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  1. how are those two used together?
  2. ether you have a bug, or possible player error?
  3. This is my decon room, the chlorine pressure is 2114.9g though out the whole room. It hasn't changed in the past 150-ish cycles since I built it and I have killed millions of slimelung germs
  4. you might need to elaborate what do you mean by "why in my game sterilising water costs chlorine"?
  5. Here's an automation overlay: The upper germ sensor is set to send a signal to the door when it detects 1 or more germs The buffer gate is set to 135s to ensure all germs are dead before the door closes The lower germ sensor is set to send a signal to the shutoff valve is 0 germs are detected, if any germs survives the chlorine then the shutoff closes and the germy PW returns to the tank Germy PW goes in... 135 seconds later germ free PW comes out...
  6. The patch effected light sources like lamps and shine bugs. Surface light still passes though airflow/mesh tiles
  7. Depends how warm your water is Also I had an ice world were I got most of my wort seeds
  8. Have you thought about placing the wheezeworts between the farms like in my picture? They are in hydrogen and cool the farm tiles so well that I can irrigate it with warm water
  9. That's impossible Old topic: Fert synths can't produce enough NG to power themselves
  10. do some debug tests first and post results on how much PW you can produce per cycle so we can compare it to a petroleum generator
  11. that's the main reason for a better search function this is an old topic and using volcanoes for steam has been tried for over a year and so far no one has made a productive build without using exploits The main problem is turbines delete heat faster than volcanoes produce them so they are not reliable