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Anyone Else Gets Spooked From Penguins Jumping Out Of The Sea

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4 minutes ago, RogueGamer12 said:

Honestly, they make me jump. They're clearly the most scariest thing in the game. 

RIGHT??? Man, I thought I was the only one. Glad to know I'm not the only one that gets startled by them.

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Sometimes, when I play late at night, half asleep, ready to nod off, Im just walking through the frozen wasteland, everything is calm, and peaceful, and quiet...




Those are one of the few DS/T moments that actually make me jump.


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They are SUCH  a jumpscare, even when I know it's winter and I'm walking close to the coast. But by far the DS/T sound effect that creeps me out the most is:


out of the darkness on a cold winter night.  Even when you KNOW Clopsy is gonna show up and he's right on schedule, it's still just the ickiest sound.  It sounds like the darkness is heavy-breathing down your neck. Geh.

Especially when this is a LATER winter and you can no longer count on "Night 30", but he could show up on _any_ day of the season.  I think the best case I had with this situation was when I was totally unprepared, gathering stuff in the desert (as you do, in the dead of winter*) and...happened to be close enough to Dragonfly to sic them on each other.  XD

(What happened?  I dunno, it was dark and I got the CENSORED out of there!  : P)


*Actually this isn't that weird, when you consider that (a) winter drains sanity, cooked cactus helps it and (b) tumbleweeds never run out of grass and/or twigs. :)

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