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  1. Abigail in Hamlet

    It would be strange and hilarious if she would lift her ghost-robe and walk over the water like Jesus xD
  2. Abigail in Hamlet

    But she's floating.
  3. Abigail in Hamlet

    I was surprised there was nothing to it. Maybe I'm the only one who doesn't like that ^^''. But Abigail is a ghost, so why does she keep triggering the traps in the ruins? One of the reasons why I don't like to play Wendy in Hamlet ... I understand that creatures trigger traps but a ghost? ._. Together with her Movement super annoying.
  4. [MOD REQUEST] Willow from DST to DS

    Just wanted to play Ham+SW again. Before I noticed that the characters in DST are different ^^''. Such a mod would be really great. Love the new Barny~. And setting fire are such a big downside in a game where you should go to Insane for loot~ x.x.
  5. I often trigger them on purpose by running the edges. And still sometimes frighten me xD
  6. The skin is really beautiful~. I personally like it better than the others and am glad that there are different skins for all things in the game ^^. Just one question, why isn't it pinned right away? I found out about the new skin on Youtube, although I first looked at the forum earlier, but don't look at every thread ...