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  1. [MODS] Nightinggale's mods list

    Works for me. I need your log file to investigate this. Also if it happens while loading a savegame, I would like that savegame as well.
  2. You mean to say all we have to do is to make a mod, which increases the internal storage and the problem will go away? There is just one small problem with that theory. The grill has 3 internal storage components: input, storage, output. Each has a capacity of 20 tons. I don't think increasing those limits will do us any good. Maybe it's a float rounding issue.
  3. Trash or incerator

    "similar" is not by chance. Modding is based on Harmony, which is a tool originally created to mod RimWorld, but it works on all Unity games provided the game makes the needed call to start Harmony. It sounds like you want to remove plants, which are obtained when the game starts. I think you should be able to do that with worldgen, which means it can be done in plain text files. For instance in mobs.yaml SwampLily: location: Floor selectMethod: Centroid density: min: 0.4 max: 0.5 width: 1 height: 1 Without actually having tried it, adding that file to a mod and remove the SwampLily will likely prevent the map generator from placing said plant. I can't help you with how to mod worldgen because I never tried it. I know there are mods, which mods it and it's supported for modding, but that's about what I know about it. Steam offers filtering based on which mods contains worldgen modding. That would be a good place to start.
  4. [MODS] Nightinggale's mods list

    I kind of suspect they will have by the next release, perhaps they have it right now internally. In fact one part I had to think of is not that KLEI haven't come up with the sensors I have come up with, but rather what happens if they add precisely the same as I have done. If they add a building and assign the same ID as what I used, then odds are savegames will break. In the hunt for IDs, which are unique enough to not cause clashes, I decided to add my name to all of them (nobody else would add my name, right?) and that's actually the only reason why I added my name to every single building. The fact that we could end up with two identical sensors in the game is another issue, but it's fairly simple to update the mod to remove my sensor from the build menu, but let it stay in the game. That way the sensor is removed, but those people built prior to saving will still be there and they will still function normally. As you can see, I actually planned ahead for when KLEI "steals" my not so unique sensor ideas. In fact the best thing, which can happen is that KLEI adds enough sensors to render my mod obsolete because they they will add proper graphics and I don't have to do anything
  5. [MODS] Nightinggale's mods list

    Updated Sensory Overload to add 4 sensors to Conveyor Rails. Now gas/liquid/conveyor rails have the same 4 sensors: element, germs, temperature, pressure/mass. To do this, I had to write the base classes for adding switches to conveyor rails. Vanilla has them for pipes, but not for rails.
  6. I played around with this and the bug is unrelated to the steam turbine. Here is how you trigger this bug: Build one of the 2x2 gates (AND, OR etc) Place an automation wire bridge on the empty cell on the gate Remove the automation wire bridge The incorrect message about overlapping ports comes when step 2 is completed and step 3 doesn't fix it. Placing a sensor in the same cell doesn't trigger this bug and gates can't overlap, meaning it's apparently purely a problem with automation wire bridge vs 2x2 gates. Placing the wire bridge first prevents building the gate even though it's a valid location. I highly suspect the cause to be related this this piece of code: BuildingDef.MarkArea(). Maybe 2x2 gates mark all 4 cells when it should only mark 3 of them. if (this.BuildLocationRule == BuildLocationRule.LogicBridge) { LogicPorts component2 = go.GetComponent<LogicPorts>(); if (component2 != null && component2.inputPortInfo != null) { LogicPorts.Port[] inputPortInfo = component2.inputPortInfo; for (int j = 0; j < inputPortInfo.Length; j++) { LogicPorts.Port port = inputPortInfo[j]; CellOffset rotatedCellOffset6 = Rotatable.GetRotatedCellOffset(port.cellOffset, orientation); int cell9 = Grid.OffsetCell(cell, rotatedCellOffset6); this.MarkOverlappingPorts(Grid.Objects[cell9, (int)layer], go); Grid.Objects[cell9, (int)layer] = go; } } }
  7. Atmo sensor threshold <30g

    This bug is linked to IThresholdSwitch rather than a specific sensor. As a result it affects all sensors using IThresholdSwitch (temperature, hydro, germs etc) as well as all mod created sensors relying on IThresholdSwitch.
  8. I thought of that. However the code in this regard is fairly simple using only standard code. It has power usage and heat buildup as fixed values. To make it deliver different amount of heat energy depending on the current temperature would require custom code. Sure it's doable, but it would require a lot more coding time and is far less trivial.
  9. Crude Oil and petroleum are liquids. Dupes can't pick them up and carry them around. You need to use pumps and pipes to move them to where they are needed. Dupes can only carry solid objects. You can use pitcher pumps to bottle liquids but you usually only want to do that with clean water.
  10. Update posted just today?

    One file updated and it's 5665 kB. I wonder how many of the 750 kB are actual changes. I wouldn't put it past the system to change the release date and since the new release date is bigger/smaller than the old one, the rest of the changes are new offsets.
  11. Nice. The presentation looks really nice. However floodable and embombable are inverted as in gas generator can't get flooded, but temperature sensor can according to your presentation.
  12. And the game just updated to say next release in in July.
  13. The problem with unlocking the tepidizer is that it delivers enough heat to make steam turbines produce 3977 W while it only consumes 960 W. This means it is possible to build a powerplant, which produces electricity without any fuel. If we are to get something to heat liquid to boiling temperature, then I suspect it would have to be a modded tepidizer. To make it balanced, it would only produce 775 kDTU as this will make it able to produce 750 W with a steam turbine while consuming 960 W. Would anybody use something this expensive?
  14. I find it silly that they removed a working way of transporting critters. I find farming critters too difficult/annoying as it is even without such restrictions. It quickly turns into micromanagement and automation is all about getting your base up and running without micromanagement. It should be possible to make a mod, which makes critters fall through open horizontal doors. The problem is that I don't know where to look for it and just looking around in the code at random could take a while to put it mildly.
  15. shipping mass storage

    I agree with that one. When I reach a certain number of dupes (and that's way below 10) I usually make a night shift. It lowers the number of needed toilets, showers etc and it means there is always somebody at work. An important priority 9 task (recover downed dupe etc) will be done without red alert regardless of when on the cycle it takes place. Also 10 dupes doesn't do twice the work of 5 dupes because they run into problems with other dupes reserving stuff. Moving all rocks to storage is more efficient if the transport dupes can take as many piles as possible. Too many dupes and the pile next to the first one will be reserved by somebody else. I thought about it, but never fully implemented it. I once made a room kind of like that, but it didn't sort that much. Instead items ended up on doors and it would take more than a cycle to fall through the doors. Since the room was full of chlorine, all items would be germ free when it reached the bottom. Designed mainly for slime, though it turned out to be useful for transporting everything.