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  1. Yeah, if you got yourself a Minor or Regular Volcano, you got yourself a good source of heat for 1 or 2 turbines and produce a fair amount of electricity, it won't turn into your main power source, but it will take some of the stress out of your natural gas or Coal generators.
  2. Use the ore scrubber and always disinfect your buildings and tiles
  3. Well in that case then those don't really need that because nothing really there overheats, or melts really. Except the posphorus, the entire purpose of those two is one generates the heat and its quickly stored in the other. The door at the bottom is not to halt the transfer, but to drop the debris should its temperature drop to safe (125ºC) levels.
  4. The safeguard between the battery and the controlled chamber is necessary, and even during downtime the chamber doesn't go above 195ºC thanks to the temperature sensor. There is no heat transfer as long as those 3 doors are open, the shiftplates only transfer heat when they are closed, but if you make the gap just 1 tile, do not add shiftplates because they will transfer the heat between the 2 chambers regardless if the doors are open or closed. I guess because it's connected directly to two tiles, so yeah.
  5. Oh, hi. Look, I made this: You know, when life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade. Except in this case the lemons are 1.1 kg/s of Magma and the lemonade a source of power. So after many different setups (and attempts) at taming a Volcano, and with the help of Brothgar youtube videos, I came up with this. The difference between this design and the one on his video is the "heat battery", or buffer really, and a correct amount of phosphorus so you don't overpressure the Volcano. So, let's get the main question out of the way first: "What in the bloody hell am I looking at and why did you write something in yellow on a white background?!" Also get ready for some broken english. Well, let's start with the red Volcano Chamber: Now about the Heat Buffer (this takes a lot of materials) The twin steam turbines are capable of handling the heat generated by the Volcano, the Wheezewort squad make sure the temperature doesn't reach critical levels, but if something goes terrible wrong, a temperature sensor will them shut down if the temperature is above 95ºC. Oh I also have this dumb thing that will probably never activate: it just detects if the battery temperatue is under 125ºC , once active the door will open, dropping the debris that SHOULD be close to the 125ºC into a pool of petroleum below. But now with the phosphorus liquid I might have to do something else with it, like adding a mini pump or something. idk
  6. It's rather simple, really What I use is nothing more than linking one (or more) Critter sensors to a not gate and the latter to an incubator(s) set those to continuous, once the population is above the value set on the sensor, they will activate and disable the incubators. For the eggs, is straight up just a sweeper that takes any eggs as soon as they are laid into a loader and sent to somewhere else outside of the stable, do it right and the critter will get the "cramped" debuff for like a second. For the eggs, just leave them inside a conveyor receptable, assuming that it is also near the incubators so a sweeper can just pick one and drop it inside them if needed. The eggs will eventually crack themselves out of boredom, and have either a Dupe pick the raw egg and cook it or send it to a hot pool of water to ... well ... you would be actually boiling the egg, but since that is not an option, it just fries itself instead. Also if you're hungry, here is some spaghetti
  7. T junction pipes

    maybe this will help? you can set the valve to 5 kg/s, splitting the 10kg package in half and without interrupting the flow.
  8. !! Acts like alert mode, which duplicants will ignore their basic needs (oxygen, hunger and bladder) to complete errands while Alert mode is active. while it is true yours were in contact with breathable air, the atmosuits they were wearing had their limited oxygen support depleted. Taking off the helmet to breathe was not an option because !! Mode prioritizes ladder > life. So, yeah not a bug, just ladder > life situation
  9. Well, it’s a fictional machine on a video game that destroys mass and consume the heat around it. It just works
  10. [Game Update] - 296878

    I mean I know that feeling after a really long trip and you decide to not use the bathroom at the gas station because you were good but 5 minutes later your body is like "ha, gottem" , but isn't the Atmo suit inside the rocket suppose to take care of the pee problem?
  11. [Game Update] - 284355

    Hey don't be so upset buddy, things like this are bound to happen when you play an early access game, sometimes your marvelous invention won't work the next day because the devs decided to add an extra line of code. But look at the bright side, they realized that producing eco-friendly steel was just not cutting it if you wanted to protect the asteroid from getting eating alive by meteorites. You either had to sacrifice your colony, or your CPU. But hey, now we can turn dinosaurs into steel by extracting the non-renewable fossil from the oil biome. Sure you can still go eco-friendly, but Jurassic Steel is way easier and faster to produce, and it doesn't make your computer download an emotion module so it can wish to die. So cheer up.
  12. [Game Update] - 284252

    I mean it was a valid complain, but good to know the Drywall accepted its fate.
  13. [Game Update] - 283169

    It is not a crash, it is an emergency landing.
  14. [Game Update] - 278302

    It is a long discussion, they use two cups each.
  15. [Game Update] - 278302

    my guess would be that 2 dupes, both use a 250ml disposable cup while they chat about how awful the current working conditions are and how the workers should go on strike, but then dupe number 3 walks by and reminds them what happened to Meep and then the break ends.