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Which is the most annoying mob to deal with?

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so ahm nothing?... like those 2 just counter each other but anyways the most anoying boss? lets see

bee enemy spam queen the name says its all the counter to its enemy spam is to spam it yourself

fuelweaver its just kinda a mess like to realy do something you have to
get insane to remove his shield that comes in randomly
spams those small healing things that heal way too much and can very easyly remove all progress and the only solotion is weather pains
"oh in prison again? let me just change to oragne staff again and move while i have to alsol destroy the shield"
feels like you NEED things to actualy have a chance not givin a real option to fight here unless you use some cheese on it

crabking just crabking just crabking

MISERY toadstool have you actualy ever killed it whit a group of friends more then once? i never want to do that again for the 6th time or how many it was

normal enemy? i guess those dogs are an easy option hard to kite if there more because sometimes they just inconsistendly attack

monkeys are one of earths most dangerous creatues there are not jjust in game

cookie cuttters are no real proplem if alone the anoying part is that for some reasons it seems that the F attack sometimes likes to target the ones that are not on the boat for some reasons

spider warriors jump attack is weird feeling like sometimes you get hit by it even if you were not at all close to it

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21 minutes ago, thegreatJash said:

Do you mean enemies or bosses? Because the title of the thread and the first sentence make things a little confusing.

I meant mobs, now is fixed.


It takes me like ten minutes to make a topic because I try to explain myself and check if I have grammatical errors but end up doing mistakes like this


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Hounds suck until you get a houndius trap set up.

Monkeys imo arent that bad, just dont go into monkey biomes until nightmare phase ends, and as long as you dont hit them the most they can do is pick up the stray item lying around, which really only causes issues with hutch, plus, you can wall them, off.

Slurtles can be annoying since they have a near instant attack, and they steal rock items from your inv, thankfully they're easy to avoid.

Geese are incredibly annoying if you set up a base accidentally near one's spawn. This is amplified if said spawn is a quad geese setpiece. I would know. I've had to deal with a quad geese setpiece for around 1.3k days.

Spitter spiders suck, since not only do you have to walk right next to them to get them to stop spitting, but when they do stop spitting, they can get a free bit attack off instantly.

Buzzards are annoying as all hell. True pain is basing in a desert and having a buzzard chow down on a stack of jelly beans.

Merms are obnoxious as well, they're so fast meaning you have to be quick or you'll miss your chance to hit them, and usually you fight them in the swamp meaning there can be other lesser threats around as well, just threatening enough to make the merm more annoying.

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I would like to write my personal list of the most annoying mobs from the whole franchise, including both DS and DST.

And absolute winner by far is prime ape - I hate them with passion, they are much worse than splumonkeys, because their loot is much worse and unlike their ruins cousins they are everywhere, in particular, on islands with gold boulders, and I usually encounter prime apes when I don't have much enventory space, in the ruins though I'm usually prepared in terms of both inventory space, head light, lazy forager in case I'm destroying walls in their village. Watching them to be destroyed by elephant cacti is a great pleasure.

Second place is shared by mant warriors and giant grubs. I remember that time when during Aporkalypse all mants not only turned into warriors, but stayed forever as warriors, but even though that was fixed, they are still annoying to deal with. Giant grub exists just to harass player, it's loot is also really bad, considering how abundant monster meat is in Hamlet and the fact that fight is quite long. I know that giant grubs technically can keep mants and mant warriors busy, but they appear in the empty rooms/rooms without mant spawner much more often, and even if they are in correct room, usually both giant grub and mants are aggroed on me.

Third place is rockjaw for sure: not only it has bad loot in relation to length and danger of the fight, it kills chester and other followers in 99% of the time thanks to AoE should I take them with me. And I like snow chester, so yeah, it's relatively expensive experience, as well as just depressing.

There are also mobs, concept of which I like, but they either are bugged or circumstances are annoying. In particular, thunderbird has an interesting design, but because everything can scare it (even other mobs), as well as inability to return to it's nest after it was scared, either entire biome and adjacent ones should be filled with lightning rods, or every single thunderbird should be relocated and penned with others in some place with lightning rod. And since I'm trying to prevent destruction in my worlds as much as I reasonably can, this just feels like too much work that I basically have to do, not choose to do because I enjoy it. So I hope if they ever make it into DST in some form, they will be tweaked at least a little bit.

Batilisks are another example of the same problem: they themselves are fine, but the fact that after exiting the cave player doesn't gain control over character as soon as character spawns leads to cheap bites from bats, and player can't do anything about it (I heard that problem persists even on really powerful PC), which feels really unfair. Lureplants, bees and bunnymen suffer from the same problem as bats, although those cases are rarier.

Royal guards "the masters of fire" also could use cork candle hat instead of torch during dusk/night.

Overall DST feels a lot more polished, and most of the mobs listed are from single-player DLC's, but since small elements from them sometimes are added into DST, I felt like writing about annoying SW/Hamlet mobs in this topic was justified.

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Spiders. Can't do nothing when one is agressive, and if I attack one the rest comes too.

At least you can 1-hit bats and run in circles until splumonkeys get back to normal, but spiders just wander around until they aggro once and again.

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