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  1. Whenever I read my old bios on different forums it feels like a weird time capsule and it makes me weirdly nostalgic and sad

    1. ImDaMisterL
    2. DragonMage156


      Y'know what makes me feel nostalgic? Mafia. Man those were the good ol' days -u-

  2. I'm so JanH for using inappropriate language in 2014

  3. Hi fellas. I know I say this like every year or so but I do kinda wanna be around here again. Could anyone point me in the direction of all the dst lore that has dropped since around the first winter feast?

    1. Mobbstar


      Sorry, the winter craved it all.

    2. DragonMage156
    3. minespatch


      Well, Gorge happened. Forge and Gorge were events about Charlie's champions.5a465e8a56eb8_forgeskintraderannouncecharlie.thumb.png.ece713d66464e0f043d887f691ccd126.png

      After Winter Feast with some kind of shippy stuff with Charlie's egg nog, Charlie activated the portal revealing Winona. Winona snuck sneakily in as a casual goober being Charlie's mechanically-knowledagable sister.

      Metheus happened with ruins about the ancient society of thulian lobster people and their downfall:


      When you solve the puzzle, it reveals how Charlie brought Winona in and hints to the Forge.

      Our silly emo goobers become the gatekeepers where they go through different dimensions of the world, "the Constant", going through a battlefield and then a plagued land with goats and merms.

      Oh yeah, the rose collection happened.

      Not sure what's next lore wise.


  4. I miss you, bud.


    1. T4T3RGR3NAD3R


      I found a way back in nice nice

    2. ImDaMisterL



      E X C I T E M E N T

  5. Oh yeah, the forums.

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    2. DragonMage156


      The Melondom are counting on you!

    3. Ysulyan


      i'm your water you're my melon

    4. DragonMage156
  6. Andrew realized that he basically is Lenny now in terms of the occasional mysterious lurking. What a delightful twist for the creator to be molded in the image of his creation.
  7. Geez, I haven't really been around much. Thrilled to see you alright, man! Or at least that seems to be the reality. Anyhow, I'm rooting for you!

    1. greenglacier


      Thanks dude :) I'm just fine. Hanging less on the net and dealing more with daily routines. 

  8. (P released her) "I hope you're all happy." Tater doubted he'd sleep tonight. He doubted he'd see tomorrow.
  9. "Or we could guaruntee ourselves one less serial killer, bringing us to a grand total of 0 serial killers, and leaving innocent deaths at a maximum of one."
  10. "Chris, don't just throw away your vote. We're all in this terrible boat together. You have to understand that this is all confusing and awful for everyone. But here, we know we can make a difference. Please, stand against the killer we know to be."
  11. "That's just it. You're voting on what seems to be, not what we know to be."