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  1. It's just a plain text file, meaning any plain text editor. I use notepad++, but regular notepad should work just fine as well.
  2. First of all I think the problem should be fixed in my end and not in ONI. Generally speaking Klei doesn't fix mods. Secondly there is no need to ask those questions. Mod creators can actually look up the answers themselves. If a mod problem is to be reported to Klei, then it's because "your change prevents me from modding X". If this is needed, then I will do so myself and very detailed, but so far I have nothing pointing in that direction.
  3. You make it sound like nothing happens to the modding system, which isn't the case. However I agree it's easy to miss unless you really pay attention. Usually all you can see on the forum is a single line in the changelog, like this: Sure the amount of dev replies on the forum is quite low, but they have made a statement about it being intentional. You can agree or disagree with their reasoning behind it, but that's how it works here. However replies are just words. What's important is what happens to the game. The metric I use is what happens when I report an issue. In the quoted case it was fixed in the following patch and that has happened multiple times. Will the newest reported issue be fixed soon? I don't know, but based on the history it's possible. Chances are certainly a whole lot higher than if nobody reports such issues. Besides even if Klei ignores the modding community (which I don't think is the case), then abandonware would still be the wrong term to use. ONI itself is available and is still being updated.
  4. Do anybody else understand this statement because I don't. Abandonware is usually used for games, which can no longer be bought. It's not a legal term, but an excuse to share stuff online. What usually happens is that some company buys another (often bankrupt) company, which is then bought by another etc. Sometimes multiple companies buy parts of a bankrupt company. Eventually nobody (not even the owner) knows who owns what from the original company. I fail to see how that can be related to anything regarding Klei or ONI.
  5. [MODS] Nightinggale's mods list

    Updated HalfDoor with @scitor's pull request. It now adds a half version of all 3 types of doors. Also I added my own addition: a log writer. It now writes the mod and mod version to the output log. This will tell if (once again) some future issue is due to steam not updating correctly.
  6. [MODS] Nightinggale's mods list

    I know. I took a brief look and it looks ok. Right now it's waiting for me to have enough time and focus to review it properly. I do plan to do so in the near future.
  7. [MODS] Nightinggale's mods list

    I updated Piped Output to disable gas range and rust deoxidzer because they have issues. They might come back someday, but for the time being not adding output to those is better than conflicting with other building components in those two buildings. I posted a bug report regarding the crashes on mac and linux. I'm not entirely sure what you want me to do. Great. Another mod, which decided to break itself
  8. I found a way to make working windows mods, which crashes on mac and linux. Even worse it's fairly easy to do so and you have no indication of it when testing on windows. I had no idea about this until lots of people reported my mod to be crashing. It's a problem with the execution of IBuildingConfig. Take for instance EthanolDistilleryConfig. It has DoPostConfigurePreview, DoPostConfigureUnderConstruction and DoPostConfigureComplete. Adding a Postfix to all 3 works on windows, but the first two will cause a NULL exception on mac and linux, apparently because the methods are empty. My guess is that there is some sort of optimization going on, which prevents replacing an empty virtual method with another virtual method. There is a related issue, which also affects windows. If one of the virtual methods isn't mentioned by the building and you patch it, the building will work because you end up patching IBuildingConfig. The problem here is that your newly created building will work, but your change will also apply to all other buildings not mentioning the method in question. Solution: I think both problems can be solved by not using virtual methods. Make them abstract instead and fill out buildings with empty methods as needed. That will force the compiler to make code for each method in each class even if those methods doesn't contain any code. At least I hope so. I have no way of testing this. I hope to see a fix for this soon. Right now Piped Output is broken on mac and linux.
  9. I think I reported this at some point. If the resolution is low enough, it is possible to set UI scale high enough to make certain buttons appear off screen, which removes the ability to click certain buttons, including the ability to change resolution and UI scaling. When I encountered that I had to edit kplayerprefs.yaml manually to lower UI scaling.
  10. The new research screen zoom is much better, but it is flawed when you get to the edge. The problem is that if you zoom in and you are outsize the tech tree, the game will automatically jump back. This results in two problems: as UI increases, the tech tree increase in size faster than the allowed zone, making some techs appear outsize the allowed area the bouncing is uncomfortable to watch and prone to cause motion sickness Personally I would prefer to just get rid of the bounce back feature as this will solve both problems. Perhaps add some "jump to tree" feature instead as that will fix any issue where players accidentally move too far away. This is either a button or triggered by closing the screen and opening again. Either way it shouldn't trigger repeated and unexpected screen bouncing. One thing to keep in mind here is that there is talk in the modding forum about adding techs. This means the tech tree might not be fixed in size forever and might end up depending on which mods are loaded. This is also a reason to not hardcode edges.
  11. [MODS] Nightinggale's mods list

    I did a quick update to Coal Generator Delivery Fixes to make it compatible with the newly released game patch.
  12. [Game Update] - 359645

    That's the first thing I noticed with this update. Or more specifically the first thing I noticed was people telling me it broke my mod Turns out that all I had to do was adding the same tooltip method, which was almost just copy pasting the tooltip code. I wish all bugfixes were this easy. Can I have that as a feature request? All new bugs must be easy to fix
  13. [Game Update] - 357226

    I'm not sure what to make of the mod manager nightmare. Now it seems Rimworld is affected by this problem too where unsubscribing and then subscribing can fix mods, which breaks when the mod creator uploads a new version. If Steam broke their workshop, then it would be hard for Klei to fix it. What's weird is that if Steam broke, they can't I find anything about it online. I only noticed because I was told my Rimworld mod broke and then somebody else commented that it was due to another mod and it's assumed the mod creator screwed up, but the fix looks surprisingly similar to the fix for ONI mods. It's kind of suspicious that two different games break in the same way at the same time.
  14. [MODS] Nightinggale's mods list

    Released Piped Output 1.2. This fixes a problem with the natural gas generator where the vanilla ConduitDispenser could wake up and output CO2 in the input pipe, which the input will then take in and cause wrong element damage.
  15. [MODS] Nightinggale's mods list

    Good point. I will however still write what is causing the mod conflict and how to avoid it. It could be a useful template for other modders to follow.