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  1. talk about favorites snack to have after school

    My favorite one is the pickle rick one
  2. I'm done making threads for the whole year unless it ties to a actual content update 

  3. So what he has Mighty? Just freeze or sleep it scrub So what if he has over 200 damage? Just hide or freeze it scrub So what he has homing blowdart? Just hide and punish it scrub So what if he eats all your food? Just eat it first or give it to the pet scrub So what if he has insane speed? Just hide or sleepytime stories it scrub So what he has "an extra upgrade" (which is actually one use for the whole day) that has 100 base health increase and smaller hitbox? Just fire staff him (it has fast frames) or hide scrub So what he has a Fuelweaver doing his every bidding? Just Pan flute it, Sleepytime stories him or use a ice staff scrub So what he has a good armor? Just pan flute or sleepytime stories or freeze him scrub So what if he has no armor and still counters you to death? Just dont get baited scrub WX still has a 400 health Wigfrid is still hot and has gear off the bat Wortox still have souls and godlike 50/50 teleport Wickerbottom still has sleepytime storites and On Tentacles? Webber can make a army that eats all your health and armor Willow still has a Deathbear Wes still is Wes Wormwood has anti attack armor and insane speed Woodie still has Werebeaver and WereMoose that pretty much eats up all damage and hits back hard Wendy, Wurt and Wilson still exist List goes on Everyone cries about about new released/reused characters being p2w, just to get past their tantrum and figure out "hey, they're not so complicated at all", so embarrassing for DST community. If a Wes can survive for a year or win a pvp match, your main can too. If you understand Don't Starve Together then you understand the character at the end of the day is not the problem. It is you, still adapting.
  4. is dst dead like tf2

    I really hope we do get something cool in the roadmap
  5. is dst dead like tf2

    1095 days ago
  6. is dst dead like tf2

    I respect that, but the gameplay has always stayed the same ever since 4 years and nothing drastically new has changed
  7. is dst dead like tf2

  8. is dst dead like tf2

    that's optional content Sir skylordelberich
  9. is dst dead like tf2

    Yeah we have no new content
  10. is dst dead like tf2

    yes I don't count skins as new content
  11. is dst dead like tf2

    For people who are confused after a year or just beating fuelweaver you pretty much got nothing to do after that, because the game has no new content after that
  12. is dst dead like tf2

    r u implying that tf2 is in a medical bed like dst
  13. Ever since fuelweaver there has been no new content, it's been like 1095 days ever since we never got a new endgame/content update but I feel like this game has reached dead corpse like tf2, I think to add actual new content is a hardmode after u beat the TRUE final boss (fuelweaver uwu) and everything becomes hard like new enemy variations/archetypes, new enemies, new boss variants, and new world regen, that would be sooo epiccc also new weapons and gear!! but pls dont make this gaem like tf2 it makes me sad :^C (I don't count characters as new content or agua surfing as new content)
  14. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    With the addition of wurt she advertises the impossible burger