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  1. Oh...ok,..well, I would still go for the volcano, steam turbine would cool the at in my vision but... If you don't like it...skip the steel melting. Just use the magma as coolant in a refinery. Don't forget a reservoir because it evens out the temp of your magma when in a loop...good luck
  2. Why pump the magma if you can use doors? Doors don't melt so easily (2400c and more) My problem with refinery and glass forge is they require dupe labour...volcanoes when set up are much more efficient.
  3. Oh Thanks! I was a little sarcastic there. Low blood sugar...Didn't understood it was about the tinkering errand
  4. Which bug? The one or the other one? Or none of them? ;P
  5. @Tobruk Mhhh....i just thought,.. Use bridges...bridge,piece of piece, bridge, piece of pipe, etc...you'll remove 50% of breaking points plus the pipe pieces can cool down more easily bc there's 50% less pipe. Pipes just "teleport" contents. perfect iinsulator if you didn't knew...
  6. Uptime is determined by air pressure around.
  7. We need to cook!

    I use basically the same system in my build. But I add a tank(~6x4) to capture the petroleum. There I have radiant liquid pipes as well(first preheating for oil). The tank has tempshift plates. It adds a lot to temperature stability to the system. Petrol in the tank stabilizes at around ~200c. Also the tank has a mechanical overflow via auto doors for further cooling or whatever.
  8. Did you use airflow tiles in your floors (at least some) they help with more even oxygen distribution?
  9. Of course! From now on I'll tell my boss the same...give me some time to get done with my contract, we've finished just couple weeks ago Then I'll get send to a nice long vacation in a cushioned room and will wear a fancy white leather jacket like a bo$$
  10. I can agree with this. Hope they make it a strong game, DLC or not! But either way...their prime objective is, or should be, bugfixin,...time will tell, I'll try to stay positive.
  11. Cooling water

    Instead of cooling a whole reservoir wit an AT cool the water you need cooled directly with it... Not all water has to be cool. For example toilets or water to cook food or electrolyzer whatever...
  12. Don't take it the wrong way but, no...the heaps and heaps of suggestion allready made would suffice for oni 9000. So why repeat and add to mountain Tldr? So there's no perfect timing for anything...and quite frankly since they've ''finished'' the game and moved their ''a-team'' to DLC and left the finished but still in dire need for optimisation game in the hand of other co workers I feel the update quality has gone down... That's my opinion, don't crucify me please, still got love for klei but thinking of DLC doesn't tempt me atm...
  13. I agree with the above. Now, regarding the aquatuner...if you would start with a pool of cold ph2o from a molten ice biome there you pipe your oxygen through in radiant pipes. And have radiant liquid pipes cooling the ph2o to keep temp low. Your aquatuner wouldn't have to run 100%...more like 20-30%..because the ph2o is already cool and 1kg of oxygen has way less energy than 10kg of ph20....