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  1. You should make some ceramics and use insulated ceramic pipes. Automation can help as well. A pipe temperature sensor can make life easier
  2. Probably someone's queued to use them soonish... Best solution imho, a little micro management. Put a door(somewhere) behind the atmo dock and set permission to pass it. Mind, You can use more doors to give specific access to certain areas. Free the atmo docking station from 3 couriers trying to pick up 3 different things at once, for example...
  3. Chef skill 3% chance to make better food maybe. Instead of fried mushrooms he made an omelette... or kind of Digging 10%chance to get 100% of tile mass instead of 50% Building 5% chance to instantly build And so on. I could think of 10 more. Edit. Some more.. Doctor. 1% chance to restore mood by 10 points when treating dupes. Farmer. 1% chance to harvest when tending to plant Rancher 1% chance critter lays an egg when groomed Researcher 5% chance to do research without resources Artist. 1% chance to make an masterwork on lowest artist tier
  4. Don't heat the water by wasting energy. Cool with it, directly - or passively an aquatuner, for example and use the steam. I personally am not building steam turbine for power but it is a very nice by product. Mainly use it for cooling.
  5. Easy fix. Just use sweep only for most stuff. Priority 5 or 6, depending on your playstyle as high as you prefer Exceptions are. Metals, algae, dirt in the beginning. Put the compactors for them on priority 6 so you can have them close and save from hatches. Later flip the compactors to 'sweep only' if you like. Further exceptions. Slime and polluted dirt. Priority 6 or 7 because you want this out of the way first. Store under water. When you sweep materials try to sweep minerals one type at a time. Be generous with compactor placement. You can limit the compactors storage size this proves valuable when you try to place them ''strategically''.
  6. And why hydro sensor exactly? Manual override by player? Or miss build?..
  7. All of these advices are great. If you still fail, it's obviously your fault, you noob! Git Gud!
  8. Had a magma volcano pretty close to the printer... have to admit I did like the challenge...
  9. Cute. But just admit it oozi. You've taken up knitting, haven't you? Not judging, I'm sure it's a great hobby for an older gal.
  10. I like his idea. No exo suites for certain dupes would be very much appreciated! Ofc. Doors and checkpoints get the job done but another column in the priority tab wouldn't hurt either.
  11. Afaik, no. Only hits the decor...
  12. Use materials from the site if far away. I.e use igneous rock to build ladders and tiles close to magma biome etc. Basically anything they dig through to get to the site shall be your first choice material for most parts. It makes no sense having dupes climb ladders up and down just to get some sandstone. Take care of air supply or exosuits if necessary. Everything else has been mentioned already. Cheers