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  1. I think we see things a bit too different to meet anywhere. I play for fun, I don't do challenge. Risk? Nah. It's just no fun for me to have the stuff spread out on the ground again/not being able to take it home NAO. : ) I'm already using mods to increase inventory and have both backpack and armour, and am carrying a magic pouch. I never have enough space, even when the RPG HUD mod still worked on singleplayer DS, with 45 slots. I'm a packrat. I swept the dungeons in Nethack and Crawl clean, and dragged everything except the (kitchen) sink back to my stash. (You can't move the sink, unfortunately. ;P ) And I'm just asking for an option, not something that affects everyone. "Your world, your rules." Other people aren't affected by how I like to play the game, except those playing with me. On the other hand, I like dodging the Clockwork Knights that we set to 'more' (for the gears), died a lot to the Mac Tusks we also set to 'more' (friend said he didn't like we only got 1 house with him on one world, definitely wanted more) until we put up some walls around the nearby ones, and I just respawn as a different character on our Wilderness mode world. (Then die trying to find my stuff.) We like planting Killer Bee Hives (a mod) and Merm Houses (a mod) among the spider nests we planted nearby and just run around, dodging, gathering Stingers to make traps (a mod) to lure the hounds onto. Not taking Chester along so he isn't smashed takes his purpose away. That's a bit sad. I guess I should see if there's a mod that has him not targeted. Well, with all the mods mentioned I feel I need to say: Great big thanks to Klei for making it possible to play the game in so many different ways with custom settings and mods. You got it right! You let people have fun in the way they enjoy most. : )
  2. My point is that I -don't- want him to be my tank, I don't want him targeted by monsters, I don't want him damaged. With Chester getting destroyed, there's no point in taking him along to carry my stuff. Spider Queen following Chester only gets in the way of what a friend and I want to do, so we leave him at home for those trips too. And increasing the spawn only makes it worse. That way, it takes even longer for him to return even when he's just sitting in the base, after hounds went to him instead of us and the traps. I want Chester to survive and carry extra loot. Thus, an option to not have him targeted by monsters would be great. : )
  3. I'm talking from experience, not theory. He does get destroyed. And then, as you say, he can't carry stuff, so might as well not take him along in the first place. Plus of course monsters targeting him messes up all sorts of stuff, from luring them somewhere, to trying to run from them. Which (wandering minds and all) has me think of a skin I'd like: Chester hats for everyone! : ) Maybe with a variant where half the character's head looks out of the opened top. (Or occasionally does peek out.)
  4. For some feedback: I'm on your side! I find those whiners on Steam annoying too. I like to think it's just a few who don't 'get' beta/early access (along with the whiners who don't get that DST won't be instant full game free for DS owners by waving of a magic wand). A few noisy ones. Don't let them dishearten you. Think of all the silent ones who are not complaining because they are simply enjoying the game as it is! You've listenened to those yelling for keys and giving people a way to buy into the Beta (which I think is a nice move), but some [insert favorite swearword] complain about that now. There'll always be someone complaining. My grandmother had this (German) saying: (translated) "(Having) every human pleased, is an art that no one masters." (Couldn't find a way to make it rhyme at the same time as making sense. "Jedem Menschen Recht getan, ist eine Kunst die niemand kann.") I see you put all this work into the game. You talk with people, accept feedback and suggestions. You give them puzzles, support modders. In my never humble opinion, you're doing a great job! Off to other stuff mentioned: With RoG in the main DST beta, wouldn't it be an option to add the features anyway? So everything in the main branch doesn't mean every server uses it. Concerning Chester. That he's targeted by mobs is more worrying for me (and a friend I'm playing with most) because sooner or later he's destroyed, we don't even dare taking him on trips because of that. We'd rather have no mobs targeting him. My suggestion: Can you make it an option among the world settings to have Chester be targeted or not? I think all those options to customize the world and stuff great. Letting people play the way they like! : ) On a similar note, if there's a question about making some characters unlockable or playable straight away, I ask for the latter. Having to do stuff in-game just to get the characters doesn't sound like fun. (Much like achievements - I totally agree with why you don't want them. I found enough in other games that are no fun.) Edit: And I promptly forgot something else, concerning Woodie's night vision. Just curious: The mod with Woodie works fine, is there something wrong with whatever method the mod is using that you need to find a new way? TL,DR: Don't let the noisy folks rule, the silent majority is probably too busy enjoying the game!
  5. It was not just the graphic. The Thermal Stone did not help against overheating even after leaving it a night in the Ice Box. That it stayed white and sometimes showed as yellow may have been the display, but it also changed colour by moving it. And, as mentioned, did not cool. Just keeping it in the inventory next to Endothermic Fire, on the other hand, it behaved as usual; went blue-er and cooled.
  6. I can confirm this. Farm alignment is off for clients: Host (my friend): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=415582470 Client (I): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=415582487 More oddities. Withered Farm becomes unusable. We (accidentally) let planted seeds on some farms wither in summer (Melons and Potatoes). We picked some, but left three as they were, then waited to Autumn and hoped for them to become usable again. I fertilized them with several Manure and Rot. They remain unusable. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=418502440 Ice Box warms Thermal Stone!? At first the Thermal Stone just did not cool inside the Ice Box (near and Endothermic Fire works fine), at some point the Thermal Stone actually became yellow after some time in the Ice Box. My friend tried to use it and overheated, so I guess it's not just some graphic glitch? Taking it out it may or may not change colour to blue or white. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=418501383 Beefalo won't stay in new area after following the Horn Blow. We decided to use up our surplus of Beefalo Horns to relocate all Beefalo into one Savanna. Me getting too far ahead, they already turned round again and walked back (not sure whether that's normal). Keeping at least the leading ones on screen and waiting, my group followed me all the way to the Savanna (with an additional blow after a night's rest), but as soon as they had caught up, they turned round and walked back. (Prompting the amusing screenshot situation: Host's Beefalos were following him south, mine were already on the way back north.) My friend's Beefalo turned back once they had caught up too. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=418501923 Request (unrelated to the above): One solution to having too much stuff around would be if Catcoons would accept everything that can't be planted or used as fuel (beyond the things it already accepts), like Goat Horns, for example. (I would have put in images for the unaligned farms and the Thermal Stone, but it said I'm not allowed to do that when I hit post.) We are playing Wilderness Mode. What other info about our settings/game would be helpful when listing the above and similar things? As always, thanks for all the work you put into the game! We're really enjoying it. : )