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  1. İs Wes Op ?

    Can someone explain to me what this is about Wes? I'm absolutely not in the Dont Starve community, either playing alone or with my friends. I've never played on a public server or with strangers before. Therefore I like to watch guides, or general videos about Dont Starve. And I am aware that many have their favorites (for example, I like Willow and Wigfrid, depending on who I play with). Like the Youtuber James bucket, who just hates Wes xD. But I actually see it more often on Youtube and so that Wes is probably a very controversial character you either like or don't like him. There's no between for the most people. And I wonder why that is? Never played him before. Is he really that useless? And to play hard because of that and then unpopular because people play it who can't? Btw sorry for the bad English. With longer text's the language is still difficult for me ^^''.
  2. Oh gosh, I'm not the only one who doesn't like them? xD.
  3. And why is that not fair? You work for something, you get something good for it. I mean, green gems don't just fall out of the sky.
  4. Longest World?

    The world that has existed the longest in my Game is at 223. After that I created a new one because I was bored ^^''.
  5. Poll on insanity

    I don't care much about the insanity. It's super easy to kill Nightmare mobs. Since I'm the type who plays to build a base. So I take it as it comes. I don't force anything, but it doesn't bother me while I'm fighting a boss or anything~.
  6. Reminds me of the Winona thing. Where many were upset because she is not a new Waifu material ... I think she would be a great extension and there would be a thousand ways to make her a witch. Maybe even something completely new, far away from what already exists. Or even something completely absurd, she as another healer. Maybe with herbs or something.
  7. Wormwood's Flammability

    The questions of the survey are very strangely chosen. Yes, he should be flammable. Yes, he should set the base on fire. Like any other char. But it shouldn't happen so fast. Faster than everyone else because it's a plant, but not as blatantly fast as DS. Probably I'm just a Noob(That seems to be a very popular term here in the forum, if you're not an opinion ^^''), but I'll say that the majority who play the game are Noobs.
  8. Wortox Has Arrived!

    Will it still be possible to get Vortox through the other skin's? Just like you can get it from the gnome, so you can get it if you buy one of the other two skins? If not, why?
  9. Wortox Has Arrived!

    Why is the Char only in the Wortex skin box and not in the other two? Disappointed me something, because I would like to have the Uncorrupted Skin, but the character is not included there, so I would have to buy a skin-set, which I absolutely don't like :/. A reason for me personally to still wait with the purchase, whether the character is worth it in the end at all for me personally.