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  1. Aging system how people imagine it in this thread is absolutely not fun. It obvious for dev's as well as for the community. Imho, our fears are groundless and panic is vain.
  2. Locavore/Carnivore

    Was made more challenging by doing the sustainable power achievement at the same time, so I had each incubator powered by a hamster wheel. Did the same. You don't need incubators enabled always. Just sing a song for egg and put another one. All you need are 2 incuabtors and tonns of micromanagement.
  3. Overflow not working

    And seems like it stop working. Pipes between 3rd and 4th tanks are full, bet, water will not go in last tank until water level drops down below 5t. To check that just save the game and try to empty the last tank somwhere.
  4. Picked a bunch of dupes with allergies in Arboria. No troubles at all. (There is no slime biome in arboria, hence no buddy bud)
  5. You still can replenish your slicksters population from the printing pod, which spawn both eggs and larvas.
  6. The pipes will break after the state change.But you can use petroleum as coolant and transfer heat to the crude oil storage.
  7. That mean my "every achievement on the single base" failed a couple of weeks and hunderd cycles ago=( I apparently don't want to handle making of locavore,carnivere and supersustainable simultaniously once again.
  8. Am I mad or Nat. Gas Generator was not mentioned in Super Sustainable?
  9. just asking?

    Do you really expect someone here advice you to not buy it? The person who could do it have already left the forum. Classic Survivorship bias
  10. Super Sustainable: failed. but the only generator i built and used is manual generator. p.s. It's become ok as soon as one of the dupes used it.
  11. Achievements broken?

    Checked my savefiles with hex editor: in each file i see the following line debugWasUsed 03 13 00 00 In the last one, where everything works fine I have got the same line too. Moreover, this file have never been loaded on the system with debug mode enabled. May be my bugged savefile was marked at the moment when it was not actually fixed? I have strated bugged colony few minutes after release.It could be more dissapointing.
  12. Achievements broken?

    Are you talikng about steam achievemnts? Because I have received ingame achievements.
  13. Achievements broken?

    That seems logical for me too. lol, seems like you didnt read my comment b4 answering. But they did.The ability to use debug mode was enabled long time ago (1year or smth), how should I know that this fact prevents me from achievements gaining even if I don't use debug? And what about mod's? If i make a mod which grants 400kcal BBQ from start, will i gain Crnivore? Wrong. Just having the debug_enabled.txt file in the game folder is enough to prevent you from achievement gaining. That is what happens to me exactly. That what I made too. But one week after launch, when (on cycle 120+) I realized, that bugged achievements still donot work for me, but work to others.
  14. Actually I dont know, but somebody said, the first base after debug disabling, still get a debugwasused flag and prevent achievement gain. Maybe starting an another new base could help.
  15. Achievements broken?

    Omygod! Debug is enabled like a year. Seemingly they dont care did I used it in this colony or not. Debug warning is needed! Another one restart. Almost week wasted.
  16. Achievements broken?

    I have been waiting for release to start play again, had started new base "30th of July" aaaand Cycle 127 achievement stats looks dissaponting
  17. Bathroom Loop

    Really weird. My loop have never gave me so much heat. The significant temp rise occured when I decided to filter few tiles of 50­­­°C PetroGen output, but it was completely stable before.
  18. Bathroom Loop

    With high probability you have more than one imput or not insulated pipes. Neiter latrine nor water sieve change water temp significantly.
  19. dupe eat-no-more

    In the thread Sustainability is possible at least was a reason to make dupes suffer. They could survive forever. But this... Creatures with small bicycles and red baloons are kittens compared with you.
  20. Benchmark Thread

    Devs just know that 30 fps is playable level and reduce caluculatins on the late stage down to provide aforementioned perfomance. You can check how much time need a dupe on latestage to decide what to do next. And how fast available resources renew. And all that stuff. 30fps is not celling, it is the goal — lowest apropriate framerate.
  21. Benchmark Thread

    win10 i5-2310@2,9GHz 8GB Ram Radeon RX560 4GB GDDR5 90 sec loading 24,6 Average fps (Benchmark started with fps drop to 4, but most of time it was about 26-28 fps) System and ONI on SSD, but savegame loads from HDD Loaded the savegame Paused\unpaused game few times to load available debris Made 63 sec benchmark Highest CPU1 usage at the moment of debris loading with pause\unpause.
  22. Players with debug_enable.txt file need not to enable degug mode (click Backspace) ingame to learn new skills without skillpoints. Works with any savegame The Plagued Spacecamp.sav Bustling Committee.sav
  23. [Game Update] - 309851

    Brutal. What about some additional humiliation for not-so-skilled-dupes? Like rude gesture when overtaking slower dupe.
  24. [Game Update] - 278302

    Littlebit not obvious for me. Just 2 tiles wide/height hole in a wall is a border for room now?
  25. [Game Update] - 277680

    FinallYeah! You should not do this!