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  1. I should have been more specific. I was thinking about being able to use Beach turf in RoG and Hamlet.
  2. Unrelated to Hamlet but Beach Turf from Shipwrecked should be transplantable as well. The more turfs the merrier.
  3. Reason to renovate houses

    Maybe rain could leak from the ceiling until you remodel the house. It's a minor inconvenience and would give an actual incentive to spending your oincs on house renovation.
  4. New Wapon? [IT IS HUGE]

    It reminded me of the Buster Sword from Final Fantasy the first time I saw it.
  5. I personally find it more appealing for the skins to be available to the entire cast instead of being locked behind a particular character. (The End is Nigh: Gilded Edition is an exception since Wicker is the only one able to craft books)
  6. I personally love the noise and I think it's super cool. Maybe they could make an option to turn the noise off? I don't think it's necessary but it could help.
  7. It's such a beautiful turf to work with and it's already obtainable through console commands, however, if you try to get it with a pitchfork it will only yield cut stone. So why not add it into the game without the use of console commands?
  8. Killing shadow creatures near walls might end up with the nightmare fuel stuck behind the wall.
  9. Let us craft these cool walls!

    I could see them being craftable in some sort of Hamlet version of the Pseudoscience Station.
  10. Wilbur and Webber should be able to hire help from these guys.
  11. @Charsis Since the release of Shipwrecked I've always had this idea of a flying boat with wings. In the E3 trailer we saw a glimpse of a giant bird boss, so I think it would be pretty cool if we could craft some sort of flying apparatus with the wings from the boss.
  12. The balloon would be the perfect way to merge worlds between Hamlet and RoG.
  13. They could have Tar Lamps as those don't burn mobs.
  14. Woodlegs is unable to craft Sea Legs or Lucky Hat in Hamlet despite having a Nautical tab.