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  1. It's just a plain text file, meaning any plain text editor. I use notepad++, but regular notepad should work just fine as well.
  2. First of all I think the problem should be fixed in my end and not in ONI. Generally speaking Klei doesn't fix mods. Secondly there is no need to ask those questions. Mod creators can actually look up the answers themselves. If a mod problem is to be reported to Klei, then it's because "your change prevents me from modding X". If this is needed, then I will do so myself and very detailed, but so far I have nothing pointing in that direction.
  3. Gas/liqiud pipes share the flow manager, meaning multi-threading that one will benefit both. Solid "pipes" has a solid flow manager and as such is a standalone task to make that one multithreaded. I don't know if they have multithreaded it already, but in general we can't assume anything from gas/liquid pipes to apply to solid without verification. However because gas and liquid share flow manager, we can assume what applies to one also applies to the other unless confirmed to not be the case. Maybe floating point rounding issue. They have a tendency to use floats rather than doubles. This means they use less memory, but it introduce a precision/rounding problem. In theory if we can have unlimited stack sizes, then we can make a stack, which is so big that dupes can pick up from it and the mass won't shrink because what the dupe picked up is below the accuracy of the float variable. This explains why it's a good idea to have a limit. It doesn't directly explain why they picked 25t. I don't want to do the math to see if something bad happens at 27t or if it's just a nice looking randomly picked number.
  4. Logic wires have two states: red and green. You can't use them to tell 3 states apart. You should rethink your idea on how to control the sensor to make it tell what you want with an either on or off signal, not 3 stages. Sensory Overload has a config file where you can set the max pressure for gas and liquid sensors.
  5. Somebody should take the time to go through the files and change the restrictions to become percentage of the map size instead of fixed number of cells. I wonder if Klei will accept outside patches like that if they are done properly. It will make the world generation a whole lot more stable when modding them, particularly if we mod the map size.
  6. Mods crashing on exit

    You could try to upload your log file. Usually it will have some sort of crash message, which would be really helpful when trying to figure out why the game crashes.
  7. New machine aging system?

    I'm wondering if the age thing is just a display to tell the player which parts of the base is new and which are ancient. Maybe it's step one in adding ancient buildings in ruins like writing that a Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier is 7 million years old or whatever. I don't think it's intended to make it beneficial to deconstruct buildings and then build again to reset the age. At least I would view that as a mistake.
  8. Is there Power Use on line Mod?

    It's obvious what you want, but it's not compatible with the current code. It's not a matter of hidden data. It's a matter of data, which aren't there and generally doesn't matter because whatever number you would get displayed aren't used by the game anyway. Let's for a moment assume you can use this for something useful, like redoing your wires or placing power switches. How should this be calculated? Sure you can make a wire path from A to B, but what if there are branches, which merge back meaning there could be 50 ways for the power to move from A to B? This quickly becomes complex. If I were to come up with something realistic to code, then it would likely be something like going through the wires to one side and add up all the power consumers. If there is at least one power producer, then stop and restart going the other way. If it can add a bunch of power consumers and no producers, then that's the max wire load. There are cases where this wouldn't work though and it would be a severe slowdown while used. It would also not be a minor effort to code. In theory I can see some cases where it might be useful. You can avoid overloading by splitting wires or disabling parts of the wire/power consumers to keep the max down. I remember one time where I had a really long 1 kW wire and in the end of it the power consumers ended up using more and more power. Increasing available power would take a while to set up, meaning I had to do something else to get a here and now solution. I placed a pressure sensor under the oil refinery and whenever a dupe was on it, the pumps would lose power. This way I could have a "peak" of 1.5 kW on a 1 kW wire without overloading. I can see setups like this being easier to set up with a better display, but I'm not sure the benefits are good enough to justify the coding issues.
  9. Is there Power Use on line Mod?

    The game has a concept of pipes where liquid/gas is moved around. There is no such thing for electricity. Instead there is a wire network, which is a list of all power producers and consumers on the same wire. When power is produced and used, the game doesn't look at where each building is, only that they are on the same wire. Sure you can rewrite the power system to be like the pipes and it might be possible to do with a mod. However I don't think you would like the resulting CPU requirements. You will certainly lose FPS.
  10. Make sure you only have your own mod listed once. If you have it in both steam and dev, then it will show up twice. If that happens, then you can risk loading the steam version even if you have a local version, which is newer.
  11. You make it sound like nothing happens to the modding system, which isn't the case. However I agree it's easy to miss unless you really pay attention. Usually all you can see on the forum is a single line in the changelog, like this: Sure the amount of dev replies on the forum is quite low, but they have made a statement about it being intentional. You can agree or disagree with their reasoning behind it, but that's how it works here. However replies are just words. What's important is what happens to the game. The metric I use is what happens when I report an issue. In the quoted case it was fixed in the following patch and that has happened multiple times. Will the newest reported issue be fixed soon? I don't know, but based on the history it's possible. Chances are certainly a whole lot higher than if nobody reports such issues. Besides even if Klei ignores the modding community (which I don't think is the case), then abandonware would still be the wrong term to use. ONI itself is available and is still being updated.
  12. oxygen not included multiplayer

    I tried something like this ages ago. I can't remember which game it was, but it had an email multiplayer mode and I decided to try it with a friend because hey why not? It was in the game meaning it obviously had to work, right? Well not really. What happened is a player played one turn, generated a new savegame file, which then required manual attachment to an email. The other player then played one turn and would then send the new savegame back. This turned out to be awful because when you want to play, you want to play. If it's not your turn, then you have to wait for the other player to finish and if the other player doesn't reply until the next day, then you can't play for the rest of the day. In reality a forced "no more playing for you today" event isn't fun at all. Unsurprisingly for multiplayer to be fun, you have to.. you know play multiple people at the same time. Otherwise it ends up as single player, but with the forced pause added.
  13. attempt to mod Liquid Valve

    First of all, don't fall into the trap where inheriting vanilla buildings seems to be a nice shortcut. Based on personal experience when you do that, ONI updates and then your mod breaks. Copy pasting the class you want to inherit works more reliably. You need to look at the interface class you are using, in this case ISliderControl. When the user does something to the slider, the game will call your code with a set method, in this case SetSliderValue. This will give you the new values, which you are responsible for storing and return whenever the get methods are called. You are also responsible for saving those variables in savegames.
  14. Do anybody else understand this statement because I don't. Abandonware is usually used for games, which can no longer be bought. It's not a legal term, but an excuse to share stuff online. What usually happens is that some company buys another (often bankrupt) company, which is then bought by another etc. Sometimes multiple companies buy parts of a bankrupt company. Eventually nobody (not even the owner) knows who owns what from the original company. I fail to see how that can be related to anything regarding Klei or ONI.
  15. [MODS] Nightinggale's mods list

    Updated HalfDoor with @scitor's pull request. It now adds a half version of all 3 types of doors. Also I added my own addition: a log writer. It now writes the mod and mod version to the output log. This will tell if (once again) some future issue is due to steam not updating correctly.