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  1. That is a beautiful counter flow heat exchange, I'm stealing it for testing when I have time. Ingenious design and actually possible in survival. Don't bury this in a sub post, make a post dedicated to this topic. Also makes it easier to find when people want to look it up again. Now I need to figure out a way to replicate something like this without space materials.
  2. Hummmmm "Unintentional monster". If we are going to talk about the correct use of English my 2 cents is that you locked a dupe in a room until they starved to death, intentionally. Was the unintentional bit deconstructing the toilet after?
  3. I filled a map with Vacuum and then compared it to one filled with tiles of coal, all the same temp. The coal tiles provided far better fps.
  4. Can't get pass cycle 100

    @Greybeari had a similar problem and learning to optimize the priorities system solved it. I have linked a let's play around cycle 120 below, if the dupes are building fast enough for your liking check out the priorities tutorial it's in the mechanics playlist, I think it would help you.
  5. You can't be to obvious or they will figure it out, I'd try and be sneaky. Never use bridges, they cause packet flow problems and slow down the game. Try not to use atmo suits, your dupes can't improve their stats while wearing them. Never upgrade past basic power wire it's a waste, don't use transformers they leech power and just use more power generators for every separate grid. Sleet wheat should be your highest priority when you start the game. Electrolizer are a trap, stick with algae and farm pufts.... ok I'm going to stop now, I need a shower.
  6. I find that build and dig is well over 50% of all tasks. (unless your clean a lot) Most of my work force is designated build/dig with one additional specialization like science or art. The game when you break it down is a string of construction jobs one after another until you hit sustainability.
  7. A Puft's Story

    One day the puft lay an egg The egg hatched into Puft 2 and left 1kg of egg shell behind The first puft died shortly after turning into 1kg of meat 1kg of meat turned into rotten food 1kg of rotten food turned into polluted oxygen puft 2 got attracted and sucked all the polluted oxygen It pooped 1/4 kg slime... It gave out 1/4 kg polluted oxygen... It ate 1/4 kg polluted oxygen... It pooped 1/8 kg slime... ... One day puft 2 lay an egg..... Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba The moral of the story, if it was not for steel we would eventually drown in egg shells.
  8. Cool steam vent + refinment

    Theoretically yes, it could handle up to 9.3KG/s of steam output on average, so 2 cool steam vents should be a piece of cake. Your automation will be at least a little more complicated. Assuming recommended settings :One standard ice box can cool 10kg/s of water by 14 degrees. Steam comes out at 110c, tamer at most reduces it to 95C so 15C temp change max.
  9. Another option would be a magma blade dripper. Build a tank of magma and knock out a tile on the bottom level of it. The magma will pour out and form a blade of magma 11 tiles long. At the end it will only be about 60Kg. Place a heat resistant door Under that last tile. Now when you want heat you open the door and the magma drips down at about 60KG a second, when you have enough heat, close the door. So long as you keep sucking the heat out of the dripped magma you cannot accumulate enough Magma to form a magma tile so no mining required. It's a heat tap. At that point it's just a case of figuring out what sensors to place where to control the flow of heat into your steam chamber. Additionally you can stockpile magma in your magma tank so you can run your steam turbine/s even during dormancy. You would need to do some math to figure out how many steam turbines you can support, but it's unlikely the math will work out, the transition from liquid to solid messes up the numbers. What ever you work it out to be, half it and you will be closer.
  10. Cool steam vent + refinment

    As @FiannaTigermentioned I use steam turbines to delete the heat from my metal refinery's and feed the power produced into my grid. However I would like to point out a few things that may not help but will at least arm you for the design struggle. I use a lot of water, about 1 ton in the steam turbine area per refinery. The idea is it's so much mass that even dumping the heat from steel in barely raises the temp. Two reasons for this 1) This ensures the petroleum passing through looses a lot of heat, so no chance I boil my petroleum, I only use 5 radiant pipe segments (tested working with 4). 2) Instead of the steam turbines bursting large amounts of power and then none I produce less energy per second but over a longer period of time. Say the steam only hits 128C but it takes a while for the steam turbine to eat 1 ton of that. This helps smooth the power flow. My method would not work well with your intended purpose as you cannot support steam pressures that high without jamming the vent. However an alternative solution might be a heat battery. Dump the heat from the refinery into a large mass of water 6-8 tons in an insulated box with a steel door thermal injector. When the heat battery hits a set temp say 330C then you either A)disable the refinery B)switch to alternative cooling source C) Dump water in the steam vent yourself. Now when the steam vent erupts you dump heat from the battery into it's steam until it hits the desired temp. If your just looking to get the water out then 125/6C if your best bet. You will need a decent sized steam area to ensure no over pressurizing for decent output steam vents.
  11. It's a magma volcano, i'm obliged to recommend building a petroleum boiler. Also AETN are about as powerful as 6 wheeze if memory serves, a volcano would eat them as a pre breakfast snack.
  12. I ended up with a reasonably small pocket of sour gas only a few hundred KG's tops. I put a high pressure CO2 vent at the top of the room and pumped in CO2, it took a fair while 50-60 cycles and the CO2 overwrote the sour gas, not even a scrap left. Not sure of the exact mechanics but if you pump a gas into a room full of another gas it will overwrite some of the gas in there. You have way more sour gas than I did you you may want to do it in bit sized pieces by letting a few pieces out at a time.
  13. The second pic I built in a lets play it covers it step by step, the first pic is still in editing. I have set the time stamp in the below video to the start of the construction project. If I leave anything out or am unclear just let me know.
  14. @ArkaonI don't think you are drawing 20k power, it's more likely you have either mixed power wires or some sort of transform loop causing overloads.
  15. Yeah that was an old issue, the devs patched it out so now the surface remains pretty static. As for getting dupes to do what you want when you want, it check out the below priorities tutorial. Most of the time you don't need more dupes you just need to have their priorities set correctly and specialize a few for the correct tasks.