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  1. Try changing the numbers for the server_port. Also are you using this guide specifically? Cause if you use a differently written batch file to launch your dedicated server, there is a possibility that you are launching duplicates which make the socket port conflict with each other.
  2. server.ini content-wise, everything seems to be in order. Afaik the # just comments out that specific line and inconsequential to the syntax of the whole thing so that probably isn't an issue. Can you confirm that they are in fact .ini files and not server.ini.txt files? Set your Folder Options View to Details and under filetype, these should be "Configuration settings" and not "Text Document". If they are seen as Text Document then you just have to resave them with the correct file type with the correct method. While in \\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\MyDediServer\Master\ Open server.ini.txt file Click File Click Save As Browse to your Master folder (\\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\MyDediServer\Caves\) Type server.ini in File Name: Set Save as Type to "All Files (*.*)" Save Do the same for the server.ini in the Caves folder Also, can you confirm you have the correct file location? If you are following this guide, refer to step 8 & 9.
  3. @mata.pycha sorry, those don't seem to be the correct files. They should only be .txt documents. Make sure you got the files with the correct file name, type from the correct file location.
  4. P1 unable to load into P2 Caves

    Hello @Thomas_Artisto, welcome to the forums. Do you have an antivirus enabled? Try disable it and see if you are able to access the world. If you don't want to disable it, try and put DST into your antivirus' whitelist.
  5. @mata.pycha unfortunately, it's difficult to determine what caused the issue in the first place. Since you have a lot of mods active when you disconnected from the world while in the caves. I do not want to get your hopes up, cause this is the first time I've encountered this issue you are having. I cannot guarantee that I can help fix it. For now, do the following: Open Steam In games library right click DST Click Properties Go to LOCAL FILES tab Click verify the integrity of the game cache Once finished go open DST, click Play Click Mods Click Update All (icon with three arrows pointing down) Go back to main menu Open Host Game Select Faulty World (which slot are you using?) Resume Faulty World If crashed, or getting failed to connect/resume world error, then Minimize DST Open Windows Explorer then go to Documents > Klei > DoNotStarveTogether Get copy of client_log.txt Save copy to desktop Now go to Cluster_# (wherein # corresponds to the slot # used in the Host Game screen), Open Master Folder and get a copy of the server_log.txt and paste it on desktop, rename it master_log.txt Go back to Cluster_# folder Open Caves Folder and get a copy of the server_log.txt and paste it on desktop, rename it caves_log.txt Make reply to this thread Attach the copied client_log.txt AND master_log.txt AND caves_log.txt by drag dropping them into a reply in this bug report in the forums The instructions above will help give a more updated view of what's happening with that world. Have you updated DST since then? After updating, were you still unable to access that world? If not, then try and make a new world with all the same mods and in that new world access the caves and disconnect from the caves and see if you could replicate the issue from the faulty save. @mata.pycha do you have an antivirus enabled? Try disable it and see if you are able to access the world. If you don't want to disable it, try and put DST into your antivirus' whitelist.
  6. Means you didn't install SteamCMD in the correct installation location. If you're going to follow this guide to the letter, then you should have installed SteamCMD into c:\steamcmd. Create a folder in drive c and name it steamcmd, Download steamCMD for Windows (link in guide's step 1) Extract files to that folder
  7. connection bug with mods

