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  1. We're in a state where a good bit of the content is dropped like a brick, without much intuitive things. But that's the thing, EA will help determine the best way to make it all work enjoyably. We're not there yet, but I can see there's a peak to reach. That's how far we are
  2. Warbucks' Writing Dilemma

    Now wait for it
  3. QOL update report

    Thanks for the notice, happy holidays everyone!
  4. If it ends with time, I guess it's running season. I don't have much more complaints now, except that it should be more apocaliptic(meteors, earthquakes, fires) and maybe some clues as well.
  5. Technically you can kill pugalisk in 2 days, and probably never have any issues with the aporkalypse. But we all know WX is broken and you should not use it
  6. Three OP things in Hamlet

    It's too much. 3 is right.
  7. A switch that is hidden in a ruin located in the poisonous jungle, without a single hint about anything to do about the event when it happens. Oh, and the fun part is that it never ends until you go there. You're right, screw all these dumb players who don't know about that. Better learn to live with endless enemy waves.
  8. The iron hulk was charging a laser and stopped, so now I have a neat permanent light.
  9. I just died while having gnats attached to me, and when I used the flower, the gnats were still on me.
  10. Spider Issue?

    Indeed, it seems to consistently happen when a spider has come out of the nest because of a creature walking on it. Right when they walked to the point and they need to decide to return to the nest, crash.
  11. It seems like spiders have some troubles in Hamlet, probably because they're not here by default but introduced by webber, it crashed when they came out of the nest as a beetle walked near and... crash. Probably a behavior issue.
  12. I went too close of a seedling snaptooth, fled and it chased after a while, until.... until nothing actually, it just stopped and is not moving. Shouldn't it go back to the jungle now?
  13. The Iron hulk name is showing internal name. Lacking a capital letter. Same.
  14. cannibal squirrel

    That part is from the balance changes for the guards