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  1. I think 1 or 2 interests are better. Starting with a +7 digger and +7 researcher makes the early game a breeze. Morale isn't hard to get once you have a proper base and industry set up and the fastest way to do that is with +7 dupes. It is tempting to go for a +3 research +3 suit wearing future astronaut but it's not really needed.
  2. The game says that the rate of heat exchange between two objects is based on the lower thermal conductivity of the two. Steam has a thermal conductivity of 0.184. An aluminum radiant pipe of 402. According to the game, when I'm building a steam chamber to drive a turbine with the heat of other hot liquids passed through, the radiant pipe offers no advantage over a normal pipe of say igneous rock whith a thermal conductivity of 2. According to the ONI wiki, the formula is different and the average thermal conductivity of both objects is used. If the game misleads players then it's no wonder that they often struggle to manage temperature. So I would like to suggest the the tooltip be corrected. Labels in tooltips like like "slow heater" are also not very useful if you don't know how fast the other materials will heat up, nevermind the fact that it also applies to cooling (there is a way to know but you have to create a building or its construction placeholder and then look up the actual values).
  3. I've got a ranch with room for 8 hatches. Eggs are immediately transfered into a drowning chamber through a conveyor belt. Occasionally an hatch dies and needs to be replaced. I also have a small room with an incubator, a critter sensor, a critter drop off set to auto wrangle any critters. I'm trying to automate the incubator so that it is only used when the ranch has less than 8 hatches and there isn't any baby hatch waiting to be transfered to the ranch or on the way to the ranch. Once the baby hatch is born, a dupe will wrangle it and then drop it off at the ranch. What happens is that while the baby hatch is being carried to the farm, the automation thinks that the incubator should be enabler and so one of my other dupes will come and put an egg in it. I'm looking for something simple and reliable.
  4. Drowning this simple?

    It can be even simpler. A single water tile surround by walls above, below, left, right. It can still be accessed from a ladder (tile?) that's two tiles to the right and above the water tile. .
  5. It is much easier to set up a decent metal refinery than it is to get smooth hatches. The metal refinery can even add heat to a steam chamber that drives a turbine. Metal refinery heat is only a problem in the earlier pats of the game, well before one could even get smooth hatches. Even if smooth hatches had a 100% conversion I wouldn't use them. They are a solution to a problem that ceases to exist by the time you can get smooth hatches. And you still need a metal refinery to make steel. If smooth hatches could produce otherwise difficul to obtain metals or liquids with particular properties that could make them worthwhile.
  6. Sage hatches good on maps with a lot of dirt. Like Oasisse, which also has little sedimentary rock for stone hatches.
  7. Based on observation by me and others and some guessing I believe the following is happening If CO2 is exhaled by a dupe while stepping through a mechanical door, the game will search for a tile that can hold it. The algorithm will (sometimes perhaps always) deposit the gas on the closest tile meeting the following requirement: capable of holding gas, on the same y axis and above the door. Therefore the solution to my problem is: do not place mechanical doors so that the first tile for the algorithm would be inside a vacuum chamber. Following this, after 120 cycles I've yet to see any CO2 appearing in my vacuum chamber.
  8. I speculate this can happen when a dupe exhales in specific circumstances that involve passing through multiple doors and possibly pressure difference and the game tries to find space for the CO2 and due to a flawed algorithm ends up releasing the CO2 in nonsensical places, somewhere above the door.
  9. Yes. A pair of mechanical doors 2 tiles apart, with a layer of walls above and below that form the end of a vacuum chamber. The CO2 appears somewhere above this but I don't know where exactly. The doors are frequently used but the CO2 appears only rarely, something like 5 times in 70 cycles with 5 dupes.
  10. The issue is clearly a bug. It's a vacuum chamber surrounding my base with two entrances, one at the top and one at the bottom. The CO2 kept appearing somewhere around the top. I sealed the entrance at the top and set access restrictions on the bottom. The CO2 has now appeared again at the top.
  11. I do not have any atmosuits or jetsuits.
  12. I have a waterlock sealed vacuum chamber. Every now and then a small amount of CO2 appears in it in approximately the same location. I think it's a bug as I'm not working on or inside the chamber and I haven't noticed any dupes entering it. I suppose it's possible that dupes occasionally enter to retrieve some material that's still inside but they don't breathe in a vacuum and shouldn't create any CO2. How do I fix this?
  13. I think it's Oasisse with geodormant, volcanoes, and no good traits or good geysers. Metal poor is only a small reduction in metals, it's not very noticable.
  14. I think it's fine exactly as it is. The CO2 can be vented into space. There's tune-up. Wild arborea trees deliver significant amounts of lumber. Is it worth it to set up 4x ethanol distillers and a big enough tree farm to run them full time? Probably not but it makes sense that this option is worse than a oil-based alternative. An early ethanol-based power production running off wild trees is worth it (except maybe on maps with easy access to lots of coal).