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  1. Don't beat yourself up, I made the same mistake the first time I tapped an oil well
  2. I went past cycle 250 before going into the teleporter for the first time, I wanted to see how far I could get on only hamster wheels. I have plenty of copper ore to sustain multiple ranches until I'm ready to explore the starmap and hopefully have a sustainable supply. Currently I have lots of hydrogen so I'll be setting up some H2 gens to deal with it
  3. was the source an oil well? They sometimes emit steam so you'll need to filter the oil
  4. @Sasza22 Wanted to give you an update on my challenge I started off slow on terra did all of my early and mid game power generation with hamster wheels Now I'm importing slug eggs from the next asteroid and building my plug slug power plant The ranch is simple enough, 8x13 with 2 four tile islands in the middle The design is stackable so I'll keep building them as I go I am recording video, been a pain cutting over 6 hours of video down to 30 minutes lol
  5. the opposite is also true, there is no liquid that's "contaminated" If food is submerged in polluted water it's considered a normal atmosphere
  6. This is why I only make berry sludge bars Sure the +3 quality may seem low for late game but if you build your rooms right with proper decor you won't need better quality food
  7. What material did you make all insulated tiles? I see the highlighted ones have insulation but in the material overlay picture shows they have a different color
  8. one thing about making layered liquid locks is you will need a wall next to the lock as you build it as well as an open area for the extra to spill away. Once you have enough layers you can remove the wall Also make sure to go in order of heaviest liquids to lightist or the heavy liquids will displace the lighter ones forcing you to start over
  9. @Sasza22 question would a steam turbine be allowed if it's only purpose is heat management? I ask because I'm having to build a lot of batteries and could use some cooling
  10. If u have a liquid reservoir in your cooling loop you can provide a buffer for better temp control The more liquid in the reservoir the more control you have but the longer it takes to cool
  11. ahh it was a simpler time in ONI when almost all recourses were finite, the only geysers were steam, natural gas, and sometimes chlorine. Everything else we had to make due with what we got under our neutronium roof :P
  12. That reminds me of early release versions of the game were most players were looking for ways of turning morb farts into breathable air by super cooling, back then we didn't have steel or steam turbines so we had to get creative exploiting game mechanics to get liquid O2 Who else remembers the borg cube?
  13. @Sasza22 I'm going to give "The plug slug challenge" a try I'll post updates here
  14. Fair point, I tend to have so much copper ore on my starter asteroid that I barely use a quarter of it before switching to steel
  15. If they could eat refined metal they would be much more sustainable Usually I just trap them wild in a room and enjoy the free 40Kw every night