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  1. Workshop Cleansing

    Both of those things are true. Straight people owe me 3000 USD for existing and gamers are out here buying somebodies musty bathwater, they should absolutely be oppressed.
  2. Workshop Cleansing

    You think Trans Rights is a ******* meme?
  3. Workshop Cleansing

    This tells me literally everything I need to know about you. Somebody hasn't gotten the memo that "cringe" is dead. There is no cringe. If people wanna make furry OC mods or Killer Sans then let them have their fun. Yelling "CRINGE" at people isn't cool or funny anymore, it never was.
  4. Servers with 1000+ Days

    Was on Ipsquiggle with these people, saw absolutely no evidence of this. You gonna back any of this up with screenshots?
  5. Listen I know I made that post about the Clayfish server a while ago, and first of all I deeply regret it because all in all I realised there wasn't actually anything wrong with it. Now, I hear people are going into 1000+ day servers and voting to reset. For the love of god please behave yourselves and don't do that. Not every server with 1000+ days is full of big bad Edgy Rick tryhards that want to put traps around the postern. I had a chance to play with some of those people the other day and it was actually kinda fun. So I don't know if people say the Clayfish post and were like "Hey lets start witch hunting severs with more than 50 days" or what but please do not be a clown about this.
  6. I honestly regret making that Clayfish post now that I realise it was really dumb. Now people are going in on servers with 1000+ days and voting to reset. Can y'all stop being fuckin clowns pls

  7. Inventory Layout Showcase

    Tools/Helmets are usually in the first handful of slots, food in the middle, materials in the last few spots.
  8. Tips for Ruins Running?

    What did I just say? People use mods for a variety of reasons, accessibility, personal preference, etc. Like there is no "right" way to play DST. It doesn't matter if it replaces actual content or not, people will do what they want to make the game fun for them. For me it makes things easier to manage so I don't forget and make a mistake, complaining about people using mods that replace mechanics isn't going to stop people from modding the game to their liking.
  9. Tips for Ruins Running?

    Because there is no "right" way to play the game, and for me using a mod where the indicator is constantly on the screen near my other stats is easier for me personally. I tend to lose track or get too focused(or lose focus) a lot of the time because of how my brain works so I would have a difficult time remembering to look at my inventory for the indication. It costs 0$ to be considerate of other peoples reasons for using mods.
  10. Texture Refresh?

    I guess sort of? But I also meant like, adding more detail to the sprites of trees,berry bushes and stuff. Bringing them up to the quality of the environmental stuff in Hamlet. Not just items
  11. Texture Refresh?

    Its okay, I should have been more clear. I just think the newer sprites are so detailed and much higher res, thought it would look nice if they did a refresh on some of the older stuff
  12. Texture Refresh?

    I was less talking about how the art in Gorge looks in terms of style and more about the actual quality of the sprites.
  13. After looking at things like the Gorge and Hamlet, do you think some of the textures like the old trees, berry bushes, and gold boulders (as examples) could be updated? Maybe even some of the items like the default spear or even the terrain. Just curious Edit: I also wanted to clarify that I don't mean completely change the artstyle of some of the old items, I still want them to look mostly the same but with better quality. When I compared older textures to Hamlet and Gorge I wasn't talking about the artstyle, I meant the actual quality of the sprites.
  14. Tips for Ruins Running?