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  1. It was never implemented...maybe some devs pipe dream...who knows...
  2. I'm probably wrong...but...open the Nvidia panel or what's it called and check out if the vsync is active for oni....25-30 fps made me suspicious...
  3. Hahaha...thanks bud...you made my day...soo true I also agree with all the rest you've written! I play this game since before thermal upgrade...soo, eons in Gameplay time... and enjoy most of it in good and bad times...but the late game just bores me to hell because the whole rocket thing gets so boring so fast...it's just grinding....wish we would start of with a steam rocket on cycle 1 and use it for real progress instead of a prolonging of grinding....I love the engineering aspect...tinkering...but rockets are so straightforward they bore me...build them once you've built them all... Edit... I think DLC will be building spaceships not just stupid phallic spacenoodles that fly of and bring back trash that I nowadays rather treat myself via debug
  4. Nuclear power just for electricity sake wouldn't cut it for me.... either, I guess We have a lot of power generators...manual, coal, steam, petrol, h2...dang that's 5...all of them renewable...so superior to something that's bound to run out sooner or later like uranium (except theres a hatch or shinebug workaround) and that you would have to get from some asteroid(omg, the cringe of pointless labour)...so I'm a bit careful with my nuclear wishes at this point because there's not an obvious need for it...
  5. @Cablemonkey I remembered something else as I was reading through the other posts... Let's assume you've separated hydrogen from oxygen...and now you like to burn the h2 for energy via generators...build the generators inside a room and make this room accessible through a liquid lock (Google it if unknown)...now pipe the h2 to the room but don't connect it directly to the generators...build a vent to fill the room first with h2 (that's your cooling medium now so your gens don't overheat) the vent will stop filling the room at 2kg pressure....so now after the vent build radiant pipes behind the generators....what does this do? New h2 from your electrolyzers will run first through the radiator and cool your gens before you burn it so they never overheat (mind that you'll have to make the gens out of gold amalgam)...thats as low maintenance as possible afaik
  6. @Cablemonkey If I may recommend search for mechanical filter... try Google, you'll see what I mean. It splits hydrogen from oxygen without power so you can cool the oxygen only without much hassle as lifegrow suggest Disregard this post if you already know the principle.
  7. @OxCD Imo the simplest way to implement a use for sulfur would be to make it edible for hatches Edit. Now that would be real quality DLC We made sulfur not useless! That will be 15 bucks please...lol
  8. @devs Will the hot tub become a hot tub time machine when supplied with radium instead of bleach stone? Meep did a mess on his first day and everybody was watching...if he could go back it would mean a lot... Follow up question. Will it be possible to send a hot tub time machine into the temporal tear by rocket and save the world? If any movie I've ever saw is right this should be the way to go
  9. @Ipsquiggle Just a quick thank you to you and the folks at klei from my side. You all did an amazing job. From the first minute I picked up the game it captured me! Now a round of applause and shoulder padding. Cheers
  10. My little ''Hidden'' favourite.. Unsuited Dupes walking underwater are no longer limited by distance but will travel more slowly Unsuited Dupes will strongly prefer not to walk underwater if possible ''...will strongly prefer not to...'' sure... ''...if possible...''
  11. Wow. Now that's what I call a quality of life improvement!!! (For people) Big thanks klei!
  12. Cats and dogs or other animals are born the usual way and don't have belly buttons. Belly buttons are a man-made thing when you tie the umbilical cord to a knot...I don't know exactly why...I 've watched history channel and followers of pre-astronautic said ''maybe''