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Maslak    4430
48 minutes ago, minespatch said:

My recreation of @Maslak's art. Thought it'd be hilarious to add the Accomploshrine for the gear theme.

Ahaha Minespatch you really are going places, this is so old. Thanks, you made me smile :wilson_blush:
Now give me big ups!

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wigfrids hat    5198

ahahahaha, several of those dungbeetle drawings are hecking inspired! for sure though the first and last in particular look like they are two parts to a comic and would be kind of hilarious in the maxwell meme's thread if you reversed their order X''D

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minespatch    86861
On 11/8/2020 at 5:12 AM, gaymime said:

tallbird doesnt understand why they'd be laughed at for donning official battle armour

I'm pretty sure we won't get this "battle armor" in the game, but probably that's what the bird is thinking.:wilson_ecstatic:

On 3/12/2017 at 12:49 AM, Rellimarual said:

Does anyone know how the timer works?

Here You are! Copied from DS wiki:


"For example, if one gives the Antlion a Hardened Rubber Bung, it would delay its attacks for a whole day. One should keep in mind that its rage timer cannot exceed 6 days, so players may need to contribute a hefty amount of items to it at least twice throughout Summer in order to never be attacked."



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It's interesting that both the Antlion and the Pig King place such a high value on that bathtub stopper. 


Finally got to color this reply.  It'd be funny if these two had a rivalry because of something insignificant as a BUNG.




I saw these antiques in my house and immediately thought of Wortox. Wanted to reference them.


Bob trying out the mask pig outfit.


Cullinarian Me as drawn a la Big Boy burgers style.




Based on my trip from last year to Williamsburg during fourth of July. I saw this coupon at the hotel I was at and I wanted to redraw the pigs like that.


Kittykit hunting lunar moths.


I forgot the context.


I forgot refs the other day, so I drew the three Klei characters on a Crackerbarrel utensil band.


Wilba goofing off while Malfalfa struggles.


Wilbur dealing with a floaty boaty knight.


Wormwood enjoying the beauty of a lightbulb.


Something I drew this week for Instagram. Someone was doing a dtiys with Wormwood and a treeguard, so this was my recreation of their piece but closer to the game style.

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