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  1. Isn't one of wolfgangs main features being afraid of the dark so he loses sanity quicker?
  2. For example setting the day,evening and night to 2X as long or 3X as long? This would be a nice way to spice up the game.
  3. Well I've played through like 7 years in total and I never knew the penguins did that at the end of winter. You never stop learning stuff about this game jeez.
  4. I just went up to a group of penguins and they just killed me in cold blood completely unprovoked. Is this supposed to happen?
  5. Ok so minespatch and a moderator want this to happen. That means it's goona happen right?
  6. You know you can roll the server back to an earlier day after you die right?
  7. Hell yea I'd love to see Klei actually making these happen! Especially, I'd like to see more stuff happening at lower sanity levels. Maybe when you get too low on sanity then spider dens and bee nests etc. could send hallucination versions of their monster after you. They wouldn't hurt you , but they would look similar or identical to the real versions.
  8. What mods are you using besides the ones shown in the picture? Based on the ones it shows I think you should try disabling the equip slot and extra equipment mod.
  9. Kick delay

    I could be wrong but isn't there an option to ban someone from your server if you're the host?
  10. To be honest I don't really like the 2 headed character idea. As it stands, the characters are pretty likeable and normal (aside from maxwell) and I don't think that should change. The miner guy could totally be a likeable character though! Maybe he could have a special pick axe kind of like lucy.
  11. Inefficient Advice

    If you want to get some easy health back and it's winter then go hunt a walrus. It's what the Inuits did in rough times. The meat that it drops will give you 3 HP back when you cook it! This can be repeated as many times as you need.
  12. Inefficient Advice

    Never use wood to fuel a fire. Grass tufts work better. Always keep the fire lit, even at day time. It makes your base feel more cozy. =^)
  13. you gotta have some copper wires from early on in the game don't you?
  14. Is there any way to reveal part of the map with console commands or something without revealing the entire thing? The reason I'm asking is my current save file keeps deleting my map whenever I disconnect, and I have to start with a brand new one. I feel like revealing the whole map wouldn't be fun though.