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  1. Help me with my base

    Bear in mind that when looking at someone else's save you have to make assumptions and can make mistakes. You are trying to cool the volcano with an aquatuner running crude oil through it, crude oil has much lower heat capacity than water so it's costing you almost 2.5 times as much energy to get the same amount of cooling. Unfortunately your cooling pool is now well over the boiling point of water so you are in trouble. You are not using an oil refinery to generate petroleum, considering the amount of crude oil you have access to this could be a viable energy source. You are not protecting your solar panels with bunker doors so they are getting destroyed by meteors and regolith, you do not have enough steel to harness space you should abandon that project. You have several thousand KG of natural gas, that is a lot of power right there so I'm not sure where this power issue is.
  2. Neural Vacillator Recharges

    Did some testing to get an answer to my question. Explored 5 planets, first time I sent one research module at a time, so 25 missions to tick them all off. Then I reloaded and sent 5 research modules on each rocket, so 5 missions to tick them all off. Results I got Two Neural Vacillator Recharges using both methods. Based on this result I believe a planet returning a recharge is based on something akin to map generation. Meaning it does not matter what you do, what you get is what you are going to get.
  3. The exhaust has two parts, the CO2 exhaust is only 500C-800C. The second part is dry heat, the engine just generates heat in any gas, liquid or tile is a 3*9 radius beneath the rocket. This dry heat will pass through solid tiles to affect objects on the other side. The majority of high temp heat (the stuff that melts iron) is caused by the dry heat interacting with the CO2 given off by the rocket.
  4. Make petroleum with midgame

    I'v been doing research into this recently and with 10 tons of gold radiant pipe it should be possible to make a copper volcano power a 10kg/s petroleum boiler. Possible yes, easy... I'm still working on that bit.
  5. This tutorial cover some of the less obvious details of metal volcano's. The main focus is on extracting useful cool metal but I try to include other potential uses for the heat. Side note the average output listed on the wiki does not appear to match real game numbers.
  6. You need to use steel tiles or better, bunker tiles are my preferred as they can take meteor hits. But be sure to hollow out 8 tiles below the launch pad and leave that area in vacuum, this greatly reduces the heat created. The Video clip shows you the area in question.
  7. Make petroleum with midgame

    Just to comment on magma health and safety I would like to read you a story. Once upon a time a player was moving geo thermal magma via exo suit dupes to a useful location. Vacuum rooms were being used for safety reasons due to being an experienced player. Unfortunately lunch was called while a dupe was mid liquid lock so they dropped the 200kg of magma right there. The liquid lock vaporized. Double unfortunately this liquid lock was on the collection end, so the heated gas got superheated by the rest of the geo thermal magma that up until recently had been in a safe vacuum. Everything in the oil biome melted. The end. The moral of the story, "if the magma does not get you the dupes will" or maybe it's "Magma finds a way" something like that anyway.
  8. Good spot, gas blocks telescopes line of site and there is a algae deoxidizer right next to the telescope.
  9. I had an adjacent debate related to this and we came to the conclusion that about 25% of maps had roughly 3kg/s of water or less. So unless you cherry pick your maps or you are using exploits water is your most precious resource. Nag gas boiling can help of course but is still limited. Assuming mouth breathers produce twice as much CO2 as standard dupes (have never tested that) and they never spend any time in atmo suits. Then for ever 29.7 mouth dupes you could produce enough polluted dirt to feed one dupe sleet wheat. Would take less if you used fertilizer. Can I interest you in BBQ? it's much much easier and cheaper.
  10. How has no one mentioned deeper divers lung? Half a dupes oxygen consumption, that is very handy end game when you are trying to stretch your water supply with a map that is water limited.
  11. Just for kicks I created a new debug game, walled off space zoomed out so I could see the whole map on x3 speed and noted fps(also saved map position). Turned entire map to vacuum and destroyed all POI's, vents, critters and seeds. Nothing but a bit of netronimum left. Returned to same map position and noted fps again. Full map FPS 21, empty map FPS 47. Was expecting there to be more of a difference. I know it's a big difference but we are dealing with a map that has literally zero things in it to calculate vs one full of wild critters, plants, heat difference, germs etc. Then for no reason I filled the entire map with coal all the way to the bunker tiles, coal tiles 900kg at -41C. Coal map FPS 60! Sooooooooooo I'm not sure what we learned here, maybe vacuum is not as processor friendly as we though? PerformanceTest3.sav PerformanceTest2.sav PerformanceTest.sav
  12. Oil well giving off Steam

    I had the exact same issue. In the below video at 14 min in roughly this gets covered. The issue appears to be when you vent the Nat gas at 230c it heats up the oil well, while venting the oil well stops pumping so the stored water heats up and boils before venting finishes. Solution temp shift plates in the oil outflow this cools down the ambient Nat gas. Additionally increase the Nat gas pressure in room to 10kg+. Now when you vent you have plenty of heat absorption to reduce heating on the oil well. Fixed issue for me.
  13. This video does not cover looping the oil but does cover the rest of your plan and refinement. One of the later videos in the playlists covers looping the petroleum. It's after the petroleum boiler video.
  14. It has been tested pyramid shape is the best. Well before peak lux fully exposed solar panels max out. Solar panels with 5 tiles exposed do not at any point so this allows you to extract more energy. Don't know if solar was buffed but I am using pyramid and it works as advertised.
  15. With only one dupe when you launch them into space you will have zero dupes and the colony lost pop up. You can always continue but that is annoying.