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  1. Wendy's Character Refresh

    If we have a ceremonial sacrificial dagger it better have bonuses against volt goats lol. This, lol. You can heal Abigail, but only with things like healing salve, but it doesn't heal her any extra and she doesn't wear armor so it really is just a waste. New Wendy item, GHOST healing salve (yeah, definitely going with that name) Uses a spider gland and some nightmare fuel or something, and it heals ghosts to full. Or maybe give a telltale heart to Abigail and it fully heals her. I thought more about how this might work, Wendy can place a bouquet of flowers on a grave, if she does a ghost spawns from it and follows her. She can craft graves using maybe 8 boneshards, a night, 3 boards and 2 cut stone (for a casket and a headstone)
  2. Wendy's Character Refresh

    @Pop Guy I play on ps4 so I'm getting whatever they give me, but the effects in those two mods would be amazing, especially when the console auto targets Abigail and I send her away >.> As it is Abigail is usable in some boss fights but typically only by crafting a bunch of flowers and summoning her over and over again when she dies, and I'm not sure how I feel about that I think your right about this, I was trying to think of some interesting weaknesses involving insanity/shadows but I think those areas don't work well as a weakness for her. You brought up some good points I haven't thought of before, and most of the changes i thought of won't really affect gameplay that much. Over the next couple of days I'll try to come up with some changes that would be more meaningful, rather than a bunch of small ones that are kinda neat lol.
  3. I figure Wendy's refresh is a ways a way but all this new content keeps making me think about it. These are some thoughts on her current powers and new ones I thought would be useful and thematic without being weird or overpowered. This isn't a template for how I'd like her to be but a list of every idea I'd consider putting into the rework, because not all of my ideas are completely fleshed out and if they were all used she might be convoluted. ->Wendy can summon her dead twin sister Abigail. Love how the damage changes based on the night cycle, and how there's murder involved in summoning her. I think her stats are fitting as well. ->Wendy loses 25% less sanity from darkness and insanity auras. I love the idea of this perk, but becaus she deals less damage it takes longer to kill enemies she typically loses as much sanity as other characters anyways. If she had immunity to insanity auras from monsters (because she's not scared of them) you'd actually notice the effects of the perk and it wouldn't even be that powerful. Mostly because this is really only significant during boss fights and even without them making you crazy she'd still be the worst character to fight them. ->Wendy gains sanity by murdering things in her inventory. ...I don't think more sanity perks is what she needs but I like the idea. ->Wendy feels a kinship with the dead Wendy can craft gravestones as well as appease ghosts. Don't really know where this one can go. It seems interesting, but I can't think of any way to use gravestones or befriend ghosts without it being to complicated. ->Abigail now has simple commands like "stay here, I'll be right back" or "Dont attack those three tentacles" The commands might be annoying to implement and this is clearly way too overpowered so maybe not, lol ->Wendy gains extra sanity while sleeping if Abigail is summoned but loses sanity instead if she is not. Wendy often talks about how broken she is because Abigail isn't there, it'd be interesting if her sister being there more of an impact then just combat, such as a good night's sleep. ->Wendy does 25% less damage. Wendy hits like a little girl. ->Wendy takes 25% more damage Wendy takes hits like a little girl. It's like the opposite of Wigfrid's damage resistance, Wendy isn't that good at fighting without her sister. ->When Wendy is insane more shadow creatures spawn. Wendy is a highly disturbed individual, and the horrors she face are greater than most. More shadow creatures can spawn and target Wendy while she's insane, similar to the nightmare amulet's effect. Lemme know if you think any of it sounds interesting, what seems pointless, overpowered or any ideas that you guys might have about it.
  4. It was because you could sidestep it by walking to the side just a tiny bit whereas the ice punch has big aoe, if somebody was hitting him from behind they didn't even have to move and it wouldn't hit them. (Nothing you can really do about lag though, lol). I think the seasonal variant for the deerclops is a good idea though, because it's harder to learn/remember the attack pattern of a boss if it is seasonal. If they did any other variations on bosses in a similar way I'd be all for it.
  5. The deerclops' laser actually made him an easier was admittedly interesting but after seeing him shoot the laser a couple of times it was way easier to dodge than his regular attack.
  6. Control scheme Suggestion for Teleporting

    I was thinking something along these lines earlier today, all the spells are usable on the ps4, but not being able to teleport to the more distant parts of the screen is a major hit to the lazy explorer and Wortox. Also I had the hardest time ever using a telelocator on a Varg the other day, I would always aggro it before I could get close enough to target it. Even if it was something simple like holding R2 (or L2, is that even used for anything?) let you use the right joystick to control the cursor you get with the lazy explorer I think that'd be amazing.
  7. I love the idea for this mod and most effects the food have seem great, my only concern is that the spicy chili seems like it is the easiest to make, by far the most powerful and 5 minutes is a really long time. Kill a koalaphant and pick a few carrots and you're stronger than Wigfrid for any boss fight. The guacamole in comparison I don't think is nearly as powerful but is a lot more difficult to make (it's still really strong though) I'd consider nerfing spicy chili and/or buffing some of the other food items, as they're effects seem pretty negligible in comparison. You could have Turkey dinner reduce hunger by as much as 40% hunger reduction, and maybe even have it last longer. Kabobs can already be useful with this, but maybe increase the splash to 25% or even more. As is, if I had this mod instead of me being inspired to make a variety of foods this would just make me want to mass produce spicy chili instead. Also you should do something with icecream. I know it's decent but I think it should be better, lol.
  8. Where do I redeem codes?

    Well I guess we'll just put the codes away and hope it comes back then : \
  9. My friend just got the Funko Pop for Willow and Webber but for the life of us we can't find where to redeem the codes. A couple months ago I got the one for Wilson and Wendy and figured it out no problem. Also sources we've looked up say there should be an option next to the trade in option but it's not there. If anyone know how to enter the codes that'd be an amazing help.
  10. Most Unfair Deaths In Don't Starve

    It was winter and just before freezing to death I made it back to my firepit at base, upon seeing me the beefalo I was taming ran over to me to beg for food, and in that instant went into heat and killed me ;-;
  11. Sinkholes not spawning

    Since the event started whenever i find a spot which usually has a sinkhole i just find an empty spot. These appear all over the world and sometimes have batalisks sleeping around them. This has happened to all three worlds I've made since the event started. I've had no mods enabled any of those times Every