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  1. not trying to be "that guy" but if you are far enough in the game to be running out of slime, then why have you not moved on to higher quality food farming/productions? even if you are trying to upgrade to mushroom wraps, you'll have to work on sustaining bleach stone too which means ranching squeaky pufts and a chlorine geyser In my experience if you need to ranch critters to maintain crops, you are better off ranching critters for their meat If you are dead set on mushroom farming, might I suggest using pips to plant wild dust caps? You'll have to plant 4 times as many dust caps to maintain the same rate as your farms, but they will never need slime
  2. dupes need to "jump" though the liquid lock to avoid the debuff and prevent exhaling which would break the lock, to do this the lock needs to be 4 tiles high so you'll need to add water and p-water to your petroleum and crude oil here's an example I use that also has a vacuum in the center to prevent heat transfer here's the easiest way I know to build 4 tile high locks
  3. S-traps are mostly illegal in USA due to the fact they can siphon water out of the trap allowing sewer gas to escape Toilets are the exception because it's designed to refill the trap after every flush, but toilets do come in the P-trap variety if it's being plumbed though the wall instead of the floor Although I suppose S-traps could work in ONI due to the fact siphoning requires air pressure and that hasn't been implemented in the game physics .... yet
  4. vandlÄs refers to all liquid traps (including P-traps) "All thumbs are fingers, but not all fingers are thumbs..."
  5. In plumber terms, those are called "P-Traps" They are used to prevent sewer gases from venting back up though the pipes and into your house, without P-traps your house would smell really REALLY bad
  6. this is why I plant a wheezewort next to my batteries if available
  7. nice cooling loop, but remember the polymer press does leak steam which will turn into water on the floor, be sure to be prepared for that
  8. never build the polymer press in the oil biome, pump the oil/petroleum out so you can build it in a temperature controlled room were you can drip water directly on it to keep it cool also building a polymer press in an ice biome is a temp solution, just be sure you keep a pump below it to drip the melted ice back on the machine
  9. there is a way to use automation with two smart batteries to keep jumbo batteries full, but given how leaky jumbo batteries are it's more efficient to just use smart batteries alone
  10. back when reservoirs were first added to the game I was the first to discover they could be disabled by building them on top of mech doors (or I was just the first to post about it) I had made an automation system that rotated between 3 reservoirs to maintain 10kg flow of clean PW It was during that thread that some one posted about stringing 4 or 5 reservoirs in succession that allowed a constant 10kg flow of clean PW and much easier to setup than the one I posted In the end it's more about what you have to work with, If there's a few infected PW geysers on the map than going for a constant flow system like @Gurgel works best. But if all you have is bathroom water than something simple like this design I've posted before which works well in most closed bathroom loops
  11. Morbs have always counted as critters in ranches, that's why you have to keep them separated from your pufts in a separate room
  12. Sometimes the germ sensor gets stuck sending a green signal even when no packets of PW are present. Needs a clean source of PW to reset the sensor back to red. That's why I have showers in the loop to provide germ free PW Pic is from an older version, you have it right
  13. best to kill the germs first before sieving so you don't have to deal with germs on the P dirt here's a screenshot of what I use, Automation is simple, top germ sensor opens the door disabling the reservoir when it detects germs. The BUFFER gate is set to 135s to keep the door open while germs die Bottom germ sensor controls the shutoff sending any surviving germs back to the tank (optional)
  14. press F12 for a screenshot. Then a picture file should be saved in a folder located in your Program Files(x85) > Steam > Userdata > Screenshots