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  1. If we had access to bigger boats then we could place some tooth traps to deal with them.
  2. "Suggestions and feedback" is dead. It could be a valuable forum section, but nobody see's it so nobody uses it. You guys should move it close to the top Klei, so people will actually use it.
  3. 69XxXwillow666mainXxX69 As soon as you get in a lobby call everyone an ******* and tell them not to kick you like the others.
  4. You just set it to 8 in a max size ranch. (for hatches)
  5. When someone selects "solo" world the HP of bosses should be reduced to match the values in the original Don't Starve. Also the food spawns should be decreased.
  6. Players can get kicked in klei servers? How does that work.
  7. Because the currency is named "oinc's". You took it too far Klei. I'm sorry, just being honest. Okay, I might buy hamlet in the future. Come on though, why did you have to call the currency an "oinc" =/
  8. Didn't you ever see shutter island?
  9. You do not buy oxygen not included. Oxygen not included buys you.
  10. I use a mod to make it bigger than huge :^)
  11. Should water freeze

    You know what I can admit when I'm wrong.
  12. That's weird.. I have a ****y computer and I didn't notice any difference. Also it was actually easier for people to play on my server than it was in the past.
  13. Should water freeze

    Oceans don't freeze