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  1. This one's simple, been using my 'tried and true' bathroom loop on all my games
  2. I use to supply slime to mushrooms the same way, mostly to prevent PO off-gassing in the farm
  3. depends on your definition of "pwater" as pollutants can mean any kind of contaminant matter in the water, both natural or man made
  4. Just thinking for early game, it may be worthwhile to keep them wild and only feed them once to save on metal. This was my first wild plug slug build. Open room above the printer, would use the compactor to sweep up metal or dropped eggs as needed
  5. How long can a wild slug go without food after being fed before it drops below 400 watts?
  6. I once challenged myself by picking a farmer with allergies unfortunately I couldn't control when he took the allergy meds so I couldn't keep up production. Spent many hours yelling at Meep, "Take the meds before you harvest the bristles! Don't waste them while they are still growing!"
  7. fair enough, I do something similar I avoid "flatulent" and "narcoleptic" dupes I can handle most negative attributes, but I'll never forgive lazy little farts!
  8. honestly I preferred the old one before the job update where the stats were completely random and players had no control over what stats they got but again that's just my opinion
  9. too complicated? no too easy? yes Ether way I'm sharing what I think and I respect other players may have a difference of opinion, it will be up to the Devs if they wish to make any changes
  10. That will narrow the playing style of the game forcing players to seek "perfection" with their dupe rolls, this is not an RPG. The flexibility to achieve goals even when recourses are low or dupe stats are bad is the best part of the game
  11. I prefer an open room using a small island so you don't have to worry about the overcrowded depuff while keeping them confined so they will have shorter pathfinding and sleep longer to maximize their efficiency
  12. That's pretty much what I'm doing in my new game, I wrangled 5 wild slugs and transported them along with their eggs to the island above my printing pod, at the moment I don't need much power so I haven't started feeding them, but I will as I need power while climbing the tech ladder until I can switch to solar I took this screenshot at cycle 15
  13. Which is why you should prioritize establishing a water source early game for an electrolyzer before moving on to mid game
  14. The ideal ratio is 3.2 oxyferns per dupe (not including diver lungs or mouth breather) So you'll need to find a minimum of 10 oxyferns to support the 3 dupes you start with Then count how many oxyferns you have total to determine how many more dupes you can print before setting up an electrolyzer I try to keep my center base air tight with a water lock so I can dig out using exosuits