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  1. @krazytown1 If you can also directly enter "c_regenerateworld()" in the server windows that you shown in the screenshot directly instead. The other method I mentioned supposedly should be easier to understand. Perhaps you weren't in "Remote:" mode when you entered the command in to the console while in-game with the game client. To toggle "Remote:" mode, press Ctrl while the Console is opened with tilde sign "~". If I recall correctly, "Remote:" mode is active when you can see the purple text "Remote:" beside the console text box. With regards to adminlist.txt, you can see where you should place it through the command prompt/console window of the server. As seen: DoNotStarveTogether/MyDediServer/adminlist.txt. Admin list should only contain KU_ID of user you want as admin, and if you want to make yourself an admin, look for your KU_ID in the log files (nowadays the KU_ID also written beside steam name in the logs. Shouldn't be difficult to find). Other method to find your KU_ID is by logging in to https://accounts.klei.com/ with your steam account.
  2. Hello @MonkeyDJonh, sorry I don't get notified that someone is making a reply towards me unless they use the mention function (typing @ + username, should show as @Zillvr). With regards to game performance dropping when playing multiplayer in-game hosted or dedicated server hosted both require a certain level of specifications. Refer to: Klei Support Article: Don't Starve Together System Requirements. Although if you have a relatively good hardware should fit the bill, refer to Klei Support Article: Network and Performance Troubleshooting Guide and hopefully you can determine the cause of your lag. Sorry again for taking too long to reply. Hello @krazytown1, welcome to the forums. If you don't mind losing the current world, you would have to force the game to regenerate again after making your World Settings changes. What I recommend for changing world settings is the following: Close Dedicated Server. Open DST Game Client. Start random server in in-game Host Game screen. (For ease of reference, use Slot #5). Edit World Settings as you see fit. Generate world. Exit World. Close DST Game Client. Open \Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\Cluster_5\Master (Notice, Cluster_# where # is 5 because the files in this Cluster_# corresponds to Slot # of Host Game screen you started the in-game generated server in Step 5). Inside the Master folder is a leveldataoverride.lua file that has your custom World Settings that you entered in Step 4 of this method. Now you can simply copy that file. Then go to your own dedicated server's Master folder and paste the new leveldataoverride.lua file. Once done start up dedicated server again. Open DST Game Client. Enter your Dedicated Server world. Open Console with tilde sign "~" and enter "c_regenerateworld()" (make sure Remote: mode is toggled so you commands pushes through to the server). World will now reset and regenerate with your applied settings from Step 4. However, as mentioned this method requires losing the world with default settings. I do not know if there is a way to change already existing worlds world setting without regenerating it. I hope that helps at least, cheers.
  3. @MrNaxeros Can you confirm the connection has been made on your twitch settings? Refer to the original post of this thread. Klei Entertainment has to appear in your Other Connections on Twitch so the drops pushes through, iirc. Also worth considering is if you've validated your twitch account, which could be disregarding your drops (this question is purely speculation on my part). If you've made sure of the connections and still haven't received anything yet refer to the following link on what to do next. @Djenkovich, welcome to the forums. From what I can recall, you should be able to received Twitch Drops for DST consoles. Unless you also have DST on Steam. In which case you need to attach a different Twitch Account to be linked to your Klei User for PS4. f you also have DST on Steam, and have been using your main Twitch Account to accumulate watch times for your Steam Klei Account. You cannot use the same Twitch Account for your PS4 Klei Account. Basically Klei accounts for every platform (PC/Console) is different and with how twitch-klei backend communicates, you can not use a single Twitch account to accumulate watch times for all your different Klei User accounts. I hope that make sense. So you need a Twitch Account per DST platform you play on. Refer to the following: Sorry if it gets confusing.
  4. Hello @ZHEK, welcome to the forums. Perhaps you could try the following method in: Klei Support Article: Don't Starve Together items are missing from my Steam Inventory Which from the look of things might be what you need to do.