    @byetse unfortunately, no. You'll have to ask the mod creators specifically to be able to fully fix an issue of a mod. Ultimately, it's better to disable mods cause some mods are/were made for a specific version of the game and when the game updates issue occur. You'd have to rely on the mod creator to update their mod. Sometimes, mod creators stop updating mods. If you attach a copy of your log files I could help determine which mod is causing the crash that you can then disable. But I cannot provide any help with making a mod work. I'm just a moderator on the forums and I do not have the knowledge to diagnose and correct issues for mods in general. Sorry.
  8. @Remps the "validate" command is in the first line of the batch file (StartDSTServers.bat). Make sure you have the "validate" word there. Looking at the screenshots you attached, it's a whole different issue. You need to make sure that the caves server.ini file has a different server_port number from the master's server.ini. Go to Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\MyDediServer\Master\ Open server.ini file Make sure it has this line: server_port = 11000 Go to Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\MyDediServer\Caves\ Open server.ini file server_port = 11001 You could also use 10999 for one and 10998 for the other. Just make sure they are different from each other. If they are the same, you will get the error: "....SOCKET_PORT_ALREADY_IN_USE."
  9. @Remps make sure your dedicated server is running the same version as the dst client. The game client has been updated recently so it's likely your server is running the old version which is why your DST can't see it. Make sure you have the "+validate" in your StartDSTServers.bat. Refer to Step 11 of this guide. Oh and just realized you have to also change the first line in the batch file (StartDSTServers.bat). But it seems you corrected it already. If not, do so. Your batch file should reflect your custom SteamCMD installation location. Sorry about that. Wherever it is you installed your SteamCMD, if it's in C:, you don't have to change anything.
  10. @Remps Invalid token could mean any of the following, check them one by one: Incorrect filename, make sure the filename is just cluster_token and saved as a .txt file. And not a text file with a file name of "cluster_token.txt", which would actually be a cluster_token.txt.txt Token has expired so you have to generate another token. Either through Console Commands or in your Klei Account Page directly through browser. Incorrect file directory, make sure the cluster token you are using is in the specified server files you made. It should be beside the cluster.ini file. BTW about the cluster_token.txt file name, just do the same method we did for the .bat file (setting Save as type to All Types) but instead write "cluster_token.txt". Cause saving cluster_token.txt on default settings with a notepad becomes a cluster_token.txt.txt file. I hope it's not too confusing.
  11. @Remps then you are saving it incorrectly. Open your StartDSTServers.bat.txt file and Click File > Save As > Set Save as Type: To All Types > In file name set as StartDSTServers.bat > Save Now it should be a batch file, also seen as Windows Batch File under file type if you set your Folder Option Views to Details. If you get that File Type, then you have it saved correctly as a batch file.
  12. @Remps if you changed the default installation location for SteamCMD (which is instructed to be installed in Step 1 of this guide), then you'll also have to edit the StartDSTServers.bat file to reflect the same location change you made with your installation. So go to your StartDSTServers.bat and edit the first part of the second line: cd /D "c:\steamcmd\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together Dedicated Server\bin" To the equivalent of your installation changes, so if you installed SteamCMD in "B:", then the second line in your StartDSTServers.bat should be changed to: cd /D "B:\steamcmd\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together Dedicated Server\bin" Be aware that steamCMD is not a steam client. SteamCMD is different from the Steam application where we can launch DST the client game from. You need to install SteamCMD (installation guide here) for this guide to work. If you don't want to use or install SteamCMD, then I recommend this other guide (Run Dedicated Server from your PC without SteamCMD or Dedicated Server Tool). Good luck.
  13. Running in place bug

    Hello @wingliger, welcome to the forums. All official don't starve together characters have a predetermined set speed put in place by the devs within the game. Any issues given rise from modifications such as modded custom characters or through use of the console command isn't an issue with the base game. You specifically mentioned a character mod, which means the issues should be directed to the mod creator directly to help rectify them. Let the mod creator know that the issue occurs and hopefully they can release a fix for it. Cheers.
  14. Strange disconection

    Oh @xavea, welcome to the forums and thank you for the many log files. Hopefully there is a noticeable pattern in the disconnection issues between all the logs. If I find anything worthwhile, I'll post in this thread again. Thanks again.
  15. Hello @LoliTsundere_, welcome to the forums. The Forge Event isn't even officially running right now. There are no Official Forge Servers. Perhaps you are trying for Fidooops' Forged Forge Mod? Aside from that, I don't have any other ideas.