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  1. shadow's art thread !!

    I wanted to draw something in a toybox, and I also really wanted to draw Ashley, so I put the two together!
  2. shadow's art thread !!

    Sorry I keep forgetting to update this thread ! Here's some art I did for the RoT beta and also some mini canvas pieces I did a while back
  3. Yaaay my favorite art challenge theme ever! (also i wish i knew how nightmare clawsies worked,)
  4. shadow's art thread !!

    tomorrow!!! >: D
  5. bestest, fluffiest, goopiest boy
  6. I heard nisbet likes punching people to show affection. adorable Also I was digging through my folder for some old oni stuff and I found some wilsons !
  7. shadow's art thread !!

    Happy Willow month !!!! don't forget to show love to your local firestarter
  8. shadow's art thread !!

    Thank you!! I didn't post the birchnut tree one because I didn't finish it in time, sadly. ;;
  9. shadow's art thread !!

    Back again !! I have something in the works for willow later this month (its her time to shine) so for now here's stuff from awhile ago! Screenshot redraw ! vvv I draw too much Willow and Wilson for my own good, I know
  10. here's something i doodled out of insp from the stream !
  11. shadow's art thread !!

    new arts!! >:-) One of them is my completed piece from the new DST Fanzine and the willow/wilson one was a collab with snack-chan on tumblr! they did the beautiful colors <3 you can download the zine [here]
  12. shadow's art thread !!

    Doing a little bit of catch-up : o here's some doodles from dec/early jan!
  13. shadow's art thread !!

    me too !!! its a nice change in scenery and makes things a lot more spookier imo reposting some doodles i did from awhile back !
  14. shadow's art thread !!

    the trees in hamlet are so neat !!!
  15. shadow's art thread !!

    Thank you!! :' ) A tiny part of me is hoping for more candy to draw in the new event.