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What Do You Want About New Character?

New DLC character soon, what's your preferance about him?  

121 members have voted

  1. 1. How old would you like the character to be? (MULTIPLE)

    • Kid
    • Teen
    • Young Adult
    • Adult
    • Old
    • Any of them
  2. 2. What would you like character's gender to be

    • Female
    • Male
    • Any of them
  3. 3. What would you like character's species to be?

    • Human
    • Monster/Creature
    • Any of them
  4. 4. What would you like character's power based on? (MULTIPLE)

    • He/she should be based on fighting
    • He/she should be based on building
    • He/she should be based on magic
    • He/she should be based on discover/travel
    • He/she should be based on farming/cooking
    • None of them (share with us)

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If it’s a completely brand new character, I want a caves dweller- like a rock lobster type character.. something like a tank character it’s Rocky body gives it natural armor (it hits harder and moves slower) but.. it can take damage or remove layers of its rocky skin (giving others free rocks & cut stones) the less layers of natural rocky armor it has the smaller it gets and faster it can move (but also the weaker it hits because it doesn’t have that extra large fist)

Rock Lobster can consume rocks, flint, Nitre, Stonefruit, and other various weird cave type foods, can NOT eat human foods (Meat/Veggie)

Its new.. its unique- and it’s something that if I knew how to mod.. I’d certainly attempt creating.

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1 hour ago, Slagger said:

I would be happy about a cave based character but not a monster. I really bored from monsters.

Monsters can have built in abilities that make the player want to stick to playing as them, where as completely human characters usually get labeled as pick & swap characters by only having a handful of unique craftable items or structures (Winona)

Wigfrid is the exception to this rule: but I would bet my bottom dollar that if she did NOT have weird vampiric powers of leeching life and sanity from things she kills (sanity I sort of get.. but regaining life needs a BETTER Explanation and her short did not deliver it.) people wouldn’t like her as much. So what exactly is Wigfrid?? Is she human, is she like Hercules the god? Is her mighty Viking spear like Katana’s enchanted sword from the Suicide Squad movie & it absorbs the souls of what it kills?

Wigfrid is a very oddly out of place human character: to the point I’m shocked she hasn’t got a Vampiress of the Night skin for Halloween yet.

Disregarding Wigfrid & Warly- the rest of the humans either have a Supernatural companion, Super Strength- Or Supernatural/ Mage like powers.

Monsters however.. like I said have cool stuff built in like “can see swamp tentacles, immunity to Wetness”

Completely human characters without weird powers, Companions, pick and swap craftables, Merlin level Magic, or some other weird perks: are Warly, Walani, Wheeler, Woodlegs, Wes, Wilson

Everyone else: and I do mean EVERYONE has some unique none human perks or traits.

I did not include Wagstaff or Winona in that list due to them having pick & swap craftables.

TL:DR- Monsters = Fun.

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In all honesty, I just want to see what they have in store.

As long as it's not another child or monster. I'd prefer an adult female being added to the fray but otherwise I'm fine with whatever.
There's just, a lot of monster/animal characters now and I feel like it kinda stole Webber's spotlight a bit.
Also there's just... an odd amount of children in this dark horror scape of constant death. It'd be nice to change it up a bit.

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