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  1. Another church huh? Bacon, sure, waffles, perfectly fine, pancakes, okay, but sushi and pasta? This kinda breaks the whole routine...
  2. Me Gusta +1 thums up!
  3. Good drawing skills... That is all... *goes back to skulking*
  4. It's like his knights, it's clockwork. I can see it now....
  5. The highest I think the science should go is some sort of guns, e.g. blunderbusses, flintlocks, muskets.
  6. The beefalo coat is very under powered to me, I have trouble gathering sixteen silk to make a breezy vest. (I would like the devs to lower the silk on the breezy vest from sixteen to ten)
  7. Well, I know what you mean, yes they are quite funny, but they could say the same things but in pig latin, like"Ouyay otnay igpay!"and"Ouyay ashay eatmay?"
  8. yeah, warrior spiders take eight hits with a spear and normal spiders take four hits with a spear, or the spear got de-buffed. So, same with hounds they take five hits (I think) to kill them.
  9. I remember that I made a Froggle Bunwich with the same recipe, they must have changed the recipes.
  10. This didn't happen to me but I had a glitch that didn't let winter come. The winterometer was going up and down, but never went down to freezing level so later I died from a tier three spider nest, stupid spider buff.
  11. I've had the problem too, you have to use the exact recipe which is eitheror
  12. I would like to see rabbit hutches to keep the rabbits like a pet (like a bird cage), but I don't know what it would be used for...
  13. Well why not pig latin? Pig latin would be fairly hard to catch because there is fairly big words.
  14. Iay inkthay atthay igspay ouldshay eakspay inay igpay atinlay. Itay ouldway ebay odday ifay igspay okespay englishay, ywhay otnay igpay atinlay? :happypigs: :happypigs:Ooklay atay isthay inklay ifay ouyay oday otnay understanday emay ----> oday ouyay inkthay?
  15. I didn't think of that, I don't think you should be able to recover it.
  16. Idea, why not pit traps? They instantly kill anything that falls in it. (yes I realise it sounds over powered)Materials:eight stickseight grasstwo forest turftwo grassland turffive teethNow something that you need to factor in is that you will need to repair it every time you use the pit trap, so it costs four grass and four sticks.Feel free to tell me if it needs de-buff, or a buff!
  17. Too much like minecraft, I'm pretty sure the Devs want more original things in Don't Starve, sorry.