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  1. I was talking about the idea of having to go through the Skyworthy to go to RoG and then having to take the Seaworthy to go to SW.
  2. Making me go through two different loading screens to get to main base just for the sake of being inconvenient doesn't sound appealing at all and is not comparable to monkeys which can simply kill to get rid of them.
  3. The tin suit has 1200 HP while the log suit only has 450 HP. It's only useful if you enjoy face-tanking enemies as it'll last you way longer.
  4. What do y'all think of woodie?

    Woodie used to be my favorite character back when I was still a beginner. Werebeaver is such a fun form that I always used to cheese winter and boss fights. Now he's just such a hassle to play as, I can't grab Glommer's flower without the use of a Lureplant, dropping all of your items upon transforming is annoying, can't take advantage of full moon nights, you lose your boat and drown if you happen to be sailing in the night of a full moon and keeping track of the moon cycle on your own is annoying (Especially with the lack of a moon dial like in DST).
  5. Technically it is possible to craft Lamp posts and the Tinker Shop without ever going to Hamlet. If you steal from a shop it'll spawn Pig Guards which can be killed for Halberds which can then be broken down into alloy with a deconstruction staff.
  6. QoL2 (pls Klei)

    -Ability to dig up tree saplings with a shovel. (It's really useful when you're decorating with trees and you plant one in the wrong spot) -Updated texture for Star Caller's Staff. -Scaled flooring -Being able to see the day counter while on the caves.
  7. I've always thought it would be cool if lamp posts cut through the fog slightly like the Plantern from PvZ.
  8. I don't even want to bother with guards at all because the risk of having them around is just way too high. I just want to build a happy little town filled with trees, fences, walls, farms, animals and whatnot without the risk of everything going up in flames the moment a hostile creature enters the area. If they were to hold lanterns during the night they would still be defenseless against enemies due to that pitiful lantern damage but without the risk of your entire base being set on fire. Maybe they should spawn holding torches but we could have the ability to hand them a different light source to use during nighttime such as lanterns, bottle lanterns and tar lamps.
  9. Anyone found any flotsam recently?

    That should be fixed tbh. Oceans used to look with all the debris floating everywhere and it gave them an actual use besides just being a world border.
  10. The new update in a nutshell

    It is possible to craft them with the Brain of Thought so it ain't that bad but definitely something that should be looked into.
  11. My game crashed after Pugalisk destroyed my Skyworthy while I was travelling to another world. I assume this might happen with the Seaworthy as well.
  12. Blueprints don't work!

    Dripple pipes blueprint doesn't seem to work as well.
  13. I can't light items in my inventory in a Hamlet compatible world.
  14. It offers a small selection of 9 blueprints for objects that you normally wouldn't be able to craft in Hamlet, however, why should I bother paying 500 oincs for a walking cane blueprint when I can just take a 30 second trip to RoG and build it for free? Also the blueprints for Dripple Pipes, Moggles and Hibearnation Vest don't even seem to work in Hamlet right now. The only blueprint that's worth it is the Scaled Chest and that's because you need to have it in order to place it. All the other items can be build for free by simply taking a short trip with the Skyworthy or why even bother at all when you can just steal every single blueprint available from the shop with pretty much no repercussion? It would have been really cool if the Tinker Shop allowed you to buy special blueprints that made crafting between all 3 worlds possible, but that would require some extra work to be developed for it. Anyways I just think the Tinker Shop could use some extra love to make it more desirable to actually buy stuff in there because in it's current state you can just steal all available blueprints and never have to bother with the shop again for the rest of your life.
  15. New Recipes!!!

    It only works with boss loot (Eyebrella, Scalemail, etc).