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  1. I would prefer woodie because he needs a rework more than ever
  2. you know you can just watch it than say this right
  3. I actually mentioned it before when the announcement was mentioned just give her tools like obsidian tools since those work great back in SW so should be the same in base DST
  4. omg I never knew abigal was alive I guess klei lied to me when they said abigal was dead...... She wasn't dead she was WILLOW ALL ALONG
  5. your telling me that sounds OP when like we have a robot who gets a speed boost 100+ health on thunderstrike and a AoE of light who can also UPGRADE HIMSELF TO BECOME A TANK then we have a fat man who get stronk man by eating foodies (kind of titled how the person below me has more likes when I legit said the same thing)
  6. In defense of Bernie

    I think these bernie buffs are nice they made Bernie T H I C C
  7. Can crock pots explode?

    wrong Crock pots do explode you dummy it's called the meatballs nerf you dumb dumb
  8. Can we guys forget about fire immunity and ask for 90% resistance it probably a gud rework
  9. I think you meant to say git gud
  10. This thread is literally being trashposted to the max from the outrage this is what happens when someone doesn't see "fire immunity".
  11. It be nice if you guys announce the reworks monthly without us having to wait for ages for a animation I don't mind seeing animations being delayed
  12. actually now that I put thought into it Yeah it wouldn't affect the game tbh but it probably will be annoying just seeing so many lighters in the ground, but that wouldn't affect gameplay by a lot. I forgot how small the radius is
  13. infinite lighter would have broken the game you dip
  14. you know honestly I thought we were going to get fire immunity I hope there is new animations for all these reworks, because the only rework I want is fire immunity