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  1. Just go to a deep jungle or the city if you're unable to dodge the giant foot shadow, he doesnt go there.
  2. You can use an axe to chop the cracked walls in the ruins instead of using explosives, perharps an oversight?
  3. unknown.png

    I couldn't miss this opportunity

  4. ooooooh I'll call it Stinky Feet disease! Pretty original, right?
  5. Dang Today is apri 21st? Happy Birthday, annoying but effective mechanic! You gave people a lot of mixed reactions And yes, I am subtly requesting a Diseased Wilson
  6. MAXWELL Plz, I want Maxwell cosplaying Mr.Speedwagon Isn't he dapper?
  7. 1k likes for 400 posts...ha...It's almost 2.5 likes for each post

    I am so handy and famous!



  8. Not enough trash, add DST Willow to it *gets shot*
  9. I'll be totally waiting WX as a Jojo Stand for any of the next 12 submissions (don't forget to include the 100% masculine pose)
  10. Welp, I think it's better to stop talking about that. We might do some irreversible damage to the fun
  11. Play gameboy and then sleep, as any normal person would do with a mate. What else did you think? ugh. These people of nowadays
  12. Screw hidden lore and really important stuff everyone is waiting years to know... The only answer I want is: Why is http://cyclum.dontstarvetogether.com/submitAnswer still up? I'm split between a puzzle leftover or a big secret IP that will contain important stuff that no one might see
  13. Plot Twist, the Slipstor actually the real mastermind behind all the darkness lurking under the world
  14. Wow, just now I noticed the menu music got new instruments to fit the new event. I'm....kinda......s-slow I'm really getting confused with what is counting on ANR and what is now. It's been a while since I saw those fancy posters teasing the update, so that means the Update 7 and 8 either got lower on priority or devs are planning something big enough to take 2 months(And counting) to release. Right, guys?...RiGhT? Anxiety Intensifies