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  1. I have to stand up for KLEI.... Maybe it's you people... Get bigger screens....nothing's off screen anymore ...problem solved *padding my shoulder, as I'm surely the bestest bug fixer this side of the Styx
  2. Let Duplicants Ride Sweepy

    Kill? Those were tragic workplace accidents! I swear to glob, grob, gob and grod your honour.
  3. How about coneshaped hats that reduce air resistance thus faster traveling dupes? I mean oni + hats = love, right?
  4. Usually the order in which you research and build depends a bit on the map you've chosen. Except the basics (toilet, food, etc) So you research early insulation in very hot games like oasis so you can preserve as much of the thermal comfort (green) zone in which you grow food etc. Other maps and playstyle may demand different actions like early exosuits or little coal so you have to stress the energy management... Long story short. There's no real build order
  5. Was there a secret fix for pufts so they produce more, more reliably? Well i thought...actually pufts are only really good for fps wrecking...
  6. All of the above! Space biome is (still) kind of boring and regolith is a nuisance in many, many ways. The one thing that I would love to use more, namely jetpack, wreck fps like a wolverine...oh man...bummer
  7. If you connect the the hydro tiles with the doors below the wheez via tempshift plates wouldn't it distribute the cold faster I.e cool more?
  8. If you're almost out of coal and don't have hatches to produce more dig down to oil and setup a petrol generator.
  9. Im embarrassed to ask

    Tip...slicksters can help...
  10. Rimworld?

    Rimworld is a cool game... I did a run where I made a custom game...my gf and I, our two cats, land on a nice spot near the equator... Long story short...first cat was slayed and eaten by vargus on the first day...cat no.2 was crippled by another animal and i shot it...my gf got liver failure bit before she died she was abducted by enemies... Later she broke free to my surprise and returned to the base (them pirates have good healthcare i tell ya', she got a bionic liver)followed by many space pirates...ofc I killed them with a whip of my wrist. The problem was I had a new gf and new cats...she didn't took it lightly...in game and irl...so...yeah...fun game
  11. In case nobody has mentioned, pipe bridges(connected with pipe,ofc)! On the same length they have only 50% of the pipe so to say...meaning you get them down to temperature faster...
  12. No...probably Liam would be my choice... Ashkan...either Danny trejo or the rock Johnson
  13. Amen... what was the point in time when games got like this?...release=beta gameplay, so to say...I'd say that it's a shame but there are more important things going on in the world so I'm just slightly annoyed...