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  1. Please make a bug report directly to the bug tracker. I assume you meant to report for the beta, which reports should go into the following link. Click Add Bug in: https://forums.kleientertainment.com/klei-bug-tracker/dont-starve-together-return-of-them/
  2. rollback is restarting the world

    hello @ShmnDk, welcome to the forums. When you die in-game, the button at the bottom IS NOT a ROLLBACK button. It's a RESET button that restarts the world from scratch.
  3. Hello @Catreen689, welcome to the forums. Have you linked your Twitch Account that you watch from to the same Klei User Account you play from(where your steam account is also linked to)? Open this link: https://accounts.klei.com/account/linked/list Make sure you've linked your Twitch account to the same Klei User account you are playing from. If you haven't accessed that before, it should ask you to log in to your preferred gaming platform: Choose Steam if you're playing DST from steam. Once in, open the LINKED ACCOUNTS at the top bar and if you haven't LINKED your Twitch Account yet. Then do so. Open Twitch.com in the same internet browser you used to log into https://accounts.klei.com/account/linked/list. Log into your twitch account and click the button in https://accounts.klei.com/account/linked/list that says LINK TWITCH account and a window should pop up to confirm that you are in fact linking them. Once linked it should look something like this:
  4. @deavepup you simply make the settings.ini file. Also make sure it's a .ini file and not a .txt.ini file. To make sure it's a .ini file, with your notepad open > Click File > Save As > Write filename "settings.ini" > Click Save as type > Set to All files (*.*) > Save. The file should now be a .ini file. Then again, doing all of it manually get's tedious. I do recommend the other guide I told franlemes above. (this)
  5. Step 8 in this guide for the settings.ini of the Master folder: [NETWORK] server_port = 11000 [SHARD] is_master = true [STEAM] master_server_port = 27018 authentication_port = 8768 While the Cave's folder has Step 9: [NETWORK] server_port = 11001 [SHARD] is_master = false name = Caves [STEAM] master_server_port = 27019 authentication_port = 8769 Main difference is the is_master, server_port(s) and master_server_ports(s). All of which much not be identical.
  6. Duplication on console edition *

    @Stockburger Just tried it on PC. Both in Public Branch and Beta Branch. Duplication through roll backs doesn't seem to occur for me. The overworld also gets rolledback automatically when you rollback to the day when the game saved while you're in the caves. Seems entirely like a console issue since it probably operates a bit differently compared to PC when handling Overworld & Caves saves while only one is active at a time. Hopefully I replicated it correctly: Bring items to caves Let game save Get out of cave Drop items on overworld Let game save again Leave world Rollback world to when you were still in caves Enter world Now in caves again. Exit caves Dropped item's SHOULD exist if the issue occurs in PC (but doesn't for me) Did I do it right?
  7. @deavepup I noticed something; [00:00:14]: [Shard] Shard server mode disabled: missing is_master setting. Is that intentional? Cause it seems you didn't set you server settings.ini file correctly? Does your settings.ini file in DoNotStarveTogether/Cluster_1/Master/ have the following line: is_master = true
  8. Hello @cookie2-, welcome to the forums. Always attach log files when you're having issues. Even if you've sure it's not due to mods, there's a possibility that it is. Also on top of getting the client_log.txt also get server_log.txt under the Master folder of the corresponding Server. If you used Slot 5 in the Host Game screen, the server_log.txt in question would be in Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\Cluster_5\Master. If possible, make the game disconnect you AND then get your log files so you'll be 100% sure the logs will reflect the moment of disconnection.
  9. Depending on what guide you used to start up your server, methods to make sure mods operate correctly varries. So far the simplest guide I've seen to start up a dedicated server is this. If you are able to already run a dedicated server properly. Then all you need to do is generate the modoverrides.lua file. Which you don't have to do MANUALLY. If you follow the guide I linked above you'll have DST make your .lua files for you. If however you are using a different method entirely, do share what guide you followed and we can go from there.
  10. Hello @deavepup, welcome to the forums. How do you start up your server? There's a method that unfortunately wipes dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua. Do your mods already exist in the mods folder of the DST Dedicated Server directory(not talking about the one with server logs and such)?
  11. @Goth_Lord Are you in the betabranch? When you say, inventory? Are you looking at your steam inventory? Or in game's belonging's screen?
  12. Character Modding Error

    Hello @PerseveranceX, welcome to the forums. Unfortunately, you've posted this in the incorrect area. The Don't Starve Together Bug Tracker is specifically for bugs that occurs in the base game / modless / vanilla. While the issue you are experiencing is directly caused by a mod you are making. Therefore, your concerns would be better placed in the Don't Starve Together Mods and Tools subforum found here. However you'll have to make a new thread there since as a moderator's I cannot transfer bug reports to the subforums proper since they are structured differently. Here's a simple guideline on how to make your thread in the Mods and Tools subforum. It'll make it easier for people who may know better to give precise advice on how to fix it. I don't make mods so that's all the help I can offer. Good luck, cheers.
  13. deleted account

    @nome I'm a little confused too about what causes people to conclude that deleting account might help. When they delete account, do they mean their Klei User account? And there's a distinction between PC Klei User Accounts from XBOX Klei User Accounts, correct? I think adding more Confirmation Prompts during deletion: With a short Q&A might help. Why are you deleting your account? A. I want to link my xbox account to my steam account B. I want to completely remove my account If A is selected prompt appears "Xbox account cannot be linked to Steam account". If B is selected, then deletion proceeds as per usual. The whole thing is a little vague for me though concerning the confusion of users in general. Hopefully the Q&A thing might mitigate future mistakes (if I even understood the situation correctly).
  14. Can't start a new world.

    Hello @herrbertrands, welcome to the forums. After opting into the beta branch. Try to verify the integrity of the game cache and see if that fixes it.
  15. Crashes when attempting to join servers.

    Hello @scribblenauty, welcome to the forums. Seems like an issue with the auto-subscribe feature. It should work as intended that when you don't have a specific server's mods downloaded on your client, the game will automatically download all of them while the game loads you into the world. However your client_log.txt just cuts off during that phase. The issue could be caused by old and non-updated mods conflicting with the auto-subscribe feature. I'd recommend you manually subscribe to the mods your friends uses for the server that are tagged all_clients_require_mod and then try joining again.