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  1. Why miners hat doesn't protect us from falling stones in the caves? XD
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2308653652 this might give u some rewards, there are couple of links that gives spools and points u can use to reedem rewards ^^ also i'd like to ask klei(hope someone will see this) are there any plans to give us any reliable way of obtaining points? like exchanging spools for points? getting them with presents in game too? getting them as additional twitch drops? i'd love to see a way of getting some of theese as it's pretty much impossible to collect them for all rewards(personally i have all, at least from what is avaible right now), some of my friends don't have much skins and i feel bad for them, some just started playing, other have very weak internet cuz of where he lives and can't collect everything as it just doesn't allow him to, and i'd love to see if they can at least get some joy getting some free skins, at least from the rewards page
  3. Same here, i tried to disable all mods didn't worked aswell client_log.txt
  4. Great job! Will that fix actual saves or only will prevent it from happening again? also would be awesome if u tell us what cause that?
  5. happened to me on some saves without exiting game/to main menu, gameplay without breaks
  6. log.txt What i have noticed(at least for me), it never happened to me at first entering, but re-entering shop/caves after little time.
  7. i don't know if saves from previous game version with blackrooms should be fixed or only the ones on actual one, but on the old save command for leaving them doesn't work(maybe cuz exit didn't spawned), if u tell me where save is supposed to be(cuz documents folder is empty) i can send it for devs investigation