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  1. Also you don't need to feed the beefalo while you are riding it, often when I start taming one early I just stick a saddle on one and stay on the thing until it's tamed, only feeding it something like twigs or light bulbs until it lets me back on.
  2. Wendy Rework?

    The reason I think BERNIE! is better at trash mobs is all because of his aggro, being able to pull the enemies off of you as well as he does makes those fights easier, it's true that without any help Abigail would fare much better against groups every time though. As for the self healing, the cost to heal BERNIE! with a sewing kit is so low that the cost for healing is something I never really notice. I'm glad you agree about the aggro thing, I'd like reworked Abigail to have some sort of combat ability other than her basic "float over and kill things", but I wouldn't want whatever it was to get in the way of her stun locking, so I dunno how Klei would wanna do that. You're right of course, and I know it's irrational but I hate doing this, but if there is a method to dealing with it I can't complain haha. Or they could just make it so other people can't pick it up, and you're idea with you being able to craft the item after a certain amount of time could work, or they could implement a way to summon Abigail or the flower to you regardless of where it is like you can do with Lucy.
  3. Wendy Rework?

    I personally think that Wendy is in pretty big need of some kind of buff, mostly because Abigail was the only ally unique to one character and that made her special, but now I feel like she's completely overshadowed by BERNIE!!!. Abigail doesn't have as much life, doesn't pull as much aggro, has a more frustrating AI, Doesn't deal as much damage, and is harder to heal/replace (not to mention Willow doesn't even have a reduction in damage). Willow's rework just shows how outdated Abigail is for dst. Also making a bunch of flowers to summon Abigail multiple times in one fight just feels so clunky, not to mention I feel like lore wise you shouldn't be able to craft Abigail's flower, I love Lucy but why is she a unique item while Wendy's only keepsake from her dead sister something you can make on the fly? And yeah, I feel like keeping BERNIE!!! healthy for a long fight feels way more smooth, too. As it stands I feel like Wendy definitely needs a rework, and here are a couple of directions I think would make sense. -Better stats If Wendy is losing 25% of her damage because she has Abigail I think that she should be worth more, people say that Abigail is better at dealing with weaker mobs than BERNIE!!! is, but as well as being less significant I don't even think it's true. In almost every single case I'm pretty sure Abigail is the worse alternative. Also 75% sanity reduction from darkness/monsters isn't that significant, especially since because she takes longer killing monsters she'll lose about as much sanity as everyone else anyways. -Better AI She moves slowly, responds slowly and gets oddly fixated on the most random things sometimes. I probably spend more time protecting Abigail than she spends protecting me. I usually completely avoid swamps when she is alive because she is almost guaranteed to die, and I can't harvest any honey without her killing every single bee I own, halting honey progression and dropping a crap ton of stingers all over the place. If you have her be passive that'd be great, whether it's through direct commands, having her change stances or something, giving her items or something or anything else really. If they fixed this using any method I'd be happy. -New Mechanic Not necessary for the rework but it would be interesting and by itself make Wendy more viable. I don't have any new idea that would be perfect but if Klei decides to give Wendy an army of ghosts or have Abigail turn more into a deranged killing machine the lower that Wendy's sanity went than I'd welcome the change. Maybe ghosts could share visibility with nightmare creatures or something -Unique crafting Most of the new character updates have come with unique crafting items. Can't say what Klei would decide on, but they're usually pretty cool. I love Wendy and I play her a lot, but I feel like there isn't anything that she can do that another character can't do better (except killing bees I guess). I'm excited for the Wendy update and what it'll bring to the table, because as it stands she just feels bland compared to the new characters. But I dunno, let me know what you guys think.
  4. Sinkholes not spawning

    Since the event started whenever i find a spot which usually has a sinkhole i just find an empty spot. These appear all over the world and sometimes have batalisks sleeping around them. This has happened to all three worlds I've made since the event started. I've had no mods enabled any of those times Every