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  1. Unnatural Dev Log

    Ahem...I'm here just to say that wont work. As me and Chris(and lovely @Dorozco S2) discussed, the designs wont really fit well along the sword, so were going with a down to earth approach to the designs On the brighter side, I'm nearly done with the Axe(and this design came to stay)
  2. Unnatural Dev Log

    oh wow.....I totally forgot to tell you guys over here about Wretched(thanks Chris) Yep...it's done art wise, Fidooop just needs to bump it in-game now. I've started working on the Items already and could finish the Nightmare Pickaxe. I'd say it looks pretty fine. I would change the handle a bit , like adding some shape instead of the sharp.....rectangle thing(???) I was actually close to finish the Axe as well, but I wasn't feeling it was going in a good direction, so I'll be using a previous design we had in mind EDIT: I just realized I said exactly Chris already said. dang.
  3. Unnatural Dev Log

    naaah, It's been 2 months already. I can actually say this was way too slow. I take a day of break every time I finish a set of animations so I don't end up on a burnout(like how it happened with the hounds)
  4. Unnatural Dev Log

    Welp........this has been a little hiatus between updates but.......WELP! I finished 3 more animations in this time At this point I might as well stop showing them all, and justifiably. 1)Spoilers: self explanatory(?). 2)not all anims are able to be exported to gif(spriter is pretty glitchy overall).3)....I forgot the third reason.....BELIEVE ME, I had a third reason.
  5. Unnatural Dev Log

    So.....I had this CRAZY idea..... OF REMOVING THE ENTIRE UPPER BODY OF WRETCHED BAHAHAHAHAHAHA ahem...The previous design was looking like it was just too complicated for the likes of the shadow monsters, even more since it's not even a boss(not even the Fuelweaver is that complex). All devs liked the idea aswell, so I took this day to tweak all current animations to the new design(didn't take that much tho, the lower and upper body were kinda two different pieces of animation anyway, one bouncing up and down while the other followed the leg movement) Yeah....this is a rather radical change for something so into development already, but eh..This feels much more pleasant to look at(and animate :3). Talk about Win-Win
  6. I wish we...cough...had the same luck
  7. The max I've ever seen(now beaten by this lol) for atlas files is 3(Atlas-0/1/2) And they rarely are for the same entity(FX count) withing a scml. What kind of compiler do you use? I'm p-sure it is the source of "eeeewil" in this I attached the one I use for mine here, in case you might wanna check if it fixes. never use the one from the game itself, some very...VERY weird results came from that for me compiler.cmd
  8. I....have one itty bitty tiny bet of what may be wrong
  9. I talk about development in Unnatural Dev Log!. Fid is getting things done on CoC while I finish all asset. You can say we're back om track
  10. Unnatural Dev Log

    Sorry for the inactivity here, been obsessed over a contest entry for 2 weeks straight. Anyways. I'm 70% done over Appear and Disappear(since they're basically the same animation with small tweaks). That will leave me with Atk and the Block state(Wretched's gimmick) left. The current plans so far are for me to finish ALL of the update 1 items after wretched and before going to make Fright Wing.
  11. Unnatural Dev Log

    Finally, The walking stuff is finally done. Now I'm all set for the actual fun stuff: -atk(up,down,side...possibly?) -block -appear and disappear oo boy, can't wait to get to the appearing and disappearing ones, I have so many ideas for them
  12. Unnatural Dev Log

    I'm back on duty bois! This one took fairly less time time to finish, since it was more about adapting the Walk down one than making it from scratch(like the rest of the anims) This is the current progress of the animations btw. I spent too much time on learning how 4-legged creatures moved so...yeah, not much given how long it has been. PS: All sprites are placeholders, just to explain the chunky designs PPS: I just realized I'm missing the transitions for the walk_down
  13. Unnatural Dev Log

    True ------------------- Right now, Wretched is the one in progress. So far we have idle, taunt, 2 out of 3 walking loops and their respective transitions
  14. So, I'm returning soon to work(ahem, tomorrow) and I though it would be neat to have this little dev log to keep everyone up to date with development. It won't be update daily, as noticeable progress takes some time(ahem^2, animation), but yeah... Below is the stuff in the current Roadmap and their current status Red means it hasn't gone through the development progress yet, Orange means something is in progress, Yellow means something is done and Green means everything is done.
  15. June 10th hype or bust

    OOOOOOH. This is why I was hyped for june 1st. Seriously, I've been all day trying to figure out why I was hyped