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  1. Recently my laptop was stolen along with my DS backups. I'm about to buy a new Pc and I was wondering if I could retrieve my save file from steam cloud or am i screwed?
  2. WX-78s prefer deserts

    I believe the place where you base doesn't depend on the character but on the person. It doesn't matter wich character I play, I always base on the Antlion's desert or the Pig King since resources like grass, twigs and berries can be easily transplanted unlike cactus... also Antlion's desert is inmune to smoldering.
  3. Bumble Fire Staff/ Ice Staff when?
  4. Excuse me? Im on day 756 and i have never touched my Beefalos at all unless i need to make some carpeted flooring to pimp out my base.
  5. Wasn't Woodrow just the sound files for Wx-78?
  6. I have always assumed this was because Maxwell/Charlie is toying with you by sending earthquakes and fires specifically at you.
  7. The Holy Grail Potato Cup is now renewable.
  8. Remember that the Goose/Goose is a female despite having antlers and the Beefalos all possess horns even tought this traits are only for the males of the species. It appears that Don't Starve creatures don't really follow the same gender differences of real life animals.
  9. Against the "Grain" Wheat confirmed 10/10
  10. Since the new update "Seas the day!" Dragoons don't seem to be dropping obsidian and this makes them pretty much useless since spiders are a better source of monster meat, Is it a bug or is this intended? the changelog didn't said anything about this either.