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  1. Before, 4 wheeworts would be able to handle the heat generated from an electrolyzer set up easily, often needing automation to shut them down. Now, however, 5 wheezeworts simply cannot keep up with the same setup, maybe the game is still considering them as wild even though they are planted and fertilized. Saltos.sav
  2. wild Wheezewort works at 25% efficiency, so it's not really wort to keep it wild.
  3. I mean I know that feeling after a really long trip and you decide to not use the bathroom at the gas station because you were good but 5 minutes later your body is like "ha, gottem" , but isn't the Atmo suit inside the rocket suppose to take care of the pee problem?
  4. Hey don't be so upset buddy, things like this are bound to happen when you play an early access game, sometimes your marvelous invention won't work the next day because the devs decided to add an extra line of code. But look at the bright side, they realized that producing eco-friendly steel was just not cutting it if you wanted to protect the asteroid from getting eating alive by meteorites. You either had to sacrifice your colony, or your CPU. But hey, now we can turn dinosaurs into steel by extracting the non-renewable fossil from the oil biome. Sure you can still go eco-friendly, but Jurassic Steel is way easier and faster to produce, and it doesn't make your computer download an emotion module so it can wish to die. So cheer up.
  5. I mean it was a valid complain, but good to know the Drywall accepted its fate.
  6. It is not a crash, it is an emergency landing.
  7. It is a long discussion, they use two cups each.
  8. my guess would be that 2 dupes, both use a 250ml disposable cup while they chat about how awful the current working conditions are and how the workers should go on strike, but then dupe number 3 walks by and reminds them what happened to Meep and then the break ends.
  9. From the tooltip, Pacu are suppose to only survive swimming in Polluted Water or Water, whoever they can happily live in other liquids as well as long as the temperature doesn't cook/freeze them. This one is the offspring of the original Pacu that fell inside the oil tank. He looks pretty happy about it.
  10. It is still possible to plant seeds, they are still on the menu, you just gotta scroll to the right and they will appear, but if you even dare touch the compost variant, it will crash the game.
  11. Upon clicking on a planter box, it will display all Compost version of each plant, and not actually show the seeds available for plantation, upon clicking in any of the options, the game crashes. A².sav
  12. Well... there is a workaround this major game breaking bug... but it requires a game breaking exploit. Use the egg cracker to loop and crack a type of egg (like regular hatchling eggs). Once it states that there are no eggs available anymore, click "empty storage" and all the eggs will re-spawn. This happens because the item inside the egg cracker (and the Rock granulator...) does not get consumed upon use. So you can stack up quality food for your dupes. Again, this is game breaking exploit, but if you want to work around this game breaking bug, that's what I propose.
  13. I looked at the moment the duplicant jumped to 100% stress and... well if the duplicant eats a food that is below its expectations, the debuff is 300%stress, so that's what making them going from 0 to 100 so fast.