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  1. I plan to make a rust pokeshell (when I get my tablet back).
  2. Flower hatches.... Maybe they should be like a walking buddybud and the coal they poop could be "infected" with floral scents. Diet could be same as sage hatches but the conversion from material to coal would be a little less.
  3. NICE! Diamond Egg looks the best still. I understand it might a bit difficult to come up with the wood egg since lumber isn't much to work with. Maybe make the top part look like the fully grown branches on the arbor tree? I'd definately give it a go but my parasitic cousin has my Wacom
  4. Tried to load my save but instead the game was telling me to select three new duplicants as if starting a new colony. It didn't, however, load a new asteroid. Odd since I have 257 Cycles on that save. My save is attached below. Quarantined Crew.sav
  5. Thank you so much for your hard work. You're a good third of the reason I became active on these forums
  6. True that, you'd have to know the exact dimensions of each animated section to before you can go crazy with it. @watermelen671, is it possible for you to pass us a template for the basic hatch animation? Ooooh. Better document the process if you do. There haven't been any mods that I'm aware of that added new animations. There's a diamond hatch currently on the workshop, not sure if it still works but it just reused the stone hatch animations since apperantly there was no way to do so.
  7. Great designs Maybe try to make the body a bit more unique per morph. So far it looks like you coloured over the outline of the basic hatch. Not that anything's wrong with that but the current morphs are pretty distinct from one another.
  8. Been here since the first week of alpha. Printing pod only printed dupes, morbs came out of corpses, manual airlocks were available at 0 research, fertilizer makers could power entire bases, hatches ate sleeping duplicants, mythical pacus... So much has changed, so much has been added, and now finally it's been officially released as a complete game. ONI came to me at the lowest point in my life but it as exactly what I needed. A game I could put 100's of hours into, forgeting about what was going on in reality and keeping me excited with every announcement, patch, update, datamine and guide. Congratulations Klei. This game and any future content related to it will stay with me. I'll keep supporting you for as long as possible and I'll be happy be obliged to do so. It's the least I could do for all ONI has do for me.
  9. Didnt know you could do that Been playing since first release and still learning. THANK YOU!!! <3
  10. Pretty sure there are no structures anywhere near... Unless the melted ice counts as a structure, If that's the case then ****
  11. Ive been trying to give belts to the pig king, I have 7 in my inventory in the screenshot but it keeps telling me to clean up even though theres no structure or trees...
  12. Can't seem to wrestle... already cleared trees in the surrounding area and unbuilt the year of the pig shrines I built next to it, What am I doing wrong