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  1. Fair enough, my barracks are 4 tiles high so I have plenty of room for decor. Hence I don't need glass floors
  2. 2 high rooms can trap air easily, consider placing airflow tiles evenly spaced in all the floors and ceilings
  3. Question: if an exosuit is used for the whole work period, is there enough time to recharge it during the downtime/sleep period?
  4. Personally I avoid using rails due to lag. Also I like to train new dupes on supply jobs to build up strength and athletes. But that's my personal play style, I'm always interested in how other players deal with late game lag
  5. Good. That must have been fixed in an old patch I wasn't aware of
  6. I have used conveyor rails to melt ice into water which is similar to what you're suggesting. However once the ice fully melted the basket on the rail remained. Which caused backups on the line The same might happen to oxylite so be careful with that if you try to create a loop
  7. And back to my original suggestion, turbine loop
  8. True, you will need to fill the room with hydrogen. Can't cool the sweepers unless they are submerged in a gas, liquid, or buried in a solid. So vacuum cooling is impossible unless ONI physics changes to allow buildings to exchange heat with the tiles they stand on
  9. the game needs some hostility

    it was funny watching dupes run in fear
  10. Don't know, it's possible a critter will exchange heat with consumables. This needs to be tested
  11. the game needs some hostility
  12. Vacuums are perfect insulators. So critters will maintain their body temps
  13. It doesn't, but some critters eat atmosphere like slicksters and pufts so a vacuum could starve them
  14. 'Ready to harvest' crops absorb the same amount of water/dirt as the growth periods If this was a problem before, it must have been patched