  5. Hello @minimecha, welcome to the forums. Are you still having issues with your modoverrides.lua file? I'd recommend using the Game Client to auto generate your modoverrides.lua file for you with your custom settings instead. Then simply copy paste the modoverrides.lua file to your dedicated server folder. Method: Start random server in in-game Host Game screen. (For ease of reference, use Slot #5) Edit mods as you see fit Generate world Exit World Close DST Open \Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\Cluster_5\Master (Notice, Cluster_# where # is 5 because these files corresponds to Slot # of Host Game screen) Inside master folder is a proper modoverrides.lua file that has your custom settings that you entered in Step 2 of this method. Now you can simply copy and paste that file to your own dedicated server. I could go into more detail if necessary. I hope you've worked it out though. Cheers! I saw you make a reply in another thread asking about file location. Modoverrides.lua should be placed inside BOTH Master and Caves folder of your dedicated server, beside server.ini and such.
  6. @Freedwig clicking the 150442186 numbered Twitch Link in your Linked Accounts on Klei Account Page, brings you to your correct Twitch Account's settings page, correct? Could you specify which twitch drops you received last? If you've were already able to receive previous twitch drops, except the one available right now (The Salt Lamp) and you've checked Earned Twitch Drops are not showing up in Don't Starve Together and tried the methods discussed in it but still have no results... Then the next best thing to do is to directly talk to Klei Support staff through this Submit a request for Don't Starve Together and Account Help Category. Provide your Klei User ID and any other vital information like your twitch user name. This specific troubleshooting thread was created when new updates were made to the Klei Account User's page that caused issues for a handful of users. The issue back then has already been fixed, so it's likely that you are having an isolated issue or an entirely new one that this thread does not cover. @MadPedro Sorry it took this long for me to notice as I rarely have enough free time in the last few weeks. Seems like you followed through this troubleshooting guide pretty well and yet Klei Entertainment doesn't appear on the Twitch Account page that you linked for your PS4 Klei User Account, and even trying to unlinking them. There are two ways to unlink twitch accounts from a klei user account: One in through Klei User Account's REMOVE link under twitch account number Second in through Twitch Setting's DISCONNECT button If you've tried both ways to unlink and THEN RELINK, Twitch might finally reflect that the Klei Entertainment link has been made. As far as I know, Klei Enterntainment MUST be present in your OTHER CONNECTIONS for Twitch Settings for Twitch Drops to be received. If none of these help, you'd probably be better helped reaching out to Klei Support staff through this Submit a request for Game: Don't Starve Together and Category: Account Help. Provide your Klei User ID and any other vital information like your twitch user name. Sorry again for taking this long to provide help.
  7. @Freedwig, welcome to the forums. Have you confirmed that Klei Entertainment appears inside your Twitch Settings for Other Connections? Refer to the images attached in OP.
  8. @Lemi_11, welcome to the forums. "Missing file permissions" means that the executable file named "steamcmd.exe" that you have in c:\steamcmd\steamcmd doesn't not have administator privileges. To fix this, either set the program to "Run this program as Administrator" OR have your PC User Account have administrator status. Googling either of those should rectify, "Missing file permissions". @Relaysoul, welcome to the forums. You'll have to check your server_log.txt files cause "The server is not responding..." is a catch-all for the server failing to allow/permit user entry into the server. Attach copies of your server_log.txt file from both Master and Caves folder of your dedicated server folder in your next reply. @MonkeyDJonh, welcome to the forums. There is very little to go on with just "server won't start". As previously mentioned (to user relaysoul above), "The server is not responding..." is a catch-all for the server failing to allow/permit user entry into the server. So do the same and attach copies of your server_log.txt file from both Master and Caves folder of your dedicated server folder in your next reply.
  9. Hello @foxpaw474, welcome to the forums. I'd recommend getting appropriate files from Klei Account: DST Games Server Data. At bottom of that page, Give unique server name in text box Then click Add Server Page would reload and look for the Unique Server Name you entered in step 1 Click the green Configure button for you server Edit configurations as you please Click download settings Once downloaded, unzip the downloaded file caled MyDediServer.zip Take the corresponding server.ini's for master and cave and cluster.ini and cluster_token, to your dedicate server files. Based on your SOCKET_PORT_ALREADY_IN_USE log, could be due to many different things, e.g.: Not actually a .ini file - for this make sure to use *all files* when saving as the file. File should be seen as a Configuration Settings for File Type if you view windows folder in Details mode. Incorrectly editing the wrong files and the files your .bat file opens are a different location - your .bat file must have the same "server name" used for the server folder. In this guide, the server name used is "MyDediServer". Extra info you may want to read to learn what each port's purpose is, which may give insight on what could be going wrong: However, instead of trying to troubleshoot every possibility of what could be going. I suggest you start over with the method I mentioned above.
