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  1. The issue begins when I equip the backpack or try to pick up something from a crate.The joystick sensitivity is to high And it resets always to bottom position as soon as i release the joystick which is the main issue...
  2. I run Catalina as well. Wanted to try it out on tv +xbox one controller. Super fun on tv but the fun ends when I move through the inventory when I equip backpack...it gets barely playable because the controller(right or left stick) navigates so fast through the inventory it's exremly hard especially with backpack on. Please devs try it out... Same issue when I build a box/crate (3boards). It's barely playable. Please devs help.
  3. @OxCD Imo the simplest way to implement a use for sulfur would be to make it edible for hatches Edit. Now that would be real quality DLC We made sulfur not useless! That will be 15 bucks please...lol
  4. @devs Will the hot tub become a hot tub time machine when supplied with radium instead of bleach stone? Meep did a mess on his first day and everybody was watching...if he could go back it would mean a lot... Follow up question. Will it be possible to send a hot tub time machine into the temporal tear by rocket and save the world? If any movie I've ever saw is right this should be the way to go
  5. @Ipsquiggle Just a quick thank you to you and the folks at klei from my side. You all did an amazing job. From the first minute I picked up the game it captured me! Now a round of applause and shoulder padding. Cheers
  6. My little ''Hidden'' favourite.. Unsuited Dupes walking underwater are no longer limited by distance but will travel more slowly Unsuited Dupes will strongly prefer not to walk underwater if possible ''...will strongly prefer not to...'' sure... ''...if possible...''
  7. Wow. Now that's what I call a quality of life improvement!!! (For people) Big thanks klei!
  8. Cats and dogs or other animals are born the usual way and don't have belly buttons. Belly buttons are a man-made thing when you tie the umbilical cord to a knot...I don't know exactly why...I 've watched history channel and followers of pre-astronautic said ''maybe''
  9. I know I shouldn't but I've always wanted to...never came first...here goes nothing..first!
  10. Hey! Plastic has a new melting point! 160°C! Finally ! Thanks devs! Cool update!
  11. Rooms dont require doors? This is madness anybody could watch while they poop and shower...