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  1. Music thread

    This is the greatest band ever. Notice the remarkable subtlety in the thought provoking lyrics. The instrumentals are remarkable and show what words can not express. The whole band melds gloriously and seemlessly into pure musical bliss. This song is truly a glimpse into humanities greatest aspirations.
  2. The snail doesn't talk when you're going to fight Nadan now?? It's been so long with this glitch I'm going to miss it...
  3. The guy with the pilot goggles?
  4. I don't think reducing the game length is a good thing. : (
  5. I'm being serious don't laugh.
  6. I can't believe how fast these updates are coming out. Thanks for listening to the players so much
  7. I think you should watch out for NPC damage more than NPC health! I was fighting a merchant once that hit my whole team for 30-50 damage at the same time!
  8. I played for many hours and can comfirm. I got 10+ battle grafts and no negotiation grafts.
  9. Thank you for replying so quick : )
  10. @Kevin Hello! Do you know if our card unlocks on the experimental branch will be lost when a big update happens? I really hope I can keep my unlocks!
  11. Restart loop

    Infinite restart loop, restarting PC did not help. I restart and the exact same thing happens.
  12. I have never seen so many updates so fast.