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  1. Hmm, I've found some pretty cool thing on the DST Amino that I've been on, Like this http://aminoapps.com/p/5dhwlo. and there's some other cool fan things along with servers and some pretty nice people. Also, I'm back-ish, I'm very busy, and I thought this was very great meme material. Amino
  2. Hm, hmmmm.... Haxs? So I was bored to day and just hacked Netflix via inspect elements (that script kitty stuff) and made something that I think might be meme worthy. It's basic stuff that could be fixed by reloading the page. ( which I did while working on it). Going to work on a bigger project wich includes more peeps, for now enjoy this Dnak Maymays that Nome hacked me w-
  3. So I've been busy and here is why, it's long. It's not that much of an"issue" but I just want to let you know. (Two sides have to disagree and agree to make it an issue)
  4. I made an axe, it looks like Lucy though. It was for a costume which was for a job that I needed to do. Its fake, but the handle is a real axe handle but the head was made from wood and ductape. I'm pretty sure that this is meme material? I dunno, you could make Wes holding it.
  5. I got bored during the test so I just did this Yes, I did finish the test and it was easy but this meme is nice too. (When you look up the maxwell meme fourms on a cauculator.)
  6. Huh I thought there would be more shipwrecked memes or anything mentioning International pirate day... But alas nothing, I guess I could try to make a pirate meme on shipwrecked but It would be to late. Klei, can we have references,please? Also to contribute to the memes I'm going to give the meme that i told minespatch I would give him if he figured out the game It's a good idea but bad picture. it's my first meme
  7. YES. I have made my second meme SHOW ME YOUR MOVES!
  8. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! HYPE HYPE HYPE ! Yeah! Klei!!! Uhh....anyways, I am going to buy Don't starve. Because I didn't already but now I'm going to buy Every thing! But I haz questions about the game... 1. As always... are you going to add... 2. When are you going to stream these updates. 3. PS4, Updates, When? 4. Are we going to fight through the ruins to get to the Forge or is it going to be a game mode 5. Are we going to be able to use the same skins we have in DST on DS? These are just the questions I have at the moment but I dont want to rush you guys, you have been working so much its unbelievable how the content you make is both amazing and fun! Good luck guys on making these DLCs... but I have one more question.... are. you. going. to. add. REFERENCES!
  9. Nice work Klei! But I have a few questions... 1. Will we see more adventures of the Legendary blue hair dupe? 2.Will there be a overall story line like don't starve, and if so will it have to do with the new ruins you added in ONI? 3.Will there be Any References in any of your games. Possibly from a game you gave financial support to. (Night in the woods *Wink Wink*) 4. Will there be more dupe customizations like hats? 5. Will there be a slight chance of it coming to Ps4 and or Xbox one? Lastly I would kinda like a response from you guys because I love your work and your amazing Art style. Also this is the first thing ive ever said on the forums!