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  1. Cycle 1: Toilets, beds, research station Cycle 2: Start mealwood farm Cycle 3: Establish oxygen production Cycle 4: Assess how much Dupes my spawn can support (Oxyferns, water etc.) Next I build all rooms I can (especially the broken Great Hall) to push morale. This includes the washroom upgrade. As soon as the core is set up, I tech into Atmosuits. By Dupe Skill 4 to 5 of the starting ones, all Dupes will get exosuit training to negate the athletics penalty. Build the stations in front of the barracks and let them run around in atmosuits as soon as they wake up. Next I go into full exploration mode since Dupes are invulnerable against everything (temperature, slimelung etc.) and find my cool steam vents. Build the electrolyzer setup for infinite oxygen production, dig into the oil biome, build a polymer press in the cold biome alongside with a metal refinery and start producing the materials needed for the more sophisticated machines in Midgame.
  2. The only biome you can't run your Dupes through is the oil biome with ~80°C. All other biomes won't cause any issues for your Dupes. Even the cold biome can be trespassed safely as long as your Dupes don't stand in freezing cold water. Slimelung is only a problem if you play on miserable/fatalistic wiht no passive immunity regeneration. On standard it's almost impossible to kill your Dupes with reasonable amounts of Slimelung. If you sweep off the slime and place Deodorizers everywhere the Slimelung will never be a problem. On Algae Terrariums: They are even more useless since they don't stop producing oxygen once they get overpressurized. This means popped eardrums everytime you bring your Dupes next to them. Algae Deoxydizers are simply superior in any conceivable way.
  3. Tooth Trap Trouble

    They do have a pretty awful delay. It is better to place them on a free space outside your base and lead the hounds onto them. Thanks to their fighting (or biting) animation they stop and stand still for a while. Mostly this delay in the hounds movement is enough to trigger the trap reliably. So you have to kite the hounds into the traps. Oh, and 3 traps are too less. I wouldn't bother to make a field beneath 10 traps. Beefalo are just so much more efficient!
  4. What Was Your First Death?

    Basically I first died to bees in my first winter. After stocked up seeds weren't that efficient as a 15 days long food source a treeguard (which I defeated *yay*) drained my sanity so my last hope turned into beardlings. I thought: "What would a starving animal in the middle of the winter do?" Of course, hunt for honey. I thought bees couldn't spawn from wild beehives but apparently they could.
  5. The largest maze EVER!

    Well it's basically very easy! Just go left, right, up, left, left. right, straight ahead for 10 blocks, right, down, left, right, up, left, left, left, turn around and immediately right, left, left, left, right, right, right, once more up again down, take the first exit to your left, right, right, right, left, left, left, right, left, right, left aaand go down. See, it's absolutely easy, just took me 15 and a half hours!
  6. Tips for a newbie

    Seeds are a terrible source of food to stock up for the winter. They caused my first death in Don't Starve due to starvation. So yeah, basically you learn from your deaths. Never fool around with Dragonfly + no armor (especially with Maxwell). Just don't attack pengulls. Splumonkeys are real di*** not so kind animals. And so on.