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The Spectacular Stationary Wayfinder Set Available Thursday on Twitch.tv

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Hey Everybody. 

The Spectacular Stationary Wayfinder is will be available on Twitch.tv this Thursday!

Spectacular Stationary Wayfinder Icon (30 Minutes)


Spectacular Stationary Wayfinder Portrait (2 Hours)


Spectacular Stationary Wayfinder  (6 Hours)


If you haven't set up your account for twitch drops yet, check out the spoiler below:

If you are new to twitch drops, please see this message about AFK Streams.



Simply head on over to https://accounts.klei.com


After that just watch a streamer who has also linked their account and get those drops!

In this campaign we are offering 3 items. You can only receive one of each and once you have them all, you cannot get more until the next round of items. 

These items will be usable on all platforms however we're still waiting on the game update to make these available on console. You can get them now though and they will be usable after the next update. 

If you haven't had the chance to get the Umbrella the Big Top Set, get it now before it's gone!

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14 hours ago, no. said:

Wait, did this go live on the 13th, or is it live the 20th? It says it was posted on the 12th, but I haven't been getting any twitch drops this past week!

The days are a bit wonky because the post was made and hidden before Joe was on vacation, and then I moved it to be visible yesterday. Ideally the forums would update the original post date when we make it visible, or I had the ability to refresh that without copying the post and making a new one, but I'm not sure if that's possible.

That said, it's new drops Thursday now, and the new items are live. :)

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behold, the omnisign. and a rabbit.




one thing i've noticed about the signs is they don't have a different state when something isnt written on it like the normal sign, but it's something that shouldn't really effect the game. I mean, do you build signs without writing on them first? What kind of madman are you? Get out of here, we don't tolerate this kind of behavior! 

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