  10. Hello @Blaffy, welcome to the forums. I'm leaning towards this being working as intended. If you click "Set Direction: Right" button, then it will set the arrow to the right. Once arrow is pointing to the right, it's only toggle option would be to "Set Direction: Left". Maybe others can verify.
  11. Hello @Rensho, welcome to the forums. Can you double check that you actually have them connected? 1. Klei Account - LINKED accounts - Clicking the linked Twitch Account Number (refer to original post), should lead you to your Twitch Account. 2. Twitch Account - go to CONNECTIONS and under OTHER CONNECTIONS should say Klei Entertainment.
  12. @Edelharn you are following this specific guide correct? This guide only operates within SteamCMD and not Steam. Based on the logs you have the correct files installed (c:\steamcmd\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together Dedicated Server\). With regards to MODS, if you haven't added mods to c:\steamcmd\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together Dedicated Server\mods there there shouldn't be any worry. Although if that concerns you, you could try having SteamCMD redownload Don't Starve Together Dedicated Server again. Method # 2 - reinstall dedicated server executable So if you want a clean reinstallation of your Don't Starve Together Dedicated Server program that operates through SteamCMD, simply delete the following folder called "Don't Starve Together Dedicated Server" in c:\steamcmd\steamapps\common\ Then RUN your StartDSTServers.bat file again. Method # 3 - whitelist dedicated server executable If setting the c:\steamcmd\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together Dedicated Server\bin\dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer.exe to Run program as administrator doesn't work, then the next option you should probably the following: Open anti virus program Look for how to Add new program to Whitelist for your Anti Virus Program Add the executable called "dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer.exe" in c:\steamcmd\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together Dedicated Server\bin\ to your whitelist Then start up Servers again OR Fully close/disable Anti Virus Program Then start up Servers again
  13. @Edelharn This is all based on my minimal knowledge of understanding logs but from what I can see your caves seems to be failing for some reason. Possibly due to conflicts with permission to save game sessions cause you logs says the game keep trying to create new game sessions then fails until closed. You could perhaps set "dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer.exe" found in... c:\steamcmd\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together Dedicated Server\bin\dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer.exe To Run as administrator. Method below: Right click the dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer.exe file Properties Compatibility Check Run program as administrator See if that helps the issue.
  14. Hello @4wed, welcome to the forums. As a disclaimer: I'm only a forum moderator BUT as far as I know the PC version of the game is already memory intensive and with the game having so many UI functions, controlling the game as is would already prove difficult with how small phone screens are. Tablets may be an option but you are still limited to touch screen inputs. If we compare Don't Starve PC to Don't Starve iOS/Android. A lot of the user input has been removed or cut out completely. And Don't Starve PC already has a much simpler UI compared to ONI PC. An iOS/Android version would possibly have to cut down on a lot of input options with would in turn may cut out a lot of content that already exists in the PC version. Then again, the devs could already be thinking of making a port and we just don't know it. So speculating on why and how they could make iOS/Android version may only prove inconsequential. As with any game ports, a lot of things need to be considered. Here's what the devs think on Don't Starve coming to other platform can also apply to your question about ONI on mobile devices. Klei Support Article: Is Don't Starve coming to (Insert Platform Here)? (Last Updated 8 months ago). "Once we're confident of any new details, you can be sure that we'll be shouting about it everywhere." - Klei Support Article I hope that helps, cheers.
  15. Hello @Edelharn, welcome to the forums. As with any issues with the game, the first place you should always look is at the game logs. Preferrably in this case is the server_log.txt found in both Master and Caves folder of your dedicated server. Go to those locations and then drag and drop those two server_log.txt and attach them to your next reply in this thread. The server is not responding could be due to many different reasons. Your logs will be more specific on why.