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  1. Wurt last new character for DST?

    New character in this year? Scarcely. Maximum content in this year: one character rework, 1-2 update Return of Them, Winter's Feast event. Everything else in next year
  2. Wurt last new character for DST?

    Hmm, Warly not new character, but Wormwood brand new character. Strange...
  3. KLEI promised 4 new characters for Don't Starve Together. 1. Wortox - brand new character 2. Wormwood - new character for DST, but from Hamlet 3. Warly - new character for DST, but from Shipwrecked 4. Wurt - brand new character Question: this all 4 new charactres for DST or Wormwood and Warly not included in 4 new characters??? Wurt last new character or not???
  4. KLEI, please, give me what i want
  5. Wurt is a vegetarian with a particular appreciation for Durians Hmm, Wurt is a vegetarian. She don't eat fish? I thought they liked to catch fish. Fishermerm from Shipwrecked proof of that. Merms needs to be cannibals and eat fish and frog legs!!!
  6. [Game Update] - 371739

    Waverly confirmed?)))
  7. What about Tencent Firepit and Torch??? We really needs this skins!!!
  8. When will it become available?
  9. YouTube reward still not worked?
  10. 3400 points maximum in this moment?
  11. [Game Update] - 291341

    I didn't see it. Where to see it?
  12. Where item, for cure of the diseased plants?