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  1. Argh, I be a day late! Arr, at least this was a fun read-through. Exciting news, though! Perhaps we can expect Wilbur, as well? Probably at least one never-before-seen character, like Wigfrid.
  2. I hate finals week!

  3. Can't wait for ROG integration...

  4. Silly idea: What if the slip wraps itself around a player, possessing them and turning them both into the slipstor?
  5. All that talk of it being a living sweater makes me think of the steel wool.
  6. I got... my... KEEEEEEEEEEEEYYY!!!!

  7. But that makes it sound like Charlie is her last name.
  8. Who is Froggle? Also, if you look at the DST ad in the game itself, every character's silhouette is present, and none looks more like Wendy than the "mystery" character.
  9. Please, we have already had at least three threads about this "new" character and we've found out time and time again it's just Wendy. An artist at Klei drew her from scratch for the door image so her silhouette doesn't EXACTLY match the player model. But it's still her. Please. Listen to us!
  10. We know. Please read the whole thread before posting.
  11. The play resumes. Prepare for Act II of the thriller stageplay known as "Don't Starve". Concessions will be on sale in the lobby until the intermission ends.
  12. Where's... my...... KEEEEEEEEEEEEYYY!!!!

    1. Pyromailmann


      It's in a dungeon in a stronghold in a cave on a planet in a galaxy in a solar system in a universe in a multiverse.

    2. CaptainClam


      I finally got there and I couldn't find it. If you're lying to me...

  13. Wigfrid is now champion of the nightmare throne! I beat adventure mode!