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  1. If you purchase the meat in the deli shop fridge, you don't get it fresh. Shop owner also doesn't restock the fridge If a food rots while in the fridge shelf, it will be called Missing Name, picking it up will crash the game.
  2. Why do you think Webber Mains ask "Where's base?"
  3. Eye don't know, but we all agreen the new icon looks better.
  4. Shhhh, don’t remind them! Let me play for a couple more hours.
  5. When you heat up the thermal stone, it stays orange for only a couple of seconds and goes to yellow no matter how long you place it near the fire. It also doesn't produce any light.
  6. The nature of the skins themselves will not change, they are still purely cosmetic and optional. However, purchase of the Warrior Set will help us fund further content and events like this one. As said by Bigfoot, they're not changing how skins will work other than increase drops. As for the mystery box, it's possible that the mystery box is connected to the upcoming trader. They're not going to change it to pay2play (other than the Warrior sets for each character which might be in a different gift box)
  7. They said they're releasing a new dlc for solo. Plus new content coming to shipwrecked
  8. Goddamn it Klei I don't want to spend money on these elegants, stop making them look so good!!
  9. Probably because the pig warrior cry is bugged in the base game too
  10. Just get a pc lol But seriously, dst isnt the only game that lacks behind on the ps4 updates. One day it will arrive, you'll just have to wait.
  11. One thing I wanna see is the Oxygen Not Included shirt, this is what I mean. Maybe different variations such as Blue and Yellow since there are Dupes wearing blue and yellow clothing.
  12. No because you don't need a spear to craft a battle spear
  13. I have a question, will the miners hat have a floppy straw hat skin since it requires a straw hat to make? @nome
  14. Man I haven't played tf2 in a long time, I do miss it. Also young webber skin = human webber? Cmon Klei make me happy
  15. You wear a skin for 12 seconds? I usually cycle through my head skins every season
  16. I love every webber skin, I need every skin, I will have every skin no matter the price. I don't care if it costs $400 I WILL GET IT.
  17. Who needs 2 torches when you have a lantern! Lantern skin when...