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  1. I had the same problem when placing fire poles
  2. New content today?

    Must be Thursday then
  3. very nice, I was worried it wouldn't blend in well with the crown moulding but it looks pretty good
  4. statues variation

    Não, os materiais afetam apenas o valor da decoração e a condutividade térmica. Eles não mudam a aparência da própria estátua. É possível que mods tenham sido feitos para alterar a aparência
  5. It doesn't have to be 150kg of lime remember the normal drecko only gives 2 thimble reeds 10kg of lime per harvest seems more balanced
  6. LED lightbulbs

    welcome to the forums please submit topics like this to the suggestion and feedback section here https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/forum/133-oxygen-not-included-suggestions-and-feedback/
  7. Algae Terrarium Experiment

    my main water supply is underneath and I pipe extra whenever I need it. Eventually I'm going to drip extra water in from a bathroom loop
  8. I thought it was like 150kg? this is why I like the idea of harvesting for lime better to help with steel production, would be more balanced than getting steel directly from dreckos
  9. Algae Terrarium Experiment

    @KittenIsAGeek Here's an updated version of my build as I tried to add water dripping to save on dupe time
  10. Grammer aside, an official release date hasn't been given yet. But we have been told it's soon
  11. Pretty sure that's intended
  12. Metal refinary Lime + refined carbon + iron
  13. Main reason I don't bother with solar is there isn't much need. I usually have good coal, natural gas, and petroleum power by the time I start building rockets.
  14. This is the main reason I haven't been able to build solar panels across the whole surface outside of debug mode Untill this is fixed I usually just build a bunker tile shield across the top, I don't bother trying to automate bunker doors except over my rockets