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  1. okay, thanks. Tiles are better than gases as well I assume?
  2. Biomes with darkness will help pace the game a bit. Plus I wish it was a tad harder.
  3. so vacuum good or bad? sorry in advance for asking.
  4. You're a bigger monster for using 'could of'
  5. There is a mod for that.
  6. Play the game how other players intend you to, that way you'll be efficient and top tier player.
  7. A lot of credit goes to Mr Oni Noob for making a post everytime he has a question. : ]
  8. Slimelung is now on par with hypothermia. The disease system wasn't hard before, now it's simply inconsequential. The new doctor system should've been built on top of the old harshness of the disease rather than nerfing it. Although, most people on the forum are adept enough to avoid any disease by building smartly, perhaps a newer player should comment on the difficulty/ease of the new system and if it's dynamic or boring.
  9. Playtime record

    Playing on a laptop I fear that if I go AFK , the thing might catch fire. Still a measly 1291 Hours.
  10. [Game Update] - 324351

    will have to start a new game to get the spores disease?
  11. hadn't Klei given a free game to early adopters? I doubt they'd give again.
  12. I assume storing gases and liquids in their reservoirs improves fps? and how about turning needless water into ice? Sure 5fps isn't much for some people with better rigs, for laptop folks above 1000 cycles, any fps improvement is a gain.
  13. [Game Update] - 297993

    I think it is because of the queue in the production machines, like grill, refinery BECAUSE I removed all orders and managed to get through the cycle without a freeze.
  14. Spacerock Cycle 404.sav this log is the proper one! sorry. log.txt