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  1. Hello @mamkin_pezduk69, welcome to the forums. If your game still has blurry image even if you've disabled small textures and netbook mode maybe it's because of your GPU settings. Reference: Klei Support Article: Hud elements, Inventory Screen, Main Menu Screen are blurry Klei Support Article: Don't Starve Together's Textures/Graphics Are Blurry (Disable Netbook Mode/Small Textures) - which you've done already
  2. We Cant Enter The Caves

    @higor12101 Sorry didn't see your reply to this thread sooner. I don't get notifications unless people quote/give me a mention with "@Zillvr". Concerning your issue you have to post your log files cause they may provide more info on what's causing issues for you, much like what Maion did above.
  3. @readm is the startup script (commonly called "StartDSTServers.bat") originally located in your files like this: D:\StartDSTServers.bat BUT then your workaround is to put the script in the same folder as dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer which is in "g:\steamcmd\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together Dedicated Server\bin" AND then deleting the full line of "cd /D "g:\......"? If the start script is NOT in the same folder as the dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer.exe, (like you had originally) the last two lines of the script should fail since the script cannot find the dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer.exe in the ROOT folder that the batch file is WITHOUT first pathing to it with the "cd /D..." command. AFAIK, when a .bat file (batch file) is executed it operates the same way you operate the command prompt on windows (press Win Key then type "cmd" and press enter). Without first pathing to the folder you need(with "cd /D", or "C:" to go to drive c, etc), you cannot run a program from a folder elsewhere on your PC. A lot of this mumbo jumbo can be learned if we really dive into creating Batch Files but sadly I only know a bit about it so any more technically advanced questions than that I would not be able to answer. That's already delving into programming lessons. But good thing you got it to work, so thank you for posting your workaround.
  4. Hello @readm, welcome to the forums. Does the mod files specifically have typo in their configurable settings? Cause in modoverrides.lua you have: send_unknwon_prefabs=false, show_type=0, unknwon_prefabs=1, Should it really be written as "unknwon"? Perhaps that's causing failure for the modoverrides.lua to push through.
  5. Help please

    Hello @radek1998, welcome to the forums. Using google translate to reply. As far as I know the only way to change the HP scaling for multiplayer in DST is through MODS, such as: DST Workshop Mod: Dynamic Health Scaling - mod that adjusts creatures health based on how many players are in the server. However, I cannot personally verify if the mod works in the current game version. Also it might conflict with other possible mods you have. Aside from mods, I do not think there is an option to disable the up-scaling changes between DS:RoG and DST. Cheers.
  6. Hello @Gameboyplayz1, welcome to the forums. For now, could you go through the steps in the following link: Klei Support Article: Oxygen Not Included Troubleshooting Guide And if possible always add log files to your reports, shown here: Klei Support Article: Logs and Useful Information for Bug Reports The log files will help the devs identify if something with the base game version should be fixed OR if this might be an isolated issue with your PC.
  7. Game won't run after update 393231

    Hello @Ant_Brooks @UwU_Garfield, welcome to the forums. For now, could you go through the steps in the following link: Klei Support Article: Oxygen Not Included Troubleshooting Guide And if possible always add log files to your reports, shown here: Klei Support Article: Logs and Useful Information for Bug Reports
  8. Everyone, please reacquaint yourselves with the community guidelines. Unnecessary replies have now been hidden. https://forums.kleientertainment.com/guidelines/
  9. Firstly, I'm sorry if I gave any sense of being able to answer those questions since I'm merely a forum moderator so I am not privy to such information. 1. As far as I know, there has been no mentions of any updates (or I may have missed them completely if there was) but it's likely that an official thread will be made should new things come into light for the Klei Rewards. Just keep an eye out for that. 2. Again, I only a forum moderator. As with everything though, when/if Klei is ready to release new information, they will eventually. Cheers.
  10. Conversation, discussions and critiques on ideas are ok but let's not derail the thread any further. I'd like to remind everyone to be civil and stay on topic. Be reacquainted with the community guidelines: If you can't come to an understanding or any sort of agreement on the matter, it's also ok to end the conversation then and there. Let's not escalate things.
  11. Hello @Hyemi, welcome to the forums. Have you properly LINKED your accounts to your Klei Account? Once you've properly linked your account, specific amounts of Reward Points will be awarded. Look for "Current Balance", I personally don't have all accounts linked but I currently have 1700 PTS accumulated. Now, these points awarded for LINKING accounts can be spend to claim Reward Items (shown at the bottom of the rewards page). If you've redeemed any of them, it should specify that the item has been "Successfully Redeemed!". To actually redeem the Reward Item, you have to open DST and the items should be gifted to you the same way we get daily gifts. Hopefully that clears up any confusion. If not, do let me know.
  12. @Fi7iP As mentioned, if you follow this guide and copy paste the specified commands for the StartDSTServers.bat file, then you would also have to follow the instructions as mentioned. Your SteamCMD should be placed in a new folder (which you would manually create) to be given the folder name "steamcmd" into drive "C:\" since this guide assumes you'd follow the instructions in https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamCMD as noted in Step 1. It'll be easier if you move the steamcmd files to the specified location cause otherwise, you'd have to rewrite the command syntax of the StartDSTServers.bat file (which can be messy and confusing). If you look at the syntax of the .bat file the first line specifically calls to the folder location of "c:\steamcmd\steamcmd.exe" and not your desktop where you currently seem to have placed your steamcmd files. So move the steamcmd files to instructed location "C:\steamcmd"
  13. @SkyVexx based on the log, your game is having issues with the mod "[Gorge] Victorian HUD - SW/Hamlet", it could also be conflicting with other mods you have. (the other mods might even not be functioning properly). The next steps you should take are either of the following: Disable that mod entirely.. OR Report your log.txt file to the mod creator in hopes that they can remedy the crashes for you. Eitherway, it's likely that it's that mod that causes the issue IF it crashes again then possibly other mods of yours are causing the crash.
  14. Hey @Jurbuls, welcome to the forums. I have moved your post to the more appropriate subforum for looking commissions. You should probably specify that you are looking for COMMISSION work specifically in the title. Secondly, there are plenty of artists in the Don't Starve Art Music Subforums that may line up with your needs. Either reply to their threads that you are hoping to commission them for something. Good luck, I hope you find what you're looking for in time.
  15. Hello @Demonnx_, welcome to the forums. Can you confirm that the Twitch Account you are watching from properly has the specified "Klei Entertainment" in the Twitch Settings > Other Connections (as seen below): While https://accounts.klei.com/account/info should also specify the Twitch Account you're supposed to watch from: The gift should appear the same way as Daily Gifts when you first open DST right after receiving the twitch notifications. I'd recommend the follow (as a possible workaround): Log out of steam and log in again Verify the integrity of the game cache for DST Open DST If nothing still drops after pressing Play then do the next steps bellow: Close DST Go to Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether Click drag and drop "client_log.txt" file into your next reply to this forum thread OR click "choose files..." in the text editor when you make your next reply then browse for the client_log.txt file. Your game client could be having issues communicating with the Klei Servers. Refer to this dev post: