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Let's post bad advice for new players.

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I'll start. 


Put all of your food in polluted oxygen. It adds flavour !

Put liquid trepidizers in all of your starting water ASAP. It'll keep the base warm and cozy

Make all of your duplicants sleep beside batteries to keep them warm at night. 

Dig up every plant that grows wild ASAP. Pesky weeds have no room in your colony!


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Sporechid gives excellent decor. Plant them everywhere in your base.

When you reach space, make sure to open up to the rest of the base to let the sunlight and fresh air in.

Don't let people discourage you. Mushbars is an excellent food source for the long term.

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2 hours ago, chemie said:

???That is what you ARE supposed to do

Oops. For some reason I thought iron ore gave the same overheat bonus as Gold amalgam. 

@chemie I must be a noob then :(


But I do save most of my Gold for metal tile purposes


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To avoid traffic jams - expand your base gradually in all directions. This needed to make beds. Because the more dupes you have, the faster game goes. Print somebody each time and expand your base. You can stop after cycle 300-450 with 100-150 dupes on the base. It is common base population in ONI.

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The starting food keeps for a long time, no need to think about food for a while. 

One toilet is enough, damn dupes can just hold it!

Dig aggressively in all directions right from the beginning. Everything else is not urgent. You want to know what is out there as soon as possible!

You don't need exo-suits. They are just a hassle. Dupes can hold their breath long enough for the oil-biome and for space!

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Always use a arcade machine over the jukebox. It uses more power, generates more heat, and only entertains 2 dupes instead of up to 5 which are all great traits.

Also, since the game has been out for 2 years, use google and watch 2 year old you tube how to play videos....not much has changed.

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You can't be to obvious or they will figure it out, I'd try and be sneaky.

Never use bridges, they cause packet flow problems and slow down the game.

Try not to use atmo suits, your dupes can't improve their stats while wearing them.

Never upgrade past basic power wire it's a waste, don't use transformers they leech power and just use more power generators for every separate grid.

Sleet wheat should be your highest priority when you start the game.

Electrolizer are a trap, stick with algae and farm pufts.... ok I'm going to stop now, I need a shower.

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Plant weezwort everywhere. it's like free air conditioning but with a décor bonus!

Rush Ore scrubbers before even thinking about exploring the slime biome, it's the most practical way to keep slime lung off of your base.

Refrigerators will keep your food from spoiling indefinitely.

Crafting all medicines is a must in case you get any of your duplicants sick (subject to change If they revert diseases symptoms to pre-MKIII).

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