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  1. The ranching skill does not level up with use. Currently the only way to "improve" the ranching skill is to spawn with it or spend skill points on the two ranching skills. Tested by having a dupe do nothing but tend critters for 20 cycles, despite having zero base ranching (+2 from ranching job skill) the dupe gained no levels. Save file attached. Ranch testing QOL 3.sav
  2. I presume this means CO2 and Natural gas? How does a suit end up full of liquid? An accident I presume. Inside ranch, perfect I already played as if that was how they worked so no need to rework designs. Ranching attribute is massive, an end game maxed out dupe with 20 ranching excluding other bonus should be able to maintain about 36 critters in real game conditions. (In lab conditions about 48, extrapolated from old testing) I see this getting nerfed to 5% per point if that is the case. Well this is going to be interesting, positive germ effects if player comments are accurate. I'm on board.
  3. If you use pneumatic doors (made of refined metal) they cannot get out when dupes pass in and out. However they can escape through mechanized airlock doors when dupes use them. Only pneumatic doors are designed to work with critters, well they were up to QOL Mk2.
  4. When I first started testing, before QoL1 babies were groomed which was pointless as it does nothing for them. (Well it will tame a wild baby but it's rare you need to do that) I can't find the patch notes for where when it was changed. Then again my memory could be playing tricks on me but I was positive they used to get groomed.
  5. I'm not sure when you changed it but dupes no longer groom baby critters, thanks very much this saves so much wasted duplicant labor.
  6. Bunker doors have an overheat temp of 1200C, however they will not take overheat damage unless you open/close them when they are above that temp. Also if they are taking overheat damage they will not stop taking it until they go below 1200C AND open/close. So effectively they cannot overheat or stop overheating until they experience a state change.