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  1. I have a similar issue regarding Mac'N'Cheese. I offered it on a silver plate during a cheese craving, and I only got a red mark instead.
  2. Some Jokes just write themselves. Made by a good friend of mine, since I have no regrets in posting this here like a fool and maniac.
  3. Oh people of little faith, remember to thank Klei for these interesting things. Though now I'm curious to see how things go as well. Also, nice new details in the fight, especially when it comes to camera locking for key moments.
  4. I like to call this piece... a Hobo finds an Idiot.
  5. I like to call this piece... a Hobo finds and Idiot.
  6. Something made by a friend that honestly was sorely missing from the world. It just works, don't you see?
  7. It's good to see Klei once again working on new properties. I can't wait to see this join the other wonderful titles that Klei has worked on like Mark of the Ninja, Shank, and Invisible, Inc. Keep on making new unique experiences, Klei! Always keep on expanding your horizons to all sorts of other possibilities!
  8. Ah, the Touhou Crossover that I never knew I wanted until now. Oh wait, I always want Touhou crossovers. It's like how much I want Don't Starve crossovers. But yes, this is a wonderful thing. Thank you for this.
  9. Hey, you never know. Klei has been known to listen to the fans. Get enough support, and see how Klei might support it.
  10. I have never had a mightier want for something than before. But this. This I really want to be a thing. I really, really want for this to be a thing.
  11. Yes! I can't believe! Finally, after so long waiting, Shadow Versions of everyone! And William Carter! Poor poor William Carter here. Thank you Klei for the most amazing stuff ever.
  12. This sounds like people complaining about how multiplayer isn't in Don't Starve but its own game all together. You're all quick to dismiss things when you don't get a hands on try of it, aren't you all? Give it time, give it patience. Klei has earned my trust through the countless quality products they've made like Mark of the Ninja, Shank, and even Invisible, Inc. If they made a decision like this, they made it for a reason. Will they change it in the future? Maybe. Will I trust their decision right now thinking this might work out better? I will. I may be a bit disappointed somewhat that this isn't actually a part of the main game, but I'm not going to drop it like a hot potato. We shall see how thing whole thing develops. And if there's anything that Klei isn't, it isn't deaf. They do listen to the fans. Don't Starve wouldn't be the game it is without the fans suggestions and opinions. But remember, Klei is ultimately the final say in all this. We can merely suggest, give opinions. So I'm still waiting for my Don't Starve: Shipwrecked experience. Just with some different expectations now.
  13. I hope we get to see one of the other unimplemented characters be put in somehow. Like turn Wallace into Whitebeard the Pirate.