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  1. What made them so easy to steal?
  2. Count to 200 without interruption

    This page plus 10
  3. Mistakes were made?

    Were those responsible sacked?
  4. Count to 200 without interruption

    Floor-ty Seven
  5. Count to 200 without interruption

  6. Makes sense, there is going to be the oni jams for how long?
  7. Dupes have no necks???

    Huh, some dupes do have necks, or it's just stylization
  8. Do you think you could extract all of the soundtrack anims @watermelen671?
  9. What kind of monster would do this to @Brothgar's youtube account?
  10. Forum Weapon Storage

    This is a place to store forum weapons for later use in spoilers. (Mind you, we are not gearing up for war, this is just a place to add pictures to your posts to emphasize your point) We need more weapons to store @watermelen671 and @minespatch! Please note that I'm not trying to be bad or anything, I just wanna see what people have to emphasize their point, and what else they could use to help them in that.
  11. Ban GNo because has life ever given you lemons?
  12. Wolfgang isn't op

    Should the ban hammer be lifted?
  13. Perhaps aquatuner instead of wheezewort would work?
  14. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Can you put that in a spoiler
  15. Do you have care packages?
  16. Do you think that you could make a, dare I say it And then after making it. realize what monstrosity you've made?
  17. I forgot to say that yesterday, I was banned from a mindustry discord server for doing a rightfully fair thing: Being annoying to the enemy team by placing conveyors. If a person on the enemy team can spam walls then i can spam conveyors. It was either die repeatedly trying to annoy them or annoy them more

    1. Xenologist


      And the thing is, I don't even have discord. TBH it wasn't very important to me

    2. minespatch


      Then... HOW DID THAT HAPPEN???

    3. Xenologist


      Unfair bias

  18. 5e32251bd5fd9_GonHaveStickMark.thumb.png.680cc8cdca46ccfb4bd95c8704444f37.png

    I hope @minespatch can meme this

  19. As it turns out, the carrat racing hasn't been posted on the wiki
  20. Forum Weapon Storage

    "Call in the next three minutes and we'll double your odor!"
  21. Maybe he wasn't your friend after all.
  22. Will there ever be a memorial to my carrat twitchy? I didn't take any screenshots but it was my carrot that was fed pomegranate seeds. It died shortly after the dev stream ended.
  23. I think one of them is a piggyback skin