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  1. Out of curiosity did you restart ONI after each test or did you just reload from inside the game? The game has terrible RAM management and it fails to release memory if you reload from inside the game. So to load another save you should exit and restart ONI first. Might explain the drastic drop off. Well hopefully you get enough data that you can get a base line and we already have with AMD, the entire 5xxx range is hitting between 106 to 116 seconds depending on RAM speed and over clocks. RAM looks to make a big difference the top 7 AMD 5xxx are all 3600, you only see 3200 outside of that. Clock latency, Graphics card and HDD do pretty much nothing. It's processor followed by RAM in terms of importance as far as I can see. Judging by a few of the outliers some people don't have XMP enabled.
  2. 10% performance increase just like me. Ouch, how long was XMP not enabled for? I totally knew XMP was a thing and enabled it straight away when I built my PC, no way I did not notice until I was building a new PC!
  3. I am shocked by that result, the i9 9980XE is more of a workstation CPU but still I though it would be much closer to my results. It took your system 55% longer to do 300 in game seconds. Only thing I can see that might be hurting your times is the spindle drives, that is the only explanation I can think off.
  4. Link to results, might take me a bit of time to get them all in their. While trying to build a new PC I ran into a problem, what is the best things to focus on to get the best performance out of ONI. Some say single core performance, RAM speed, Clock Latencies even the occasional high speed Hard Drive claim. So to help try and resolve this I am trying to get some benchmarks together. Of course their is no perfect way to test this and it will be inaccurate but hopefully we can get an idea of where the general bottleneck lies. This will take a bit of effort so I'm not sure how many people are interested in giving it a go but if we can get even a few maybe we can figure out what is more important for playing ONI. How to run the benchmark Disable all your mods first, they might affect game performance Download the benchmark save (Linked) and copy it to your save game folder Restart your PC, please note a "restart" is different from a shutdown. After restart only open ONI as we don't want any other programs interfering (If you have some programs that auto start that is fine) The benchmark is simple, run the save game at max speed. Shortly after start (20-30 seconds) an alarm should pause the game automatically(Timer doing it should be centre screen when you load up). When it does we are ready to start. Unpause the game and start a stopwatch, the in game timer with go off again after 300 in game seconds, when it does stop the stop watch. Note the resulting time. Few notes, you can open the in game timer (it's centre screen hooked up to an alarm) so you know when the pause is coming. Don't move the camera or check out other planets before running the test, that may load things or increase resource usage and skew the results. Also the reason we don't use FPS is because it's not locked to the performance of the game as in how long it takes for dupes to build or do things in game. What we are interested in is how many cycles we can get done in as short an amount of time as possible. Please format the results as below, you can get the first three pieces of information from Task manager, the bottom two CAS and HDD are harder pieces of info to find so if you can't get them don't worry about it. Time : 2:11 or 131 seconds CPU : Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700K CPU @ 3.70GHz Graphics card : RTX 2060 RAM : 16 GB DDR4 3000 MHz CAS : 15,17,17,35 HDD : MX500 500 GB CT500MX500SSD1 Blank template you can copy and paste Time : CPU : Graphics card : RAM : CAS : HDD : BenchMarkTesting.sav
  5. The ranching skill does not level up with use. Currently the only way to "improve" the ranching skill is to spawn with it or spend skill points on the two ranching skills. Tested by having a dupe do nothing but tend critters for 20 cycles, despite having zero base ranching (+2 from ranching job skill) the dupe gained no levels. Save file attached. Ranch testing QOL 3.sav
  6. I presume this means CO2 and Natural gas? How does a suit end up full of liquid? An accident I presume. Inside ranch, perfect I already played as if that was how they worked so no need to rework designs. Ranching attribute is massive, an end game maxed out dupe with 20 ranching excluding other bonus should be able to maintain about 36 critters in real game conditions. (In lab conditions about 48, extrapolated from old testing) I see this getting nerfed to 5% per point if that is the case. Well this is going to be interesting, positive germ effects if player comments are accurate. I'm on board.
  7. If you use pneumatic doors (made of refined metal) they cannot get out when dupes pass in and out. However they can escape through mechanized airlock doors when dupes use them. Only pneumatic doors are designed to work with critters, well they were up to QOL Mk2.
  8. When I first started testing, before QoL1 babies were groomed which was pointless as it does nothing for them. (Well it will tame a wild baby but it's rare you need to do that) I can't find the patch notes for where when it was changed. Then again my memory could be playing tricks on me but I was positive they used to get groomed.
  9. I'm not sure when you changed it but dupes no longer groom baby critters, thanks very much this saves so much wasted duplicant labor.
  10. Bunker doors have an overheat temp of 1200C, however they will not take overheat damage unless you open/close them when they are above that temp. Also if they are taking overheat damage they will not stop taking it until they go below 1200C AND open/close. So effectively they cannot overheat or stop overheating until they experience a state change.