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  1. I'm hoping for more unimplemented characters as DLC. They've waited long enough for their time to shine. However as much as he doesn't fit in I'm still saddened that Pyro is probably never gonna be officially implemented into the game. The idea that the devs even worked on him surprises and intrigues me.
  2. Wishing well won't accept dubloons as offer.
  3. Q.O.L. changes

    This is one hell of an inconvenience for walled bases.
  4. Qol broke some stuff

    Tamed beefalos is also broken. Damage is done to your character instead of the beefalo. Despite their animation they're not actually attacking, the damage is determined by your held item and it'll even drain it's durability. (Using the Thulecite Club would even spawn shadow tentacles) Attacking while riding a beefalo without a held item makes the beefalo go invisible. Beefalo are affected by speed multipliers which means they'll get slowed down by marble armor and sped up by the walking cane. The casting animation of magic staves while on a beefalo look weird. Also could anyone confirm if beefalo can lose domestication? The lack of salt lick might indicate that domestication is meant to be eternal in singleplayer.
  5. Wow you're right. I've spent years playing without it thinking it was a DST exclusive thing...
  6. Not sure if this is a thing already but can we get the ability to use the scroll wheel to move around in the crafting menu like we can in DST? Same thing goes for zooming in and out with the scroll wheel.
  7. At the very least he should be able to craft his Lucky Hat outside of Shipwrecked.
  8. Concept art I'd love to see in the game-

    I'd be down for that. The Shipwrecked dimension is definitely the least polished out of them all and could really use an update. The Q.O.L. update gives me hope that Klei could look back at this amazing concept art and give it a home in the actual game.
  9. Quality of life + Merged crafting tables + Key to the City functionality would make this game's end game amazing. pls klei
  10. Concept art I'd love to see in the game-

    That Krampus is called a Tree Guard at the top left corner... what? It even looks like he has his own seaweed version of the birchnutters, he looks like such an interesting monster it's a shame he was never added into the game.
  11. Screenshot showcase

    I got no idea what caused it but this has been the funniest thing I've ever randomly stumbled upon on this game. After a long and tedious fight against Klaus I am rewarded with this... welp at least I got a cool little Broodling out of it. My Hallowed Nights area
  12. Shared content is exactly what this game needs. Being able to build anything anywhere would open up a bunch of possibilities and make things less tedious, as for example: I can use Snakeskin rugs and Limestone walls in RoG and Hamlet, however, I gotta take an unnecessary trip to Shipwrecked just to build them even if I already have the necessary materials. Some characters outright lose some of their perks in other worlds such as Woodlegs not being able to craft his Lucky Hat or Sea Legs or Wilbur not being able to build Primeape hutches to take advantage of his monkey king perk outside of SW. I would also like to see special items that would encourage world merging such as a Thulecite boat or combining loot from different bosses across RoG, SW and HAM to create some unique items and stuff.
  13. I should have been more specific. I was thinking about being able to use Beach turf in RoG and Hamlet.
  14. Unrelated to Hamlet but Beach Turf from Shipwrecked should be transplantable as well. The more turfs the merrier.
  15. Reason to renovate houses

    Maybe rain could leak from the ceiling until you remodel the house. It's a minor inconvenience and would give an actual incentive to spending your oincs on house renovation.