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  1. In my mod console++ I iterate through the global table and add every function whose name starts with the prefix to the command list; it's not an expensive operation. Alternatively consolecommands.lua could store the functions in a separate table.
  2. This was the first thing I tested in the world settings update and I remember being rather disappointed. You either still just get the 1 in the forest clearing, or a ton of you have the triple mactusk biome. It doesn't solve the problem.
  3. If you only want invincibility to apply to health, you can instead use externalabsorbmodifiers if it's temporary or remove the health component if it's permanent., 1.0, "invincible") --- or inst:RemoveComponent("health") Otherwise, to set hunger you should do: inst.components.hunger:SetPercent(1.0)
  4. The only reason to build for 64 bit is to be able to address and use more than 4 gigabytes (2^32 bytes) of memory. 64 bit apps do also use more memory because each memory address is twice as long, more padding in memory is needed for address alignment, and probably more details. And then some older architectures don't support 64 bit. I believe people have had out-of-memory crashes in DST before and new updates, HD textures, mods, and old worlds with lots of stuff all require more RAM.
  5. In prefabs/books.lua, book data definitions are described in a table `book_defs` which is then used at the end of the file to generate prefabs for each book. This table could be factored out of books.lua into a separate file akin to wx78_moduledefs.lua, battlesongsdefs.lua, etc. This way mods can simply require bookdefs and modify the table - tweaking books and adding new ones - before books.lua actually uses it to construct prefabs.
  6. You got it! Just missed the `components` field. not item.components.fueled:IsEmpty() Also, tostring(item):find("lantern") is very creative, but you can also check item.prefab == "lantern"
  7. Furthermore, I am seeing that ALL of the tuning variables stored in `builds` are actually tables. Meaning mods modifying these tables in TUNING would also be applied here.
  8. Both applyoverrides_pre functions and modmain run before TheWorld even exists, and before prefabs/evergreens.lua is loaded. This means any TUNING values changed when either of these are run will take effect. The only issues would be when a mod wants to dynamically change these values while the world is running for future trees that spawn. But I mean I guess it's worth moving the `builds` and `growth_stages` creation to the prefab constructors
  9. I think I like it. It displays how far the soul can take you. And it adds a new interface for map action decorations. Maybe interpolating color instead of transparency would make it feel less blinky when you're more zoomed out?
  10. I would personally love for Wigfrid to have synergy with fighting on a beefalo.
  11. The Fire Pump already waters soil. Each water globule that lands on a farm tile waters it 20%. Edit: Ah I missed your explanation. Yes, to directly target it you'd need to light some grass on fire on the tile which can cause issues.
  12. Also note that Tempering Temperature's effects are applied to all nearby players. Drying all nearby players and their inventories is fantastic. The sanity usage is -33, not -50. For the temperature effect, 3 uses just doesn't feel enough to keep it on hand. And this is the kind of book you want to keep on hand. But I believe this is the only instantaneous winter warming effect in the game.