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  1. 30 fps :P 2013 mac ~_~ but, still! 4 asteroids, 28 dupes.
  2. will have to start a new game to get the spores disease?
  3. I think it is because of the queue in the production machines, like grill, refinery BECAUSE I removed all orders and managed to get through the cycle without a freeze.
  4. @kirani as it so happens, i have a rocket returning as well. A save before the launch loaded fine. So I loaded the save prior to launch, launch and return were normal (no crashes), went further into few more cycles. That save is not loading.
  5. @Ipsquiggle for osx,with same issue should i make another thread? or post log/save here itself.
  6. i've been trying to build a pump , but i'm not sure if my game is crashing for the same reason. the client just freezes and the only solution is to force quit it and retry from an unsaved point.
  7. Don't have to bother with critters if you don't use the critters.
  8. Petroleum gen was only used as backup , NG is just too reliably stable.