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  1. Last thing what does Dronemaster circuit do does it make it where I can befriend any clockwork I randomly come across?
  2. anyone know what the gastroexpansion does exactly?
  3. Can we play with friends through local wireless multiplayer for Steam deck?
  4. I'm done making threads for the whole year unless it ties to a actual content update 

    1. minespatch


      Does Reap what you sow content count?:wilson_dorky:

  5. i waited 3 years for this, Damn like its a Bummer that Its Really gone like so Devastated that this is gone
  6. With the addition of wurt she advertises the impossible burger
  7. Yeah I'm not the only one who thinks this dlc is like so unfinished to hell. I could never get used to the turf art style which always bugged me and I thought it was just a beta art style but it unironically worries me that it's going to be part of the full release of this DLC. I honestly hope there is a better future for this DLC because this seems like its barely getting support it needs. all what you say its true this DLC is like actual poo poo doo doo unstable like my Tesla coil that just goes out in berserk for no reason I even like SW more than Hamlet probably because its legit so stable that its actually playable and the art style doesn't look like in a alpha stage. The characters are fine except Wormwood seems pretty out of place with the new design he got. I think his old design was way better overall compared to his new and fresh flower look which is pretty cool but I still think his old design was better. This is really sad to hear too because when a lot of the audience knows that they are expecting it to be really bad, it really becomes downhill I really hate when most people actually expect some bad news for the game and once the update releases it becomes true. this has happen to ARK, Quake Champions, and PUBG in their early access stages and to full release they go so downhill (you can say quake champions is a Early access game but it pretty much feels like a full finished game being hidden with the "EA" tag which basically made its whole playerbase mad) So why am I basically ranting on a EA DLC when its not even out You guys are also probably going to check on my profile and see that I only have 160+ hours in Don't starve on steam and say that I probably don't even know what I'm saying but I play this game on my laptop on the go when I go to fast food,restaurants, work, and etc. I hope it really does become playable after full release. If It doesn't this DLC will usually be remembered as the saying "Don't judge the book by it's cover". I will replay Hamlet once it comes out of full release or the next beta update.
  8. Sorry fellas but seeing how Warbucks is making more quality memes than maxwell I guess we need the Threequel now
  9. I would love a update that adds Warbucks again but at the price of removing wilson :^) would be the best joke update if you tell me
  10. Oh boy oh boy another telltale heart skin, time to make a lost my pee pee joke on release
  11. Looks like they did but you can get used to it I can get used to this very well Also you can now change characters with the new spawn gate and moon idol
  12. I was interested to do a No Lights run in SW and apparently you don't get a campfire or stuff to go throughout the night to survive like as in you do with the RoG version