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  1. That’s not how it works. Each time after it does it’s triple chomp attack, it has a 40% chance to repeat it. You can’t get hits in between triple chomp attacks. The most realizable way to kite it would be before it attacks, but that can be tricky if your boat is already packed. Nevertheless, yeah, once you understand their mechanics they theoretically shouldn’t provide too much trouble. 1. Sharks despawn offscreen. Most people know this. You can just keep sailing if you find one while sailing. 2. After jumping on your boat and failing to hit anyone 3x in a row, they give up and swim away. 3. You can lure sharks to you with any kind of fish/meat; if you want to keep fighting them. 4. Sharks are AOE, but they deal 50% less damage against multiple targets. It pains me to think about, though, that there is NO LIMIT to the number of triple chomp attacks they do consecutively before jumping off your boat. They can just keep on chomping. That’s how one killed my shadow chester, and I will never forgive.
  2. you're right this is an issue. Now I remember why I prefer c_find Yeah, that works. It's not numbers that it returns but essentially the entity itself. So you can totally just do: c_gonext("buzzardspawner"):Remove() However, I am sorry to inform you that c_gonext does use the same exact code as c_selectnext to find which entity to reference. It iterates through the same way. With everything's downsides, it looks like you were right on from the beginning! GetClosestInstWithTag({"buzzardspawner", "CLASSIFIED"}, ThePlayer, 50):Remove() -- the command c_findtag simplifies this but does the same thing c_findtag({"buzzardspawner", "CLASSIFIED"}):Remove() c_findtag({"buzzardspawner", "CLASSIFIED"}):Remove() The classified tag is necessary because the engine function to find nearby entities that these functions stem from seems to ignore prefabs with the tag by default. That is also why only the commands that iterated through all the prefabs in the world worked for this scenario :/ Just a minor syntax issue. You only needed to separate the tags with a comma and inside the same curly brackets. By the way, to just remove all buzzards and buzzard spawners in your world you can run this while on the surface. I swear this one actually works as I say it does! for k,v in pairs(Ents) do if v.prefab and v.prefab:find("buzzard") then v:Remove() end end
  3. There’s a easy function called c_find() that I really like for these kinds of things. You can do c_find(“buzzardspawner”):Remove() EDIT: My apologies, now that I'm testing, it seems c_find() doesn't actually work with buzzard spawners in particular because of the way it finds nearby entities. I would instead suggest something like c_findnext or c_selectnext for this purpose c_selectnext("buzzardspawner"):Remove() and to remove the nearest flying buzzard shadow: c_find(“circlingbuzzard”):Remove() (and you can instead do c_selectnext for the buzzard shadow too if you want)
  4. Since recent patches, spiders now don't go back to their dens if they're or fire or frozen. If you set a den on fire with a torch or fire staff, it's spiders will come out as if the den was attacked... But they don't agro to you, nor go back to their den while it's on fire. If it's day time, they'll instead fall asleep. One can then, as Webber, quickly pick up all the sleeping spiders, and then extinguish the den with a watering can or ice staff! Notes: You need to pick up the spiders before extinguishing their den or they'll wake up. If the den burns for 20 seconds straight, it will turn to ash. It also loses health fairly rapidly. When the den is shaved or upgraded, it resets it's health and spiders. Once you have your spider "friends" in your inventory, you can cleanly murder them. Spiders won't fall asleep if their den is frozen, they'll just linger. Which is why you need to burn the den, not just freeze it.
  5. adding a couple I noticed didn't make it onto the list: MapExplorer Label MiniMap
  6. I wonder what limitations klei has in the code for these kinds of world gen implementations.
  7. Sorry for my lack of clarity. This is not a nerf nurse spider thread so please keep those suggestions somewhere else.
  8. If nurse spiders agro with any other spiders, it creates a really weird scenario. The nurse spiders keep healing all parties involved and cause a never-ending fight. Blowing the spider whistle only pacifies befriended spiders, and not the spiders attacking your befriended spiders so it doen't stop the fight. I think the best solution would be to make it so nurse spiders refuse to agro on other spiders. And spiders refuse to agro on nurse spiders. But there are other possible solutions to this issue, too.
  9. When you bond a beefalo with a bell, it still remembers its herd. You need to either log off and back on with the bell in your inventory, or go to the caves with the bell in your inventory for it to forget its herd. Also, when a beef *does* forget it's prior herd, it's heat timer is reset. Of course, because beefalo mood is tied to the beefalo herd. I'm not sure if the heat timer being reset is intended or not.
  10. A spitter's ranged attack doesn't technically have a "cooldown" per se, yeah. But it's taunt and attack animation lengths are essentially it's "cooldown". It's spit attack animation is 39 ticks, then goes into it's taunt animation which is 31 ticks, and then it goes into an in between idle animation for just 2 ticks. Ticks are 1/30th of a second, so a total of 2.4 seconds. I also tested this by using commands to have it print the time in between attacks to confirm this. But this can definitely vary somewhat. Some spitters can have an attack period of 6 seconds, yes. As I said there's an innate 2 second variation.
  11. Attack period of every spider type: Regular spiders, shattered spiders (in both melee and ranged), and cave spiders attack every 3.1 seconds. Warrior spiders have an innate variation in their attack period; some warrior spiders attack faster than others: between 4.1 and 6.1 seconds. Same for spitters in melee and depth dwellers. Spitter ranged attack: 2.4 seconds.
  12. Amassing nerses takes quite a bit of time and effort to get going, and they’re limited to the shard. And then fighting with spiders still has the downside of them eating meat. You can use the whistle right after a mob dies but in a realistic scenario that’s unreliable. Farming health as Webber with nerse spiders is about equivalent to sleeping in a tent or tier 3 den. Easy health for spiders in combat is totally justified: 1. you went to the effort of setting up nerse spiders. You need to get a spider queen to spawn and then fight it until it hopefully spawns a nurse spider you can then finally befriend. And then each switcherdoodle requires 2 monster meat and 2 silk in addition to the honey. 2. bosses do double damage to mobs 3. regular spiders still often aren’t sufficient with nurse spiders because nerse spiders don’t heal often enough and spiders don’t have enough max health to take full advantage of their healing. You need to use more expensive switcherdoodles to convert spiders and amass superior spider variations. 4. healing has always been easy
  13. oh no I was replying about the proximity thing which is intended while this is a bug about spiders that are still attached to their dens.