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  1. here's something i doodled out of insp from the stream !
  2. shadow's art thread !!

    new arts!! >:-) One of them is my completed piece from the new DST Fanzine and the willow/wilson one was a collab with snack-chan on tumblr! they did the beautiful colors <3 you can download the zine [here]
  3. shadow's art thread !!

    Doing a little bit of catch-up : o here's some doodles from dec/early jan!
  4. shadow's art thread !!

    me too !!! its a nice change in scenery and makes things a lot more spookier imo reposting some doodles i did from awhile back !
  5. shadow's art thread !!

    the trees in hamlet are so neat !!!
  6. shadow's art thread !!

    Thank you!! :' ) A tiny part of me is hoping for more candy to draw in the new event.
  7. shadow's art thread !!

    Wow, it's been awhile !!! It's finally October so I figured I'd drop some of my older spooky arts here and of course. reforge
  8. shadow's art thread !!

    No story behind the tallbird egg drawing, it's just something I did for my art class! And the wickerbottom & willow drawing was something I drew for my friend's birthday, because our characters often rp tutoring, so... they're just reading together. The heart was a for-funsies thing.
  9. shadow's art thread !!

    @minespatch Thanks so much for the kind words!!! :') Transistor's a really fun game abt a singer who lost her voice and her boyfriend who gets stuck in a sword and they try to find out whats goin on with their broken city. Very sad but I highly recc checking it out! - - - - I haven't been able to do much art because my tablet's starting to break, but I've got both old and recent doodles to share !
  10. shadow's art thread !!

    @gallusvarius @DragonMage156 @vixenine Thank you!!! That'll definitely be my next project :') In the meantime here's another doodle. I really love the goat cane... it's so sparkly.......
  11. shadow's art thread !!

    drew a batch of victorian tinies !! might do the other half of the cast later? depends on if people would wanna see em or not :')
  12. shadow's art thread !!

    Totally forgot about updating this !! I haven't drawn much gorge but here are two worthy doodles I do have oh, and also some transistor: ...too much willow?
  13. shadow's art thread !!

    oof its been awhile !! happy winter's feast eve !
  14. got disconnected immediately as soon as the game started because i forgot to disable my mods, came back and found that bernie had disappeared, and later on it gave me abigail's health bar even though we did not have a wendy.