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  1. The iron hulk was charging a laser and stopped, so now I have a neat permanent light.
  2. I just died while having gnats attached to me, and when I used the flower, the gnats were still on me.
  3. Indeed, it seems to consistently happen when a spider has come out of the nest because of a creature walking on it. Right when they walked to the point and they need to decide to return to the nest, crash.
  4. It seems like spiders have some troubles in Hamlet, probably because they're not here by default but introduced by webber, it crashed when they came out of the nest as a beetle walked near and... crash. Probably a behavior issue.
  5. I went too close of a seedling snaptooth, fled and it chased after a while, until.... until nothing actually, it just stopped and is not moving. Shouldn't it go back to the jungle now?
  6. The Iron hulk name is showing internal name. Lacking a capital letter. Same.
  7. That tree looks awfully similar to the hybrid tree from the advanced farming mod
  8. The second one seems to be a bank of sorts. First may be another variation of pig houses, or a more fancy player house
  9. Or a combat encounter that is seasonal, and you can't beat the crap out of the boss
  10. That part is from the balance changes for the guards
  11. I noticed that the pig who asks for hedge cuttings, will stop being interactible until you move after giving her 3 cuttings. Which means you have to give 3 in a row, move, give 3 again, move etc. It would be nice if you could just give her the whole stack in a row.
  12. I think it's to show the 'garbage' thrown outside of town and the desolate land around civilization. Spare of a few grass tufts