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Since we can't really decompress any .tex files right now to see animation sheets because of the compression method Klei's got on their archives (>:C) i kinda replaced the cloud texture with the Winter creatures textures. The results are scrambled masses of body parts that fly on the screen. HUGE SPOILERS IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW HOW THE WINTER STUFF LOOKS LIKE GET OUT NOW.

The Deerclops. (Deerclouds in this case.)

Posted Image

The deerclops. You can clearly see a part of his chest, and his default head which is like D:<, along with some hurt-state heads. Meaning that it is NOT invincible and it is NOT the invicincible creature of the Winter update.

The Ice hound.

Posted Image

You can see jaw parts, a eye and something that looks like a purple tongue in there. You can also see his main body part, legs, and mouth cavity.

The Pengulls.

Posted Image

You can see stretched and embiggened parts of the Pengull covering up the screen, you can clearly see his eye, the superior and inferior part of his beak, belly, and eye.

The Winter Koalaphant.

Posted Image

You can clearly see that this one has the most missing parts of them all. You can see his main body part, his eye, and what seems to be the ears.

You were warned, don't come here complaining cause i said this thread contains spoilers.

There's also a winter bunny and a winter bird. But since they're kind of flufflier and white versions of the current rabbits and robins i didn't take the trouble to upload them.

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Jeff made a teaser image of the walrus party for you. We'll post that tomorrow as a part of an announcement!

I have never been so excited for walruses in my life before. :)Aaand I wanna see if my interpretation looks anything like the real deal(oh the "real" vs my deerclops T.T)
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