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  1. I was trying to navigate my large multiplayer boat through a narrow passageway between two landmasses. When the river got to it's narrowest point it bumped up against both sides of the river and started taking massive damage per frame, springing 7 leaks and sinking the boat in about 2 seconds. While I was haunting the wreckage of the boat, another player travelling back from the lunar islands came to the same passage. Despite my very clear warnings they attempted to do the same thing and met a similar fate. Then at some point a third person must have done the same thing because we found the wreckage of a third ship a few feet below both of our wrecks. We put warning signs up.
  2. Ban Xedlord for having a phonetically murky name Bonus: Ban everyone before me for making this thread go on for three entire years. Someone born at this thread's posting could theoretically reply to it if they had an adult or something willing to type it out.
  3. It's always nice to come back here to change my profile pic and status and then literally not check in on anyone at all.

    1. KidneyBeanBoy


      I'm pretty sure all the old regulars are gone 'cept for like two of them anyways
      I feel like that should make me feel bittersweet but it's been so long that I'm just kinda fine with it

      Wait, now I'm feelin' it

      Wait now I'm not anymore

  4. I'll stop the world and guac with you
    Bought some cilantro and it's getting fresher all the time
    There's nothing you and I won't chew
    I'll stop the world and guac with you

  5. Haha, I've returned (for about 6 seconds)!

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    2. Donke60


      Well your an oldie I see I welcome you back I'm sure alol has happened I don't believe I've seen you browsing into the archives.

    3. GiddyGuy


      Hey again.

    4. ImDaMisterL
  6. Ban PiturcaClaudiuStef, their name is too long and causes unnecessary stress on our servers
  7. Wow, Slavs are human beings, you friggin racist. Also while I'm here have this stock video of a baby pronghorn.
  8. I booted up Don't Starve for the first time in years so now I'm contractually obligated to visit this site.

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    2. KidneyBeanBoy


      *a handful of months ago

    3. GiddyGuy


      Hi there! And also tell me about it.


    4. Sporb


      Why would you read your old posts? There lies only pain.

  9. (Yo you guys should check this out:

    1. ImDaMisterL


      Looks amazing!

      I can't donate, but I do hope they get enough money to fund this gem.

    2. Mobbstar


      I want Legend Maker Dating Sim right now!

  10. Oh my god your banner

    Everywhere I look there's homestuck references


    1. KidneyBeanBoy


      Why didn't any of you guys mention this for the 4 years I was here come on seriously

  11. Everyone knows that hug quality increases exponentially the longer you spend in the afterlife. Considering that the afterlife is technically infinite, it's kind of stupid that some people haven't been murdered yet.
  12. Spoiler

    homestuck is being updated again


    1. Asparagus


      Ur lives wit dat!!!

    2. KidneyBeanBoy



      (s) Collide was awesome.


  13. Ban DragonMage for banning illegally. And swearing. =vv=
  14. Oh god it worked

    1. ImDaMisterL


      Not thanks to that thread, but yeah. I guess I'm a mod now :p

  15. I wonder if any of the CitD guys will still be here to see this update.

  16. that picture is so freakin smexy dude

  17. That moment when you're trying to take down a spider nest and accidentally hit a pack of 18 prime apes that have been following you around:

  18. I spent 2 straight days of sailing looking for the perfect spot to settle down. Eventually I lost so much sanity that I set my own boat on fire and was forced to dock on a Jungle/Bog hybrid island, resulting unsurprisingly in a near-infinite source of glands but no coral.