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  1. Music thread

    This is the greatest band ever. Notice the remarkable subtlety in the thought provoking lyrics. The instrumentals are remarkable and show what words can not express. The whole band melds gloriously and seemlessly into pure musical bliss. This song is truly a glimpse into humanities greatest aspirations.
  2. The snail doesn't talk when you're going to fight Nadan now?? It's been so long with this glitch I'm going to miss it...
  3. Wendy Rework

    Give her a gun
  4. I bet this is how netflix writes all their shows,
  5. The guy with the pilot goggles?
  6. What the heck is a def?
  7. Bow down to your ONI overlord lifegrow who will tell you how to play the game!!!
  8. I don't think reducing the game length is a good thing. : (
  9. Wait so my suggestion was already in the game? LOL. Nice to know, thanks!
  10. I disagree. Klei hardly ever moderates the forums. There is a crazy amount of criticism and **** posting all the time.
  11. Whats everyone's fav cards

    I like to get as many copies of incept doubt and keep composed as I can. Bonus points if I can get cards that make inceptions stronger. I've had games where the enemy has 30+ doubt every turn.
  12. I had an idea! Right now you have to pay the priest guy to get rid of the card when you're done with it. They could make it so you can get rid of it whenever you want. That would be a nice change.