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  1. I dunno Wanda's really not that hard to play, after getting used to her gimmick she really isn't and more difficult than the other characters. Also I can't remember if she has any real downsides that aren't easily mitigated.
  2. I would say she is probably the strongest character by quite a lot right now, but I don't think she should be nerfed because her kit right now is interesting and fun to play. The glass cannon style of fighting is interesting and all of the watches are all cool; even if she is over tuned I'm of the opinion removing features from her would just make the game less exciting to play.
  3. I created a new world with the sole intent of doing the puzzle on console, my friend and I were both surprised we actually got it done on the first try. I can't remember what we were supposed to throw in the chest, except bees.
  4. Should have specified, it takes 13 reps from gembell to do that. Also, I don't think there is any item more tedious to use during a boss fight during the gembell. First equipping it, then right clicking it, then having the chance to cancel it entirely if you move 1/10 of a second to early make it much more difficult and annoying to use than any item I can think of.
  5. To me it feels like anyone who actually likes the change to Wolfgang appreciates the novelty of the rework, but are never actually going to play Wolfgang after the event dies down; I doubt anyone could play Wolfgang for any extended period of time without getting bored of the chore that is getting mighty. Man I'm soooo glad that Wolfgang no longer eats all the food from the icebox and instead eats all of our rocks and purple gems.
  6. He doesn't even stay mighty for a full day actually. and no, having a gembell or gym set off to the side does not easily offset that, you don't always have the leisure of ignoring a boss to get the reps in, not to mention it's impossible to do if you're soloing. Wolfgang has one things he's known for and it's killing big bosses so I'm not going to be "thankful" that he can still kinda do it, I'm just going to play a different character.
  7. I think the biggest problem with the speed boost was that it's not very thematic with a strong man. Here are my thoughts on the current status of the Wolfgang rework - The mini-game to increase mightiness is fine, thematic even - With a full belly mightiness only lasts 6 1/2 minutes, this isn't enough time for some of the longer fights. stopping to work out in middle of a boss fight is very tedious and there should be a way to avoid this, possible suggestions are: -There should be a threshold of belly where mightiness doesn't decrease at all, while Wolfgang is less than 20 hunger away from full seems like a decent threshold for this. - equipping piggyback or marble armor should count as carrying a "heavy" item, stopping mightiness from dropping. There should be one or two more items classified as "heavy" so you're not stuck with just these two. As it is now stopping for around 13 reps of the HIGHEST tier of weight to max out the mighty meter after less than a day of fighting is an absolute joke. The character who was revered as the best fighter in the game can't fight toadstool, can't fight Ancient fuel weaver, can't fight crabking, bee queen, etc., because he has to dip out of the fight entirely. These aren't as important but a couple other thoughts - the durability for a dumbbell feels very small, kinda tedious to make them that often - throwing dumbbells actually is a lot of fun. If they increased the damage of the gembell to a little over 100 damage so it could spiders when it landed I think that it would be incredibly satisfying to use a purple gem just to throw them at things. I see some potential in this rework, but as it stands now it feels like Wolfgang is too tedious to play.
  8. even if she has a whole lot of enemies on her if you just soothe her and walk away you're almost guaranteed to get away fine.
  9. I find the petal debuff that Abigail gives interesting and like the idea for it in multiplayer, I almost wish it would work better for allies than for Wendy herself just to highlight her weakness but I'm not too hung up about it, maybe if they added a weakness where Wendy took more damage.... As for the damage Abigail does, I like the day/night cycle but I also liked the idea of Abigail hitting harder when Wendy was in danger, I found it gave me a unique perspective on my health bar and i had a lot of fun with it, I'll end up missing either mechanic they don't have. Most importantly though.... YES! YES! YES! Hypo aggressive Abigail is back! I was so scared I would never see this again after the hotfix! Thank you so much!!!! This ability to steadily aggro everything on the map including things fighting other players and passive mobs is by far my favorite thing about the refresh. That mixed with the new smoothness of summoning and unsummoning Abigail has made this update everything I've hoped for, I appreciate the rest but personally I find it just icing on the cake. Thank you Klei for bringing this back!
  10. I think it was because of her killing glimmer and Maxwell's puppets, but accidentally killing every once in a while is annoying i guess but not really a big deal, and also easily avoidable and often not even relevant, but the change is a huuuge nerf to Wendy.
  11. I haven't played in a few days now but my friend told me they changed how the aggro system worked on Abigail while she's riled up so she won't attack any passive mobs anymore, if that's the case I'm honestly devastated. The utility of having her attack passive mobs was amazing and made her feel soooooo much nicer to play. If she doesn't attack neutral mobs anymore my butterfly farm is basically useless now. Does that mean she won't kill cookie cutters anymore? I don't understand why people don't want this. I play on console which makes it very tricky to target things but I've still been able to easily unsummon her whenever she would aggro onto something I didn't want her to. This was my favorite thing about the rework please don't take it away
  12. Since the event started whenever i find a spot which usually has a sinkhole i just find an empty spot. These appear all over the world and sometimes have batalisks sleeping around them. This has happened to all three worlds I've made since the event started. I've had no mods enabled any of those times Every