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  1. I imagine my character wearing this super heavy glass umbrella. The water runs down the glass, around the attachment, over my head. He is super exhausted from the heaviness. He is super wet. But he is super fancy xD.
  2. Because its fun and I was not aware that people feel irritated by the fact that complete strangers do something they enjoy xD.
  3. A quick question, because the search didn't result in anything and I don't want to fly over everything here. It's probably like Wortox again, if I only want the Abyssal Skin, I have to buy it extra or the big package, right? In the Wurt Abyssal Chest, is Wurt not included, only the outfit? If so, this will be another character I won't buy~, because I just can't understand why they don't sell all their outfits for 4,99€ extra with Wurt uu ...