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  1. Just create the option to cancel the purchase and will return the points back. The return purchase of one skin only once, so that players do not abuse this function. I thus wasted 10800 points in vain, although I already had these skins, but of a different rarity. At that time there was nothing else to buy (the big pile was not yet available at that moment and there were no warnings at that time), but now I would love to return those skins and buy a big pile for these points. Think about it. I think that many people need this function. Take away these recurring loyal skins from me and give me back my 10800 points
  2. I understand you perfectly, as a player with a long experience. I am the owner of these skins as well as you. Yes, I also want to stand out against the background of new players. But let's be honest about all the players. And with regard to new players who simply did not have a chance to get these skins? Why these cosmetic differences? I would also make publicly available skins of the rarity "proof of purchase", which are available to few people, but for an increased price. It would be fair for everyone.
  3. What EA background and portrait are you talking about?
  4. I completely agree. For skins "proof of purchase" need an alternative way to get. For all people
  5. QoL - October Wolfgang rework - December There should be another sea update in November. Two sea updates have been announced. One has already come out, there should be another one. If KLEI plans have not changed
  6. And? This items (timeless and loyal) as they were duplicates, so they remain. I just wasted all my KLEI points on duplicates
  7. Rewards is bugged? Now I have 2 same loyal skin. Event and rewards.
  8. I hope that next year they will add survivors halloween costumes for all new characters (Wurt, Wortox, Wormwood, Warly, Walter)