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  1. You're right, they do come back in the meteor biome. That's why I'm not hesitant to mine those since they're gonna get replaced by more meteor rocks eventually.
  2. I've been megabasing since the original Don't Starve all the way back when the only two seasons were Summer and Winter, part of the charm of megabasing for is the feeling that you're conquering this harsh forsaken world, and ever since the release of Reign of Giants no feature has given me more headaches than smoldering. I'm all up for Deerclops, Dragonfly, Bearger and whatnot wrecking havoc in my base since I'm given plenty of warnings to avoid that from happening but smoldering just happens without previous announcement and the only way to combat it is spamming Flingomatics everywhere which also need to be constantly refueled every couple days. Back then our solution was the so-called Summer Base, also known as exiling yourself to the corner of the map for two hours before you can resume your activities, and that was the only thing you could do about until Shipwrecked bestowed the Dripple Pipes to us. I even think Shipwrecked did Summer better than RoG, overheating is still present but instead of random fires ruining up your base there are massive volcano eruptions that keep scaling in size but never really feel unfair since you have plenty of warnings before they happen, not to mention the abundance of rocks and obsidian you get from surviving these eruptions coupled with the increased loot chance in trawling makes this season very fun for me personally.
  3. Since I'm not able to jump worlds and hoard as much turf as I want in DST like I do in DS, I would only take as much turf as I need and redecorate the areas left barren with antlion boulders and whatnot, heck, sometimes I would switch all the desert turf in the oasis with grass turf from somewhere else in the map, basically creating an artificial desert biome somewhere else. I also have less respect for the caves so that's free real state, thankfully the Terra Firma Tamper finally put an end to all my turf problems.
  4. Twiggy Trees are subject to world regrowth and Grass Geckos have a chance of popping out of transplanted grass tufts, thus allowing you to obtain both variants in a single world, however, there's no such option for berry bushes so you either have one or the other. Maybe you get lucky a couple of the other variant down in the caves but so far in a 200 day juicy berry world I've had no luck finding a single berry bush which is locking me out of the bush hat (And I also really love using normal berry bushes to decorate my gardens). So I suggest a reliable (or maybe even unreliable heck as long as it's possible) to transform berry bushes into their other variant, perhaps something similar to the Lunar Experiment from Hallowed Nights which is able to turn objects into their lunar equivalents but instead a potion that is able to turn Juicy Berry Bushes into Berry Bushes, Grass Geckos into Grass Tufts and Twiggy Tree Saplings into Saplings. This would make it so you are able to obtain your preferred variant no matter what world you make after gathering enough resources to get ahold of these potions.
  5. I actually used to pronounce it as Eee-Wee-Cus and I don't know why.
  6. Grass, twigs, flint, all of that, I never build campfires unless I have to, instead I set trees on fire and spend the night chopping for wood. Also if I'm playing by myself (which is like 99% of the time anyways) I barely mine rocks or destroy any unrenewable structures unless needed which means rocks are always lacking in my worlds until tree petrification/antlion cave ins start happening. I only mine clusters of rocks if they are very close together and making sure I leave at least one or I mine those at the meteor biome since they're gonna get destroyed by meteors anyways. I even went as far as to not pick carrots until I found out they regenerate in DST. I just like preserving the natural beauty of my worlds as much as possible. Base is always built at oasis, I never dig up grass or twigs unless I need them for decorations instead I rely mostly on tumbleweeds, twiggy trees and geckos. The only buildings I rush before winter are 2 crock pots, 1 Ice Box, 1 Birdcage and a Spider Den from which I then proceed to feed myself indefinitely along with cactus flesh until I feel like getting a better food supply. Everything else after this just boils down to how well I can transform the whole Oasis biome into my own personal megabase without completely destroying the rest of the world.
  7. I just want either Wagstaff or my boy Woodlegs, if not then i'd rather have them add either Waverly or Wallace over brand new characters.
  8. Long Pig Research Points Wagstaff is a projection Repairing Sand Castle with Sewing Kit 0,0 bugs Queen Womant stole the crown Old character dies upon linking with Seaworthy/Skyworthy Wepeatski Original Wormwood design Cave Banana Tree became Crab-Apple Tree The Pelontrix
  9. He's good. I just wish he used his artwork from Shipwrecked on his character portrait but that's like an omega nitpick.
  10. Imagine the Sea Legs with Shipwrecked sailing mechanics. Would never happen tho.
  11. Bug B' Gone doesn't poison Bees, Butterflies, Dung Beetles, Spiders and Warrior Mants (It does work on regular Mants tho).
  12. This might not be a proper bug, but the following items borrow a map icon from another object despite looking completely different. Town House uses the Pig House map icon, Tall Grass uses the Grass map icon, Obsidian Fire Pit uses the Fire Pit icon, Sea Trap uses the Trap icon and Basalt Eruption uses the Boulder map icon.
  13. A recent update made it so Cannon shots will detonate after 3 seconds, in case they get stuck on thing, however, other arcing projectiles can still get stuck in certain objects such as ponds or lily pads. This affects Wilbur's poop, Silly Monkey Balls, unlit coconades, coconut projectiles from Floaty Boaty Knights and Palm Treeguards.
  14. They're not actually gone, I did this and did c_gonext("gnat") and it took me to a gnat swarm floating in the middle of the ocean. I assume this might be another one of these 0,0 coordinate bugs.
  15. Does this apply to the Ancient Herald? One just happened to spawn inside my house after the update.