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  1. I want to see not the moon character that fits the new version of the game, but the characters that were not implemented when the game was first released and the game was darker and more gothic back then .. and I would like to see the witch waverly. a real witch character as a character is not a librarian, but a witch character
  2. I want more gothic and darker colors and more gadgets for the magic tab and of course I want characters that existed years ago and still await implementation (waverly, wilton, wallace, winnie) ...
  3. I hope one of the unapplied characters would be hesitant, change would be good, a witch cauldron and a broom and various potions black magic or something would be nice.
  4. a different gang for each season, for example, a polar bear for the Winter, etc. I want to see Hamlet ants, and there can be Gangs of turtles for the sea, both on land and at sea, and of course waverly as a character
  5. why compare the librarian to a more magical and potion-capable character like waverly?
  6. I want Waverly with all my heart it would be nice to play with a different character
  7. I hope they bring characters that haven't been implemented in the game files before and we'll have a chance to play with new characters and my favourite character is Waverly