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  1. I honestly regret making that Clayfish post now that I realise it was really dumb. Now people are going in on servers with 1000+ days and voting to reset. Can y'all stop being fuckin clowns pls

  2. Whose eye is it anyway?

    Deerclops or Tallbird is my guess, although what functional/magical purpose it would serve is both a mystery to me and something I do not think about much anyway.
  3. Fancy Gif Thread

    I really liked the clone wars 2003....it was really good....pls dont judge
  4. Five Nights at Freddy's 4

    Getting less intuitive by the game. Inspiring.
  5. Fancy Gif Thread

  6. The name isn't going to change, its too widespread and too many people use it. No offense but this thread was pretty moot to begin with, even if some people here agree with you not everyone is just going to drop the term to avoid minor confusion.
  7. There is no comparison between the two..at all... I'm pretty sure military hit and run's involve shooting and running away, there is no shooting in don't starve, there's no parallel to be drawn.
  8. I'd like to point out this term was around way before Don't Starve, people used and still use it in WoW and most other games that involve pulling mobs in some shape or form. It's like telling somebody to stop calling fruit by its name.
  9. >Stop making your profile picture characters that I'm in love with.

    1. Rosten


      Is that supposed to be something...mhrm... calignous?

    2. Habberdash


      Its supposed to be saying that I have a massive (borderline obsessive) crush on Terezi.

  10. No I don't think that's it at all really. Wendy has a Lotus first of all, that is clearly not a Lotus (as stated before). Also, the point of these puzzles is to reveal story, not tease which characters will be added next.
  11. What´s this?

  12. What´s this?

    Not to imply all triangles are friends or anything, that's not what I meant. I'm just saying that two gentlemenly triangles with...similar cultural backgrounds might get along. That's all I'm saying.
  13. What´s this?

    You and Halved would make great friends.