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  1. Bug B' Gone doesn't poison Bees, Butterflies, Dung Beetles, Spiders and Warrior Mants (It does work on regular Mants tho).
  2. This might not be a proper bug, but the following items borrow a map icon from another object despite looking completely different. Town House uses the Pig House map icon, Tall Grass uses the Grass map icon, Obsidian Fire Pit uses the Fire Pit icon, Sea Trap uses the Trap icon and Basalt Eruption uses the Boulder map icon.
  3. A recent update made it so Cannon shots will detonate after 3 seconds, in case they get stuck on thing, however, other arcing projectiles can still get stuck in certain objects such as ponds or lily pads. This affects Wilbur's poop, Silly Monkey Balls, unlit coconades, coconut projectiles from Floaty Boaty Knights and Palm Treeguards.
  4. They're not actually gone, I did this and did c_gonext("gnat") and it took me to a gnat swarm floating in the middle of the ocean. I assume this might be another one of these 0,0 coordinate bugs.
  5. Does this apply to the Ancient Herald? One just happened to spawn inside my house after the update.
  6. Character gets godmode after travelling from RoG to SW and vice versa.
  7. I agree so much with this. When I first saw her artwork I immediately fell in love with her, but when I saw her in-game look I was oh so disappointed She looks so sad, her hair looks weird and she has a completely different skin color in-game. I'm not the greatest artist but I wanted to see how she would look like with a more upbeat face and the skin color from her artwork.
  8. My game crashed after Pugalisk destroyed my Skyworthy while I was travelling to another world. I assume this might happen with the Seaworthy as well.
  9. I can't light items in my inventory in a Hamlet compatible world.
  10. Normally while using the Brain of Thought you'll get access to the Volcanic or Ancient tab without having to be next to the crafting station, however, this is not the case in Hamlet compatible worlds.
  11. I actually think that coloration looks way nicer than the one we currently have tbh.
  12. Is putting the teleportato or any other form of world-jumping in Hamlet on that roadmap? And if so, would such a feature be able to be retrofitted on pre-existing Hamlet worlds?
  13. Wormwood getting different features depending on the season sounds like a really cool idea. Instead of getting a speed boost he could get a defense boost.
  14. Yeah, I figured as much. Thanks for putting and end to all this madness tho, I'll be looking forward for the future of Hamlet.