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  1. ah now I see it, your right the Pwater is set at 30C
  2. I just tested this water was 55C (delivered by a dupe), algae was 44C and the clay used to build it was 44C placed it in an insulated vacuum room in a second the oxygen emitted was 50C averaging between the water and algae heat deletion bug debunked!
  3. Tapping into steam geysers early is a common mistake many new players make, never use water from steam geysers unless you have s steam turbine/aquatuner setup for cooling. BTW yesterday I decided to start a new base just to show where I usually build my terrarium setups. This was completed by cycle 50 and it barely uses any water or algae. It is heavy on sand though so I'm currently working on exosuits so I can dig up to the surface for regolith
  4. DUCKING HELL!!! I need to stop typing posts from my Apple iPhone
  5. True, there is little reason to rush the game once you have a sustainable source of oxygen and food. I've made it past cycle 800 using only hamster wheels by going slow and being energy efficient That base relied heavily on dupe labor, but they were some 'Spartan' level dupes. I kept them well exercised!
  6. As a sandbox game there is no wrong way to build a base, just look for ways to make your own design more efficient. While it's true spacesuits are ideal for exploring far from base, the terrariums are a cheap alternative if you are trying to reach resources early game
  7. damn, I hoped I corrected that fast enough so no one would notice LOL
  8. Building a terrarium far away from the base where there is no oxygen so dupes have a place to breathe while they dig or gather resources Building in the center is more about even O2 distribution around the base without using vents. As for the CO2 build up that depends on how much CO2 you wish to get rid of, I like to build dust cap farms under it as I move away from mealwood.
  9. I usually try to build one of these in the middle of my base by cycle 50. Once you have enough polluted water bottles off-gassing this becomes more water to oxygen efficient than any SPOM I've seen. Haven't needed to build an electrolyzer until I was ready to build hydrogen rockets. Note: The atmo sensor is set to 2000g
  10. They don't, both irrigation and solid fertilizer like dirt is not consumed by stiffed plants. Only the Farmer's Touch buff is unaffected
  11. I find microchips to be a waste in general, they use up a too much dupe time and becomes useless if the generator gets disabled by automation
  12. this is why I use sweeper arms to provide coal, they are less buggy then dupes
  13. Without a screenshot, I can only speculate what the problem is First question, do you have continuous flow of germy liquids entering the tank? The liquids in the tank need to be stagnate in chlorine for a minimum of 135 seconds to ensure the tank becomes sterile. Even a small packet of germy liquid can undo the sterilization and you'll have to wait another 135 seconds. Second question, is there carbon dioxide in the chamber with the tank? Chlorine needs to be at the bottom of the tank for it to work and any CO2 packets can stop the sterilization process. Third question, are you filling the tank with water or polluted water? If the liquid in the tank is polluted water then any interruption caused by the first two examples mentioned above then it will allow the germs to multiply. However if you can keep the tank stagnate and fully submerged in chlorine for the full 135 seconds, then it shouldn't matter if it's H2O or PW
  14. yes but if there are plants nearby they won't