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  1. I really think these new clothes are full of "Warhammer Fantasy" style, really, if the enemy's skin becomes green is more like
  2. Winona she and Dead Rising 3's protagonist is exactly the same, I think from the depths of my heart
  3. @Instant-Noodles Sorry, I do not know how to send files in private chat Hope this can help you skin_strings.lua
  4. Oh thank you, I was just this surprise and despair disrupted thoughts, I will pay attention
  5. .It was just a MOD............ http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=393199348&searchtext=winona
  6. This is the Tencent in order to celebrate the end of the Year the Gobbler and distributed to the players Telltale Heart skin, I have not downloaded a good Tencent DST so I do not know its quality
  7. This heart will be given to DST those loyal players (perhaps not including steam players)
  8. The new boss will appear in a desert anywhere, give him toys or eggs will give you a rebate to make the transmitter stone