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  1. The new crafting menu, while a noble attempt of improving the UX, in practice feels more like something that belongs to ONI than DST, IMO. It *feels* super...dry and mechanical? I don't know exactly how to explain. It may aswell be a bit of the fear of new things, but there is something about the OG style that is just works with the series. It is janky, dirty and (dare I say) jury-rigged, just like we know the game itself to be since nearly a decade now! I'd argue it's inseparable from the games identity and feels really awkward to do away with it this down the line. While of course, improvement is always welcome, I'd totally wish we have a toggle between the styles. If not, I'm sure someone in the workshop will bruteforce such option anyway :P
  2. I see you haven't been here in a while, but congrats on second place for the RoR2 art event.

    1. CarlZalph


      Welcome home.

    2. spiderdian


      Haha. I surprised that someone here would have seen it.

      Most of my time is spent on discord now. :lol:

  3. Just go to a deep jungle or the city if you're unable to dodge the giant foot shadow, he doesnt go there.
  4. You can use an axe to chop the cracked walls in the ruins instead of using explosives, perharps an oversight?
  5. unknown.png

    I couldn't miss this opportunity

  6. ooooooh I'll call it Stinky Feet disease! Pretty original, right?
  7. Dang Today is apri 21st? Happy Birthday, annoying but effective mechanic! You gave people a lot of mixed reactions And yes, I am subtly requesting a Diseased Wilson
  8. MAXWELL Plz, I want Maxwell cosplaying Mr.Speedwagon Isn't he dapper?
  9. 1k likes for 400 posts...ha...It's almost 2.5 likes for each post

    I am so handy and famous!