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  1. 1. Build the electrolyzer with gold amalgam pumps as well, they won't overheat anymore when you pump geyser water in them. Separate o2 from h2. Cool the o2 with the aetn if you want, there are plenty ways of cooling. Rest is lost cause. 2. You can harvest wild sleet wheat and live happily. Sleet wheat farms are late game because of the requirements. Berries are almost as early game as could be. But remember berries and mushrooms make same quality food for less hassle. 3. The mini pump is more efficient when there's less than 500g per tile left. The big pump would suck packets with 100g, 10g, 1g, 100mg, and so on and still use the full energy drain. 4. Not so sure. I don't think most people breed them. I for one just build a lure where I want to have some solar panels and live happily without caring anymore. 5. Sounds good. Just take care they get the +3 morale boost(or was it +4) idk anymore how much recreation is needed for this, look it up in the tooltips. Cheers. Enjoy your game
  2. And sunglasses, if you've put it (for testing purposes) in the freaking middle of the base, as I (dummy, duh..) did... But this works awesomely well. A lot of energy for a little phosphorus.
  3. Use an AND Gate. First Input comes from your compressor. Second input you use a switch or the sensor you need to give the desired shut off signal. Output back to the compressor.
  4. I have a question. Efficiency wise, wouldn't it be better to use a triple door vacuum thing to insulate the small tank from the big tank so I doesn't ''bleed'' heat to the big tank while you heat it up to the 123°C? I know the big tanks water will heat up and turn eventually quicker to steam but this huge amount would take many cycles so I think this way the 4x4 tank would heat up much faster. Btw. Very nice automation!
  5. [Game Update] - 306910

    Wow. Now that's what I call a quality of life improvement!!! (For people) Big thanks klei!
  6. Cats and dogs or other animals are born the usual way and don't have belly buttons. Belly buttons are a man-made thing when you tie the umbilical cord to a knot...I don't know exactly why...I 've watched history channel and followers of pre-astronautic said ''maybe''
  7. Would you mind providing pics of the overlays?
  8. Disable the sweeper until the first egg is gone? Not plus buffer gate? Just my 2cents
  9. Quick question. I've never tricked a tepidizer. Could you explain shortly how it works? I guess it's the oil on the step or some gas in the small room. But why is there no oil on the step on the left?
  10. I also think that high pressure ph2otiles inside an airtile maze is efficiency wise superior in po2 production. But the idea of this bottle dropping contraption is very nice for some other ideas. no need for steel for pumps...just bottle the magma and drop it down to a kind of heating/boiling roomwill try this out next game!
  11. [Game Update] - 279497

    I know I shouldn't but I've always wanted to...never came first...here goes nothing..first!
  12. Hey! Plastic has a new melting point! 160°C! Finally ! Thanks devs! Cool update!
  13. [Game Update] - 278302

    Rooms dont require doors? This is madness anybody could watch while they poop and shower...