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  1. I just want to share my comic link here ;v;;

    *rolls away*

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    2. Theinsanefruitloop


      I have big hopes on this one ;;v;; also you can read other stories too Dragonmage XD

    3. Mobbstar


      You should read them just for the sake of checking out her style, it's so good! Can recommend!

      And you know I rarely am a fangirl about anything, so when I am, it has got to be great!

    4. Theinsanefruitloop


      aww thank you Mobbstar ;v; that means a lot <3

  2. Yes yes, though for the recent days I'm really busy, I wish I could play DST again and be active in the forum ;-;
  3. I made a speed drawing video :'D


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    2. Theinsanefruitloop
    3. Mobbstar


      I don't think it's a shimeji.


    4. Mobbstar


      Also I can watch it now and... CTRL+Z CTRL+Z CTRL+Z CTRL+C CTRL+V CTRL+Z CTRL+Z

  4. Look what I found in the toy store 8D it's a crow <3 now it is missing a hat and a green lil bag A fat cosmo is another character trait :'D
  5. those drawings are too awesome <3 That mini comic seems interesting 8D
  6. Have a round Cosmo with candies 8D @minespatch Well, Cosmo became too fat because of thanks giving dinner he had for so many days of his absence :'D @ImdamisterL awww thanks L <3 @Mobbstar now I blame you for giving me last song syndrome, I can't get it out of my head >:v
  7. Imma put this here /;v;)/

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    2. Mobbstar


      aaaand advertised on other game forums <3

    3. Asparagus


      (It's got DS/DST stuff in there too... I can't pledge anything though... sad)

    4. Theinsanefruitloop


      aww it's alright ;v; potatoes though >v>