning. edit: most of this stuff is really old, like a year+ so if you want to see my better art just skip to the newest page! And that is it! for now mwuahhahaha!
  3. StarTheFox's Furred Art

    I did a pose of Lycaon: Yeah. I'd describe him as a "Monday Morning Quarterback". He forgot his swimming trunks.
  4. I like your new avatar. Is it the one from your tumblr?
  5. StarTheFox's Furred Art

    Moirails are the kind of "friend/protector" one. It's.. like platonic love? That's the best way to describe it simply. I think you're thinking of a "Kismesis". The rivalry one.
  6. StarTheFox's Furred Art

    Hey, hey, I've been developing a Moirail for Vident: Lycaon Talbot's name comes from the King of Arcadia, Lycaon, and the protagonist of The Wolfman(1941), Lawrence Talbot. He likes horror movies.
  7. She's been spooked out of her skull. I wonder how tall the walking canes are out of style?
  8. Geni's Random Art thread

    Honestly, those FNAF sketches are damn good. I love the attention to detail. Great work on the painting, too!
  9. Geni's Random Art thread

    when your browser only plays html5 videos

    Anyone remember this show? My Dad got it, for like five bucks, a quite few years ago. I loved this show when I first watched it. It was so cheesey it was funny and serious at the same time. I'm a sucker for conspiracy t.v. shows, and it being a cartoon makes it all the better.

    1. minespatch


      I do. I was a toddler at the time. The same time period that they released the Beta Project. Shame people barely remember it.

  11. StarTheFox's Furred Art

    Not yet, but I know they're a Rustblood OR a Indigo blood. Depends on what type of flushed romance I put him in. But since it's based on pity, most likely an Indigo.
  12. StarTheFox's Furred Art

    A little Lovesick Vident
  13. good I need my cardio for today B)
  14. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Reminds me of my art from like a year ago Hey Wilson, what do you think of being a wolf? Oh! Oh. Oh that's how you feel.
  15. Ria's Papyrus Pad

    That's pretty cool! Spore is cool. You're cool.
  16. StarTheFox's Furred Art

    edit: super long reply whoa 1.Haha, as a little joke I wrote on the edge of the paper:" totally ripping of homestuck with the psiionics lol " it wasn't intentional, a little coincidence. It's really Darkiplier, and Damien, from the new "Who killed Markiplier?" video series he did. From what I could remember from Markiplier's videos, Dark (or Ace Kard I anagrammed him) is represented by Black and white, red, and blue, so I accidentally made it look like Sollux's Psiionics oops. But basically when he merged the three souls(?) together it gave him his powers, red more powerful than blue, but also less controllable, conveyed by the many right angles; at first he tried to use them both at once, ripping two holes in his ears, adding to his two birth defects, heterochomia and a polydactyl left foot(five toes instead of four). Back in the (furry) 1892 these were considered unlucky, so his right green eye was torn out at birth and replaced with a glass brown one. There wasn't anything they could do about his polydactlism at the time. (Every few years they had to replace his glass eye though) it kept falling out (joke) With the merging he gained his right eye back, but his heterochromia returned, with a blue left and a red right. Blah, blah, lots of Markiplier lore stuff. Sub-note: i should explain in depth the 1900's furry clothing heiarchy I made haha. It has to do with shoes and stuff though so it's kinda boring. But basically it was hard for Dark to find a tailor for his shoes because of his fifth toe. 2. Yeah I'm becoming better at it slowly. Plus I wasn't rushing to photograph 40-ish illustrations haha Sadly the second photo lost it's color, but his two eyes are red and blue respectively, and he has some blue and red color splitting effect in colored pencil.
  17. StarTheFox's Furred Art

    Here we got some Darkiplier/Damien stuff Thanks for being patient you guys, moving is hard. I hope to post again soon!
  18. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Oh, whoa. what's this?
  19. Geni's Random Art thread

    Hey ho! These are pretty good! Great job!
  20. I personally think the skins are not 100% Canon? Just a look into alternate timelines. I don't like my merged either eheheh
  21. StarTheFox's Furred Art

    Haha, I hope so too.
  22. Wendy looks like You can free me, but it can like, wait y'kno Almost disgusted, but also not giving a crap?
  23. Yahaha! You found me! Just so you know, this is some pretty old art! I'm improving slowly, but if you are looking for nice-r looking art, try my Off-topic Art Thread at the bottom of this post. See you soon! Old intro: Ok, I'm a bit shy, and this is my first post, so I'm going to release these slowly over the holidays.. I'm going to start off slow with my old art, which isn't very correct pose-wise, and sometimes leaks out the lines, and a lot of other old rubbish mistakes. I do my best to fill in holes or erase leaks, but sometimes I forget to make a dark background to be able to see it. This is anthropomorphic artwork, if you dislike it then turn back and look at someone else's work instead of complaining to me about it. It's just my style. Here are my first three fanarts for Don't Starve. They are in order as I made them. Want my off-topic art thread? You can view my other art thread for non-DS art Here.
  24. Honestly, I can't tell why I like Drawing Woodie so much