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  1. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Sorry fellas but seeing how Warbucks is making more quality memes than maxwell I guess we need the Threequel now
  2. Impartial Warbucks poll

    I think the best rework if he got added back and removed wilson for the process :^)
  3. In the Wake of Warbucks

    Imagine if warbucks got added but wendy became DST exclusive
  4. Warbucks

    It's year of the piggy so OINK OINK OOBINK
  5. [Game Update] - 307715

    I would love a update that adds Warbucks again but at the price of removing wilson :^) would be the best joke update if you tell me
  6. The Way of the Snurtle!

    hold up why would someone use the shell if like beekeeper hats are better also yes I live by the code of the snurtle/slurtle i farm them for life in my old world which is glitched because klei won't fix the event for me :c I used to make a pen for them and I'll go there just so I can kill every single slurtle that comes out of EQ, out of 9 dens I usually always have a chance of getting 1-3 slurtle hats and for snurtles I see them like almost every day since they just force to come out when I do this ice/fire staff treatment. I love the hat and body armor, wish it had the same HP as DS
  7. All Released Skins (as of now)

    Oh boy oh boy another telltale heart skin, time to make a lost my pee pee joke on release
  8. This is one of the worlds me and my friends when we were doing a fuelweaver rush and it sucks that we can't farm the Lucky gold nuggets or even get lucky gold nuggets because of pig king just saying N O since the sinkhole is in the way. Yes I tried every single way, I removed everything near the area including the stumps and dropped seeds and it doesn't work :c fix this pls bb
  9. Can you please make Year of the chicken stuff drop again
  10. Twitch Drop Encore

    If you can, could you please make Year of the chicken drops come back, I really want to get a Rooslet pet
  11. yes we can now have the Kirby parasol power up as a skin, we now can GLIDE back and forth BROTHERS
  12. Looks like they did but you can get used to it I can get used to this very well Also you can now change characters with the new spawn gate and moon idol
  13. No lights bugged in SW

    I was interested to do a No Lights run in SW and apparently you don't get a campfire or stuff to go throughout the night to survive like as in you do with the RoG version