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  1. So I've been thinking,in dst we got three kinds of berry bushes.. right? But 2 of them are same stuff, I mean they produces same kind of berries, they're just different not change the kind of berries they produce?The regular berry bush can produce normal/fire berries in summer/autumn, the other kind of berrybush can produce blue berry that is winter specific berry??ie,they produces blueberry in winter without any manure needed??And the juicy berry can be spring specific?? Also the berries perks could be altered a bit? For example eating raw/cooked blue berry lowers down body temperature by a small amount..and fire/red berries increases body temperature a little bit..and juicy berries can give wetness protection or something like that?These perks should be for a specific period of time and should depend upon the amount of berries consumed??Idk.. The berries will still be able to be used as crockpot fillers,also this will give a scope for new crockpot dishes??Heat/cold specific food can also be added and FINALLY..all shapes and kind of berrybush will finally have their unique features so that player chooses all of them and none of them gets discriminated and left behind by their shapes (´ . .̫ . `)? (Sorry about the horrible art attached, I tried ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ,I hope your eyes survive this, and..have a great day,I hope y'all are doing well.. and yeah.. thankyou for going through such long post ಥ‿ಥ)
  2. Y'all they actually brought back the salt box ,ILY guys,thankyou for all your hardwork, can't wait to finish exams and get back to playing
  3. Umm..sorry for this irrelevant post..but I recently bought the proof of purchase skins from community market,since the merchandise is not deliverable in my location,but after the purchase they're showing up tagged as Elegant in the game(it's doesn't really matters tbh..but still kinda curious,sorry)?? this how it is supposed to be??I don't really know how community market stuffs can someone enlighten me on this topic??
  4. With so many rewards on the rewards page,I sure wish they were redeemable with points as well as spools..atleast?I don't own anything on the rewards page,so always running low on them..(unless there's promotional link, I'll need a lifetime of promotional links for the points I'll need to redeem the stuffs that I missed) Regardless tysm for the hard word that you guys have been pulling off,I hope your February and health is going well too,hopefully everything goes smoothly and the twitch drops system will be back again?
  5. I really love this game,but I can't get the merch along with the proof of purchase skins that comes with them,since they are not delivered in our area ,I tried everywhere,but it's either out of stock or very costly,idk how trading works,Ik I can't get the merch but atleast the skins?I don't have something worthy to offer for exchanging,I can pay though?Idk..if there's a good offer,then I can pay for them?Thankyou all in advance
  6. Pretty please let people buy the rewards with both points and spools ಥ‿ಥ this will make my day if this actually happens ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ
  7. So in the recent update of the year of the beefalo event, we got the rewards page refreshed plus some additional klei points (tysm for that),as a new member to the DST comminty me and my friends missed out on lots of stuffs that were given away before , everything that is in the rewards page right now, is something that we don't own,so we're always running low on klei points,we try to keep an eye out for any link and instantly spend them whenever we can redeem another item,but the klei points are given out once in a while,enough to buy 1 item?(very grateful for that though )..So I was wondering.. since players are also collecting spools by unraveling the duplicates that they get during playing?So.. maybe they can redeem with either points or spools(1200points/spools)?Or atleast trade spools for points?When they run low on klei points,at that time they can grind some spools by playing?Till the next link for more klei points is given?..or idk.. I redeemed one of the skin with the points given via the recent link and I'm left with 800klei points..I still want to get the rest 14 stuffs on the rewards page that I don't own which will require a TON of points that I don't have and also don't know hiw much time it'll take to have ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ, but..I have some spools just sitting there in my balance, I'm not using spools right now for anything else,so if I can use the spools to redeem some more stuffs from rewards page..till the link to next klei point is given out, it'd be awesome?..Idk if anyone will pay attention to this or if this is even relevant,but it'd mean a lot if Klei would just hear this out ಥ‿ಥ (Tysm for your hardwork bdw,have a great day)
  8. TYSM,but I'll need a hecc lot of points for all these,cus I have none of them
  9. I was just wondering, if wormwood is a plant based character that looses sanity for chopping tree/shoveling resources/liting fire on trees and such either by himself or just by being around someone who's doing those around him then shouldn't Treegaurds be friendly towards Wormwood??Instead of sanity loss he should probably get a sanity boost around their kind.They should stay deaggro around him unless he decides to attack first or chop wood around them?And when they decide to fight..maybe that's when the sanity loss kicks in twice the amount?(since he's a tree..the treegaurd is basically his guardian and fighting them would cause him twice the sanity loss)??And even with multiple treegaurds the only one that will fight him is the one he'll decide to attack first,the rest will stay deaggro??What do you guys think about this??
  10. I'm so grateful to you guys for bringing it back ,you guys just made my day so much better,I missed out a lot on early twitch drops hopefully the glass eyebrella and saltbox skin will be a part of the upcoming drops too~