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  1. Locavore/Carnivore

    Was made more challenging by doing the sustainable power achievement at the same time, so I had each incubator powered by a hamster wheel. Did the same. You don't need incubators enabled always. Just sing a song for egg and put another one. All you need are 2 incuabtors and tonns of micromanagement.
  2. That mean my "every achievement on the single base" failed a couple of weeks and hunderd cycles ago=( I apparently don't want to handle making of locavore,carnivere and supersustainable simultaniously once again.
  3. Am I mad or Nat. Gas Generator was not mentioned in Super Sustainable?
  4. Super Sustainable: failed. but the only generator i built and used is manual generator. p.s. It's become ok as soon as one of the dupes used it.
  5. Players with debug_enable.txt file need not to enable degug mode (click Backspace) ingame to learn new skills without skillpoints. Works with any savegame The Plagued Spacecamp.sav Bustling Committee.sav
  6. [Game Update] - 309851

    Brutal. What about some additional humiliation for not-so-skilled-dupes? Like rude gesture when overtaking slower dupe.
  7. [Game Update] - 278302

    Littlebit not obvious for me. Just 2 tiles wide/height hole in a wall is a border for room now?
  8. [Game Update] - 277680

    FinallYeah! You should not do this!
  9. I built farm tile of clay infected by slimelung. After desinfection it shows 0 surface germs, however still looks like infected tile in germ overlay. It's become OK after close\open game and loading.
  10. Actually there is no really critical bugs at the moment. In stable branch for sure. At beta (beta branch of alpha test btw! We should keep it in mind) I just started new game and nothing happens with an ice biomes after tenfolds of cycles. Correct temperature of abyssalite surrounding biomes perfectly protect it from melting. Insulated abyssalite tiles works same as usual abys.tiles from previous versions of a game. Drip cooling also fixed. Radiant pipes at the process of fixing and it's ok for new features. All the aforementioned issues are actual for old maps which was built in old circumstances base on old mechanics. The new one works fine, just try to start brand new base and taste it by yourself. At least check out this topic, i'v got similar results and just a littlebit more troubles with insulating than before.