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  1. oil to petrol temps

    751.7 freedomheit...best Temp System? I dont Think so...maybe for room temperature. it was made around human perception of temperature, Celsius or Kelvin are much more scientific and rooted in scientific concepts of freezing water and boiling temperature of water or the ''motion'' of atoms
  2. Oxygen included? so lame pun...
  3. It just hit me. Let it be a fatal flu as you've suggested but until they die let's have them sneeze and pass slime...don't know how to say it ... blow their nose? quasi a slime farm without pufts but with a high price...the lifes of innocent hatches...muhahahhaha
  4. Cats and dogs or other animals are born the usual way and don't have belly buttons. Belly buttons are a man-made thing when you tie the umbilical cord to a knot...I don't know exactly why...I 've watched history channel and followers of pre-astronautic said ''maybe''
  5. New copy system

    Holy mother of god. Are you kidding? Finally! Thank you klei! Thank you! THANK YOU! Edit...
  6. Sorry but you're slightly wrong. Human brain can perceive more than 25fps but 25 is enough for the brain to fill in the ''gaps'' to make it look ''smooth''. Aspect ratio is 5:3 but it's almost 16:9. 5:3 = 15:9
  7. Would you mind providing pics of the overlays?
  8. Harharharhar...plunder squad, Space pirates, prisoners for Labour. Mercy not included! I like it!
  9. Temperature sensor range

    In the sense of beeing as ridiculous as a steam rocket. I mean temp sensor range vs rocket is ridiculous. But never mind I just wanted to underline that ridiculous has been a part of oni for a long time Btw. Very funny fact with the Chinese space program. I plainly assumed eating sticks are under the same terminus as forks and spoons. Eating utensiles - cutlery...
  10. Temperature sensor range

    Well...dupes never ever wash their pants or eat with cutlery too...but they fly to space with steam!! Engines I think the ridiculous-ship has set sails a long time ago...
  11. analysis natural feature

    As a plus. Your scientist(s) level up their science skills. @Xuhybrid I think he means this Lower right corner...2.5kg/s at 110°C, 312s of 617s...but it's quite pixeled
  12. Well this one right here and it works quite fine (on my mac) left hand for wasd and 1-9 and the right on the trackpad. But the scrolling is a b**** And( oh my lord, this kills me the most) there's no ''eyedropper-tool'' for a smoother workflow
  13. No more scrolling! Especially if you're on a laptop on the touchpad with no mouse (couch-mode activated)
  14. Did you check if the pressure inside your farm is above 1.8kg per square?
  15. Disable the sweeper until the first egg is gone? Not plus buffer gate? Just my 2cents