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[Game Update] - Heart of the Ruins Preview (BETA 206679)

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Hey guys, this is our final preview poster for A New Reign Beta updates, Heart of the Ruins!  Some of the changes in this update are quite extensive, such as additions to Caves generation, so it may require a little more time for us to complete.  Don't worry, there will still be an update next week!  But you may notice parts of the new content will appear to be "under construction", and we will continue to patch them in as soon as they are ready, rather than waiting for another three weeks.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug when trying to pick up Cherub’s Heart using a controller.
  • Fixed bug in calculating diminishing returns for WX-78’s Overcharge.


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SCARY. Ruins were already creepy, now I'm not going in there alone anymore unless I play Wes the superior human.

If anyone wants to organize a group visit give me a call. I'll be running in circles around the cave exit, if anyone wants to meet me.

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Oh-HO! This sounds as if possibly my "SOMETHING is lurking even below the ruins, generating all the nightmare fuel that comes up through the cracks...!" theory might possibly have legs...although in this case, it won't actually be _below_, as all the cave stuff is on the same level in Don't Starve Together.  Still!

(Basically, I'm thinking a purely malevolent version of the Demon X(A/N)th, ala a creature that is so powerful, its mere...equivalent of body-heat emanations _shape the entire world_, and which you really, really, REALLY don't want to wake up...(or in Xanth's case, simply leave your world--because then everything that's made of, blended with, or powered by magic immediately shuts down and/or falls apart/dies, to varying degrees.  Xanth is a problematic series--it's got SO much sexism and constant leering and whatnot, but when it has a cool world-building idea, it has a COOL world-building idea.)

Now, obviously we won't actually be fighting a GOD, _but_, the wording of the preview poster kinda feels like my theory, with the ruins having a "heart" that's somehow at least contributing to all of this...


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3 hours ago, l96735063 said:

Mega S a t a n !


Definitely resembles him. The horns, the skull shape, the body being hidden in the shadows, the goat skeleton theme in general...
Already a big fan of the design, If the battle music is anywhere near as good as Mega Stan's then I'm gonna love this boss.

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I really like how you did this last update poster, Klei. I'm sure a lot of people expected a poster overloaded with content. Instead all you give us is a picture of 2 things we already had. Makes the whole update more exciting.


I won't be connected to the internet after this update comes out until I discover in a legit game how this new content works cuz spoilers


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1 hour ago, spiderdian said:


Oh my God. This picture is the most scary and mysterious so long... looks really fit for the ruins. Can't wait to see what it is! :D 

By the way, ruins. Maybe we'll get the ruins music back? I'd love it. Or some new music... :) 

Also, the poster sais that it "assumes many strange form"... could it mean that it isn't (only) an enemy, but maybe can help us? (Please, could we ride it?)

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