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  1. Totally with soulwind on this. And store coal close to the generator 1 coal only storage with high priority is enough until you have sweeper arm
  2. Thanks! Great summary of the previous posts! I've read them with great interest but was unable to contribute anything constructive But i have thought about a bit... in terms of fixing this bug...please correct me if I'm wrong... the bigger the donor mass the lower the donor new temp will be (edit: compared to same scenario with lower mass)...so wouldn't it be possible to cap max tile mass to mitigate the bug...so even when it happens it happens a couple of times and then the donor new temp would be higher than old and thus violating rule 4 for fluids or rule 3 for solids
  3. You should run some tests with 100kg of water and check how much h2/o2 you've generated. When I stick 2 electrolyzer close together without gap between them or the walls deletion is much greater... Try 3 tiles wider. with gaps between the electrolyzers and you can even replace the insulated tile under the airlock for a mesh tile for "more space" so gasflow is even better...then run the 100kg test again
  4. Well done sir! Here's a cookie although you could have made the rocket silo much, much longer...pros know it's all about the length of the shaft * kidding
  5. Didn't klei patch the door trick last update? I'm not sure tbh...
  6. That's probably why they call them dupes, not einsteins .
  7. Sorry, I don't understand your question completely...do you mean in-game or real life? There's no hammer in oni afaik... If you mean real life then try YouTube, construction sounds, hammer sounds, something like this...
  8. Some advices. Use more bridges if you like they don't heat up...so no cold loss in them...if you use pipe-bridge-pipe and so on you half the amount of possible breaks...but it's not perfect either Radiant pipes get cold faster so you have some breaking but when they reach equilibrium temp you've made it. Cool the hydrogen more...the colder it is when you pump it the more overhead you have till it warms up and change from liquid to gas. Start with 1000g at first till your radiant pipes reach equilibrium then open the valve to full capacity. 1000g packets won't break your pipes. Edit. Radiant pipes have to be in vacuum for them to work best so they don't leak cold to the gas around
  9. Btw...or use a atmo sensor and automate the pumps to only pump over 1500g for example you have 1 electrolyzer producing a max of 1000g ... maximum because of deletion there's less
  10. They've always worked this way...if you want full packets of any kind you have to "stack" them with a pipe loop or use a reservoir as a buffer
  11. Pipes won't exchange heat in vacuum. With tempshift neither. You need a transfer medium as you said... Tempshift exchange heat to surrounding gas, tile, or liquid..(or tempshift - wrong) Liquid and gas storage exchange heat with the tile below. Gas storage with the *2nd from left*(not 100% sure which one) They exchange heat with the surrounding medium for sure. not too sure if the material they're made of has importance -don't think so - I don't think materials inside exchange directly either because there be builds around just filling compactors with material you want to cool or heat and ice or igneous rock for example and done, boiler/cooler for free
  12. You want to remove the steam. Right? Better approach...condense it to water then mop it up probably or pump it out depending on how much there is.
  13. @OxCD Imo the simplest way to implement a use for sulfur would be to make it edible for hatches Edit. Now that would be real quality DLC We made sulfur not useless! That will be 15 bucks please...lol