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  1. And? This items (timeless and loyal) as they were duplicates, so they remain. I just wasted all my KLEI points on duplicates
  2. Rewards is bugged? Now I have 2 same loyal skin. Event and rewards.
  3. I think we need to give a chance so that everyone has the opportunity to get these skins, which are in the picture above. Twitch or in-game drops, events, purchase in the store or steam community market, KLEI rewards or something else. I also offer an idea - to make it possible to get all "yellow event (limited-time use)" skins forever. And to make it possible to get all the other "green loyal" skins. Twitch or in-game drops, events, purchase in the store or steam community market, KLEI rewards or something else. "Proof of purchase" from KLEI shop and "Funko Pop" skins it also needs to be made available to everyone. For example, make it possible to buy this skins for only real money in game shop. That would be fair to everyone. I love KLEI very much, but to buy a real products that I am not interested in, for quite a lot of money (for example, in my country), for the sake of one or more exclusive in-game skins - I think that this is unfair. Minimum price of one such exclusive skin is 10 times more expensive than the game itself!!! And there are already more than 15 such skins in total!!! I agree to buy these skins only for money, but at reasonable prices. Personally, I'm in favor of the idea that if you can't get a specific skin in the game, you can always buy it for adequate money in the game store or get it in any other way available. KLEI have always been loyal to the players. I hope they will listen to my ideas. I hope I didn't offend anyone with my ideas. I just expressed my opinion, as a long-time player and fan DS.
  4. I hope that next year they will add survivors halloween costumes for all new characters (Wurt, Wortox, Wormwood, Warly, Walter)
  5. The Wigfrid Deluxe Wardrobe and Wigfrid Winged Victory Chest will now contain the Winged Victory Belongings skins. People who previously purchased these chests will receive the items for free into their account in the next few days. Is this a joke? 3 new items for Wigfrid Deluxe Chest = 1350 spools = 1 elegant. 3 new items for Winged Victory Belongings = 450 + 150 + 15 = 615 spools. Your mistake made me buy this chest (3 elegant items - spear, helm, armor) + Wigfrid Deluxe Chest. This is unfair compensation!!! –°ompensation must be = 4050 spools or other some chest, not Winged Victory Belongings.
  6. Very nice update!!! I hope that the Halloween chest will be on sale this Halloween. I need Wigfrid-deerclops for complete collection.